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  • Taps of Eradine Maintenance Schedule 09/07/2018 04:43PM

    Dear Taps Fans

    The game will go into maintenance from approximately 12pm GMT on Saturday 8th September for 2 hours for important updates and fixes. The game will be unavailable during this window on both Android and Web versions.

    <= Release Notes =>

    * All new and updated artwork for Medusa!
    * Bug fix for DPC and DPS calculations on info panels (also on holding shift and hovering over super nymphs)
    * Zoom mode improvements for in-game tracking, power move and retry boss buttons
    * Heart of Eradine and Legendary Item drop quests are now tracked via Achievements not player preference
    * DNS failover code to help players unable to connect
    * Settings option fixes such as sound etc
    * Leaderboard crash issue fix
    * Resolved fix for crashing on Elements tutorial

    <= This Weeks Bug Fixes (already live) =>
    * Daily Spins were failing for some players, these were manually recredited automatically and the issue is now resolved
    * Gallery bonus calculation for old players should now be correct
    * RNG improvements for heart and item drops. We are working on the entropy issue still but drops are now more frequent.

    Thanks for playing!

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  • Version 2 is finally here! Items Drops, New Character and More! 08/27/2018 04:24PM

    Dear Beloved Taps Fan!

    Version 2 is upon us and after a busy couple of post launch days, we are finally announcing its release!

    You can read the full release notes at http://tapsoferadine.com/v2release.htm but here is the quick overview of some of the best bits:

    * Android APK now available! Accounts sync automatically between devices
    * Instant New Character - the Mermaid is a brand new nymph recruitment post-Bat and uses new Shard types to evolve her!
    * All new Item Dropper minion type
    * Cosmo now has Helmet, Armour, Weapon and Trinket, with a fifth Booster type for time specific potion style boosters
    * All new Shards Convertor top bar area - Shards and Hearts can now be evolved to Greater, Mega and Ultimate types
    * New maximum potential level cap of 20 for all nymphs - just hit level 1000 to meet a familiar face who will explain more!

    You can join the game at https://www.nutaku.net/games/taps-of-eradine/play/ where you can find the download link to a soft-launched APK too! Be sure to clear you cache and offline files if experiencing any difficulties downloading and be sure to join the Discord channel for live feedback and chat.

    Thanks for sticking with us, its time to Make Taps Great Again!
    Del @ CryptidTech

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  • Gahders Mad Deals Plus V2 Release Notes Preview 07/25/2018 11:10AM

    Hello Taps Fans!

    To celebrate the impending release of V2 of Taps of Eradine, Gahder has been on the wacky tobacky and will be offering 10 days of crazy deals starting today at 5pm UTC! He hopes this will get you ready for the new version of the game, with daily deals starting at 100 Nutaku Gold, some hearts deals again and even random hourly madness for everything from daily spins to cheap Amrita!

    With this in mind, you might want to take a quick look at the the Version 2 release notes so you can make an informed decision about what you might need to stock up on before the new build is out! You can read all abut the changes at:


    This is a major milestone with hundreds of fixes and improvements, AND will finally see the release of the Android version ensuring you can continue to monitor your nymphs on the move!

    Likewise, many players have asked for alternative ways they can continue to support the games development so we are pleased to announce we have finally modified our Patreon tiers to include some exclusive Taps of Eradine benefits too. Each month we will be giving early access to items from the all new Item Drop system starting in August with the swanky Pimp suit that will grant upto 1500% Coin Booster when worn as the complete set! For more information about this program, and to read more about the different tiers, please visit:


    This release marks the beginning of the 6 months of new content releases we had lined up, and much more in the pipeline. Remember, you can join the Taps and Shards Discord channel for up to the minute discussions, gameplay tips by our resident Experts and previews on development by visiting https://discord.gg/bAYQbpz or following our Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/cryptidtech

    We thank you for your continued support and kind words, and look forward to the final release of V2.

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  • Taps of Eradine Update News 06/15/2018 12:17PM

    Dear Beloved Taps of Eradine Player,

    We just wanted to 100% confirm and let you know that there is a huge Taps of Eradine update coming in the next few weeks and this has now been in development for nearly 4 months solid.

    The update will introduce:

    * Android Version with Game Sharing - your save game will transition between devices entirely as it fully transitions to a server-side model
    * Item Drops - Cosmo gets kitted with an Inventory for head, body, weapons and more, with a special Item Dropper minion type appearing post level 1000
    * New Nymph - the Mermaid gets added to the game immediately, with lots more content (including dungeons) following on a bi-weekly basis
    * Shards Convertor - Do you have lots of Shards and Hearts? Good. You'll be able to combine and upgrade to new Shard types, then slot them for even more Power for Super Nymphs
    * Leaderboard - with Weekly, Monthly and All Time bonuses available
    * Increased Nymph Level Cap - the level cap increases from 10 to 20 to help post level 1000 progress for those lovely item drops
    * Improved Achievements - Achievements are going to be reset, but their rewards will be much improved! Progress stats are going to be archived for bragging rights and future use too.
    * Bug fixes, interfaces improvements and much, much more!

    As you can see, this has been a huge undertaking and hopefully understand now why there hasnt been any major update in so long (and the delays to dungeon mode to ensure we had all the above ready first). What this _does_ mean is we also have stacks of new content, eagerly waiting to make its appearance in the game and Frea is just itching to insult, tease and introduce you to some wonderful new characters in Taps of Eradine. Soon!

    To read more about our development woes over the last few months, you can read more at https://www.patreon.com/cryptidtech/ where there are lots of previews of new weapons, outfits and much more!

    We are extremely excited to get this release out and pave the way for the new dawn for Taps of Eradine, sexy new girls and finally, regular content!


    Shards of Eradine Week Long Discount on Nutaku!

    For players that havent picked up a copy of Shards of Eradine yet, we have not only reduced the price to $9.99 but also have 25% off this week too exclusively for Nutakus June sale. At $7.49, its its lowest price ever and offers you a recap whilst we finish off the last stages of the big Taps of Eradine update. Don't forget to claim your free Steam Key too!



    CDN Issue Resolved

    For newer Taps players, you may have noticed a small improvement in load times as we resolved a Content Delivery Network issue last week that should have stopped a 60 second timeout occuring on certain resources.

    <==== Thank you for your continued support! ====>

    Del @ CryptidTech

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  • Gahder Shop Update plus Steam Key for Shards with Shards Purchases 03/15/2018 09:19AM

    Dear Taps of Eradine fans!

    <==== Gahders Shop ====>

    For those of you who haven't seen already, Gahders Shop is officially open and offers a selection of heavily requested items for you to enjoy! Featuring a wide variety of tiered items, plus a daily deals section, he should have plenty on offer for players wanting to splash some gold on their favourite monster girls.

    Gadher also offers a conversion of Hearts of Eradine for both Shards and Amrita on a weekly basis, so be sure to cash in any extra hearts you might be stashing to unlock even more sexy content!

    <==== Taps Latest Developments ====>

    * Gadhers Shop items will continue to be updated on a weekly basis, but be sure to check in daily to receive flash deals! Well done to all the players that bagged 1 Amrita for 100 in-game coins during Stealth Testing!
    * Android build is currently in QA and awaiting the greenlight from the big N!
    * New Server Stack improvements have settled in nicely and hoping to be able to focus on the important content updates now. Please continue to report connection issues directly to support@cryptidtech.com but everyone seems to be back in the game now.
    * Shards Conversion to Greater, Mega and Ultimate Shards codebase is complete, just migrating this into the Super Nymph slots this week and hoping to release this update ASAP
    * Whilst the first dungeon is still not out, lots of work is underway for continuous updates on future dungeon content. A replacement h-scene for Medusa (most requested) and sexy drunken ladies are in the pipeline!

    <==== Shards with Shards Steam Keys ====>

    We have had a number of enquiries regarding Steam keys for players that have purchased the Shards with Shards bundle in-game and just wanted to confirm that you are indeed eligable for a free Steam key to go with your existing uncensored Nutaku release of Shards of Eradine.

    All you need to do is visit http://keyrequest.shardsoferadine.com and complete a very simple form to receive one. Evidence of purchase is your email address used and a quick screengrab of the email.

    We will of course be continuing to provide the full and uncensored release via Nutaku.net and patching with major stable releases where applicable.

    <==== Thank you for your support! ====>

    Del @ CryptidTech

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  • CDN Outage 02/09/2018 08:08PM

    Due to a technical issue with the Content Delivery Network, certain regions have been unable to access the game in the last 24 hours. We are very sorry for the outage and have resolved the issue so everyone should be able to access the game without any further issues.

    We will issue an Eradine Box over the weekend to all players as our way of saying thank you for playing.

    Del @ CryptidTech

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  • Mailbox Server Outage and Double Amrita Rebirth Weekend! 01/19/2018 12:36PM

    At around 2:30am there was a security incident that meant the mailbox server was unavailable in the game and therefore the following game items were affected:

    In Game Purchases
    Daily Spin
    Orbs of Eradine

    The issue was resolved around 10am GMT and the mail sever has been working throughout today without further incident. As this downtime affected a good number of players, we have implemented an all new "Eradine Box" today that will be credited to each and every player with their next game load and this will reward you some special goodies (including Amrita and a Gold Booster) by way of apology!

    We are also running a very special Double Amrita for Level 1000 Rebirth weekend so you will get 2 Amrita for each rebirth at level 1000 for the entire weekend!

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused and we are looking to improve our alert systems so we can be notified quicker if any incident affecting game servers happens out of hours again.

    If you are missing any in-game purchases for Nutaku Gold please email us at support@cryptidtech.com with your Nutaku Id number and a confirmation of your purchase and we will verify and recredit these immediately too.

    Thanks for playing and supporting our game!

    Del @ CryptidTech

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