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Nutaku Announces Two Popular Adult Titles Now Available Across Multiple Devices

Save your progress and play across multiple devices as Nutaku works with game developers to provide a major upgrade to the accessibility of the platform’s popular titles

MONTREAL – November 14, 2017 – Gamers’ now have access to the perfect union of unrestricted game play across multiple devices. Nutaku has been working with developers to offer players the ability to share their game progress from their Browsers to their Android devices. Players’ can enjoy the convenience of picking up where they left off, regardless of the device they’re playing on. With two of the platforms most prominent titles taking gameplay to the next level, Nutaku is excited to announce that Attack on Moe H and Booty Calls have the enhanced accessibility that other gaming platforms don’t offer.

“We work closely with our game developers to make sure we’re providing our players with the best possible experience. Recognizing our players’ favorite games, we want to remove any barriers for them in accessibility. Those who don’t have Androids can access Mobile games on their Browser, and players who prefer Mobile accessibility have that option too.”
- Ben Faccio, Product Director, Nutaku

Attack on Moe H: Android
Nutaku’s crowd-pleasing browser title is now available to play on Android. Deemed one of the platform’s best Adventure Clicker titles, this fantasy filled game takes you through a world filled with fairies and magic, where the defenseless Pixel Kingdom is in need of a hero to defeat the giant, sexy Moetan bosses. Players work to seize unbridled Moetans as they’re tasked with befriending their new captives to unlock stunning artwork and adult scenes. Experience Attack on Moe H on PC and take your progress with you on the go with the new Android app now available.

Price: FREE
Available HERE

Booty Calls: Browser
Offering up vivid artwork with classic gameplay elements reminiscent of Bejeweled, Booty Calls has gained widespread recognition amongst Nutaku’s players, consistently ranking within the platform’s Top 3 games since the Android Application launch. Non-Android players who couldn’t access the game before can now practice their flirting skills and pickup lines on the new Browser version. Published by gaming studio Super Hippo, Booty Calls takes players to the infamous Naughty Beach where they encounter a sexy mermaid princess with an intriguing mission. Players interact with multiple girls at different locations, discovering their likes and dislikes from dating spots to G-Spots, using this information to seduce them and fulfill the ultimate erotic quest.

Price: FREE
Available HERE