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  • Happy Valentine’s Day! 02/13/2018 01:18PM

    Make sure you visit Sweet State on Valentine’s Day to collect a pack of free gifts for your girls! ;)

    A brand new quest is also online with amazing rewards + some great deals on Candy Coins with 3 new girls.

    PS. We have a special guest appearance from two famous girls from Fake Lay taking you on in Cock Fights!

    Happy Valentine’s!

    /The Sweet State Team

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  • Join the Nutaku Anniversary madness! 01/24/2018 09:29AM

    Nutaku's turning 3! To celebrate, we're having a sale on Candy Coins and... we've added yet more action!
    The girls are now really acting while filming ;)

    All the best & happy bday Nutaku!
    the Sweet State crew

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  • Horny Santa is in town! 12/22/2017 02:01PM

    Help Santa shoot the perfect film to get rewarded with loads of great Xmas gifts in our brand new event!

    Also don't miss the Xmas Packs loaded with CC bonuses, extras and of course fresh girls.

    A very Merry Xmas!

    /the Sweet State team

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  • Black Friday Bonus! 11/24/2017 01:27AM

    Black Friday is here! Get 30% more Candy Coins with each purchase!

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  • 3 new cougars online! 11/16/2017 05:03PM

    To make your gigolo life a bit more interesting we just added 3 brand new cougars along with a new background tune ;)

    There’s also just 10 days left on the pumpkin quest, make sure you claim them rewards!


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  • Sweet State Halloween Extra 10/24/2017 02:19PM

    Dear Pornwood citizens!

    We finally found out where you’re supposed to post news & updates so here we go! :)

    Recently we added some new graphics & sex scenes and now it’s time for the annual Halloween Packs with great deals on Candy Coins & new girls!

    Now that we know how, we’ll keep you posted on things to come! :)

    PS. There’s also a pumpkin quest online.

    Happy Halloween!
    the SS Team.

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