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Installing DLC
07/24/2017 04:29PM
--------------- Installing DLC: --------------- Execute the "TacticsElementalDLC01SetupV1.exe" setup program It will load the files into the default directory automatically if that is where you installed. If not please direct the setup program to the folder that contains "\Tactics Elemental\TE_WinV1.4_Data\AssetBundles" The DLC files need to be in "AssetBundles" to see them. ---------------------------------- Installing DLC DLL version update: ---------------------------------- Execute the "TacticsElemental_DLC_DLL_VersionUpdate.exe" setup program This program will make sure your version of tactics elemental has the latest DLLs needed to run DLC content. The setup program will put update the "Assembly-CSharp.dll" in the default folder if that is where Tactics Elemental is installed, but if you used a different folder, please make sure the file is installed in "\Tactics Elemental\TE_WinV1.4_Data\Managed" --------------------------- Playing DLC Campaigns --------------------------- Embark on your DLC Campaign Chapters once you gain access to the "Astral Leyline" area (In Chapter 4!)
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