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Endless Fun Studios Redefines “Pick Up” with Sexy Clicker Fake Lay Now Released on Nutaku

Free-to-Play Erotic Dating Sim Tests Users Skills in Disguise and Seduction on 18+ Gaming Platform

MONTREAL – October 3, 2017 – Today, Endless Fun studio has announced the debut of their free-to-play sexy clicker titled Fake Lay on Nutaku. The high-quality and engaging dating sim, available as a browser experience, takes gamers through a masterful plot of seduction, deception and eroticism. Throughout the experience, users can enjoy taking nudes of the girls they seduce, filming some smoking hot scenes and using these skills to make big money in the real world while becoming a master of disguise and sex. Not bad for a night driving a taxi, right?

About Fake Lay:
With the goals of being the kinkiest clicker and dating sim in existence, this freemium title does not disappoint. Throughout the clicker experience, gamers can live out their wildest fantasies played through the eyes of a very lucky guy who inherited a cab and uses it to become an erotic kingmaker. Players can disguise themselves as a cab driver, film director, masseur and any job that can get them to their end goal of getting laid and getting paid. Fake Lay will have players gearing towards one task: getting the array of sexy ladies undressed to please you in front of the hidden cameras. Drive carefully.

Gaming Elements:

  • Free-to-play browser title
  • Disguise is key to faking your way to the perfect lay; Seduction is key to the girls’ hearts and pants
  • The language you choose impacts the level of horniness
  • Train your disguise skills to make it to the top as a self-made Casanova
  • Film girls to make money off the art

Price: Free
Available HERE (NSFW)