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  • Mailbox Server Outage and Double Amrita Rebirth Weekend! 01/19/2018 12:36PM

    At around 2:30am there was a security incident that meant the mailbox server was unavailable in the game and therefore the following game items were affected:

    In Game Purchases
    Daily Spin
    Orbs of Eradine

    The issue was resolved around 10am GMT and the mail sever has been working throughout today without further incident. As this downtime affected a good number of players, we have implemented an all new "Eradine Box" today that will be credited to each and every player with their next game load and this will reward you some special goodies (including Amrita and a Gold Booster) by way of apology!

    We are also running a very special Double Amrita for Level 1000 Rebirth weekend so you will get 2 Amrita for each rebirth at level 1000 for the entire weekend!

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused and we are looking to improve our alert systems so we can be notified quicker if any incident affecting game servers happens out of hours again.

    If you are missing any in-game purchases for Nutaku Gold please email us at support@cryptidtech.com with your Nutaku Id number and a confirmation of your purchase and we will verify and recredit these immediately too.

    Thanks for playing and supporting our game!

    Del @ CryptidTech

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