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Nutaku Announces World’s First-ever Adult Esports Tournament

World’s Largest Adult Gaming Portal Announces Expansion into eSports, Sponsored by YouPorn

MONTREAL – July 12, 2018 – Today, 18+ gaming portal,, announced the company’s expansion into eSports with the launch of the first-ever adult eSports tournament. The competition will be sponsored by YouPorn, the world’s #1 destination for unlimited free HD porn.

“By expanding into eSports, Nutaku will be able to meet the ongoing demands of our diverse community who have been asking for competitive adult games.” says Ben Faccio, Product Manager at Nutaku. “Boasting some great experience in the eSports arena with Team YP, YouPorn was a natural fit for our tournament sponsor.” Nutaku shared that the competitive PVP mobile title, TnT, was chosen for the upcoming tournament. “TnT is definitely one of our most coveted titles,” notes Faccio, “think World of Tanks but with fully uncensored anime action integrated into the game play. We’re confident TnT will bring in a trove of lewd gamers and take the world of eSports to the next level.”

The studio behind TnT, Gamebau, is enthusiastic about expanding the options for adult gamers. "We believe TnT is an amazing game to kick start eSports in the adult gaming scene, since it's a super high quality and competitive 3D tank game with amazing hentai graphics and a ton of collectables that will make the H-community super excited." states Gamebau’s COO, Pedro Aguiar.

About The Lewd Gaming Championship

The tournament will officially launch Fall 2018, featuring a 64 player bracket and a selection of flashy prizes to be won. YouPorn announced they will be providing 64 Premium Memberships for 12 months to each of the eSports participants, while Nutaku will be offering up a prize pool of $25,000 USD. Adult eSports enthusiasts are encouraged to check out the link below for more details on the tournament. Registration will open in the coming months.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Nutaku’s expansion into eSports and to sponsor the first-ever adult eSports tournament.” said Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn. “YouPorn has been involved in eSports for years with our very own Team YP, and it has added a new level of diversity and community to our platform that we’re excited to introduce to Nutaku.”

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