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  • Happy Valentine's Day Celebration (Content Update). 02/14/2017 03:47AM

    Greetings felow adventurers,

    We are celebrating the lovers day on X-Overd with a special Gift. All the players that log into the game today will receive 1x SSR Alchemy Salome. Please check your giftboxes.

    Additionally to this, only today we have a very special Gacha:
    SSR Ticket Gacha will be available until 15 February 10:00 GMT.
    This is one time buy ticket from the Shop. It costs 1000 Nutaku Gold.
    Use the ticket in the Gacha menu and spin the wheel.
    The gacha box contains the following SSR Characters:
    Chara job-Saya-Shadow Master
    Chara job-Meifan-Champion
    Chara job-Beretta-Machine Muscle
    Chara job-Ferris-Dragon Knight
    Chara job-Kupika-Phantom Thief
    Chara job-Nonno-Aqua Shrine Maiden
    Chara job-Karue-Toad Master
    Chara job-Laticia-Wonder Walker
    Chara job-Souffle-Warrior Princess
    Chara job-Lune-Ranger
    Chara job-Tiryl-Bride
    Chara job-Sephira-Holy Swordsman
    Chara job-Lapis-Sage
    Chara job-Maple-Goldsmith
    Chara job-Salome-Alchemy

    Happy lovers day,
    X-Overd team

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  • 24 Hour SSR Lily Pack available now ! 02/13/2017 08:33AM


    We have released a 24 Hour early access SSR Elementalist Lily + SR Erestian Soul Ring + 70 Crystals.
    The pack has a discount of 30% therefore the price is 5000 Nutaku Gold.
    It will be available until tomorrow 14 February 15:00 GMT

    Thank you,

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  • Weekend Offers Update 10 Feb. 02/10/2017 08:44AM

    Greetings everyone,

    This weekend we will have a 50% discount in the SSR Exchange for all SSR Characters.
    Special Shop offers are also available this weekend.
    1. SSR Type 211 5.56mm Rifle - 1000 Nutaku Gold
    2. SSR Elemental Rod; Lily Character weapon - 1000 Nutaku Gold
    3. SSR Gothic Bow; Laticia Character weapon - 1000 Nutaku Gold


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  • Additional Event Trading Post release. 02/09/2017 10:25AM


    Hello all,

    Today we have unlocked the second event Trading post.
    Here you can exchange Void Grimoire items for Dream Blossom's Sakura event.

    We have all the girls and all the rarities available once again.

    Everyone who didn't had time to catch/evolve all the Dream Blossom Sakura event Girls now it's the second chance.

    The exchange will close on 16 February.

    We hope you will enjoy it,
    X-Overd Team.

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  • Pick-Up Gacha #4 is Live ! 02/07/2017 08:23AM


    Today we have released the 4th pick-up gacha.
    The current box contains the following characters and rarities :
    • Kupika (R; SR;SSR)
    • Lune (R; SR;SSR)
    • Mian (R; SR;SSR)
    • Maple (R; SR;SSR)
    Available until 10th February

    Two new dicounted offers are available in the shop:
    SSR Mian + 50 Crystals - 20% Off - 4000 Nutaku Gold.
    SSR Salome + 50 Crystals - 20%Off - 4000 Nutaku Gold.
    Available until 16 February.

    We hope you enjoy,
    X-Overd Team

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  • Pick-Up Gacha #3 is launch ! 02/03/2017 08:59AM

    Pick-up Gacha #3 is live today, the new box contains the following characters:
    Ferris (R; SR; SSR)
    Karue (R; SR; SSR)
    Souffle (R;SR;SSR)
    Salome (R;SR;SSR)
    It will be available until Tuesday, 7 of February.


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  • Pick-Up Gacha #2 is Here ! 01/30/2017 10:43AM



    Pick-up Gacha #2 is now here, the new box contains the following characters:
    Meifan (R, SR, SSR)
    Tiryl(R, SR, SSR)
    Laticia(R, SR, SSR)
    Sefira (R, SR, SSR)
    It will be available until Friday, 3rd of February.


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  • Rain Tinted Love event info. 01/26/2017 08:55AM

    Greetings everyone,

    On 26 January we intend to launch the following content:

    Rain Tinted Love event:
    -12 Stages only on Normal Difficulty.
    -Special rewards: Stage 1 - R Salome ; Stage 6 - SR Salome ; Stage 12 - SSR Salome (First Clear Reward).
    -Gatekeepers : Echidna Queen (Water) and (Wood).
    -Exchange center - R Salome + Golden Egg (S) + Golden Egg (M).
    -1 Crystal per day login bonus campaign.

    -SR Salome Set - 100 Nutaku Gold (Only Once).
    -SR Mian Set - 2500 Nutaku Gold (Only 3 Times).
    -SR Mian XL Set - 1000 Nutaku Gold (No Limit).
    -Shards Set - 100 Nutaku Gold (No Limit).

    -Event Gacha - Contains only the new characters
    -Beretta (R, SR, SSR)
    -Tiryl (R, SR, SSR)
    -Mian (R, SR, SSR)
    -Salome (SR)
    -Pick-up Gacha 1 (Until 30 January)- Contains a selection of characters
    -Saya (R, SR, SSR)
    -Beretta (R, SR, SSR)
    -Nonno (R, SR, SSR)
    -Lapis (R, SR, SSR)
    -Gentlemen Gacha - New guys added.
    -Tanaka Taro (R, SR, SSR)
    -Enzo (R, SR, SSR)
    NOTE: The remaining Dream Blossom Droplets from the previous event will remain on your account until we will launch a revisit event or the next year's seasonal event.
    NOTE2: Guaranteed Gacha has been eliminated. You can draw from Exchange the desired SSR character that were previously available in the Special Guaranteed Gacha.

    Kind regards,
    X-Overd Team

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  • Continent 5 Release - Erestia Region - South-West 01/23/2017 07:26AM

    Greetings everyone,

    Today we have released the 5th Continent, Erestia Region South-West.
    7 New Dungeons await for you to clear them and explore more of our great fantasy world.
    In addition this new chapter, there is a new difficulty level "Nightmare" and a new Gatekeeper Appearance "Gryphon (dark)."

    We hope you enjoy,
    X-Overd Team

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  • Sengoku Providence collaboration and content update. 01/20/2017 09:49AM


    Today we are starting a collaboration campaign with our friends from Sengoku Providence.
    Between 20 and 27 January we will have a series of challenges for you.
    Play Sengoku providence and complete daily achievements 5 times and finish the Takeda campaign on normal difficulty.

    Rewards will be sent on 27 January.
    Sephira and Saya weekend Exchange office:
    Between 20 and 23 January, special Exchange office is available.
    SSR Shadow Master Saya Character - 40 Crystals per evolution.
    SSR Holy Swordsman Sephira - 40 Crystals per evolution.
    SSR - Luna Maria - Two-handed Sword specific for Sephira - 20 Crystals per evolution.
    SSR - Sayagatana - Ninja blade specific for Saya - 20 Crystals per evolution.
    Guaranteed Gacha Update:
    Between 20 and 27 January, SSR Warrior Princess Souffle is available for Guaranteed Gacha.

    Kind Regards,
    X-Overd team.

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