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  • 1.25.0 - Velvet Valentine's 02/14/2019 11:59AM

    A magical stage of early relationships, where everything's just so much more colorful, happy and worth living for - and a special day to celebrate it. Yep, it's time for St. Valentine's Day, and an EVENT with it! A very special day to spend with Valentina, who, in her EXCLUSIVE SEXSCENE, may have something heartfelt to say! That's not all, because you can collect ROMANTIC KITCHEN FURNITURE, too! We also have a SPECIAL OFFER for you: a LEGENDARY, EXCLUSIVE OUTFIT: A Victorian Bodysuit! - EVENT: Velvet Valentine's! - Hot and loving SEXSCENE, starring Valentina! - KITCHEN FURNITURE! - LEGENDARY, EXCLUSIVE VICTORIAN BODYSUIT! It's true, you can love all year round, but sometimes love needs something special to keep going strong! Don't hesitate, join our wonderful girls for our Valentine's Day event!

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