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  • Summer Sale! 08/01/2018 11:33AM

    The Nutaku Summer Sale period is starting and do we have a treat for you! Gems, gems everywhere! Gems from the sky, gems from the ground, Gems, gems, GEMS!

    - Every gem item is now on a sale! 20-50% off!
    - Unique Cat Ears and Tail available in a Special Offer!
    - Purchasing gems gives bonus ones! Up to 50% more than the basic amount purchased!

    But that's not all! For the period of the Gemstravaganza...
    - Daily Wishes give 100% MORE AFFECTION!
    - Minigames give 20% MORE COINS!

    Don't wait, the Gemstravaganza won't last forever! Now's your chance to impress your girls!

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