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  • 1.28.0 - Joyous News 03/29/2019 01:26PM

    We wish to congratulate you! Mary is pregnant, and it's your child! Have a cigar, friend, and enjoy this wonderful whiskey we brought! To celebrate you becoming a daddy, we have a wonderful NEW EVENT: Joyous news! As always, new bits of the story await you, as will a warm, kindhearted SEXSCENE starring Mary! We also have a SPECIAL OFFER for you: Motherhood means cooking a lot, and Mary's a born cook, so it's high time she got an UNIQUE, EXCLUSIVE, LEGENDARY apron: KISS THE COOK! - NEW EVENT: Joyous News! - NEW SEXSCENE: Bun in the Oven! - SPECIAL OFFER: A LEGENDARY, UNIQUE, EXCLUSIVE Apron: KISS THE COOK! Don't wait, Mary needs your love, care and help as she helps bring your child into this world, and she's been a little antsy about a certain kind of your presence, lately!

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