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  • Mega & Rune Update 03/05/2018 02:03AM

    Update Date: 2018-02-26
    Update Content:

    ◉ 【GamePlay】

    - Hunting Field in Dream Island - You can get 1-4 stars from the Hunting field.
    - Rune system - You can inlay 4 runes in a piece of equipment. Four slots will help you increase ATK/DEF/HP/skill DMGs.
    - Qmons Mega evolution - Upgrading your own girl with a Mega evolution.

    ◉ 【Game Items】

    - Mega stone, one of the materials for finishing Mega Evolution

    - Magic stone, which is used to update your runes.

    - 5 types runes, there are 5 types of runes, Fire / Woods / Water / Rock / Electricity. If you inlay equipments with specific runes, the set buff will be activated.

    ◉ 【New Design】will be updated in later this week

    - Added H-Videos in Album function

    - Added 6 girls adult picture

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  • Version 1.1.1 02/09/2018 01:28AM

    Update Ver. 1.1.1

    ◉ 【New events】

    - limited stage (6 star with 17 quality will be released in this event)

    - Blackmarket (to get pieces of rare Qmons)

    Ideally, After our pretest, we will put these 2 new events to our games this weekend

    ◉ 【New equipment】

    - Red equipment is available now.

    ◉ 【Technical Improvements】
    - Fixed game speed issues
    - Improved game performance

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  • Pocket Fantasy Major Update 01/30/2018 04:16AM

    Major update Ver. 1.1.0

    ◉ 【Gameplay】
    - H-Album function, adding 6 new H-Animation Videos.
    - Added 39 new adult images of 5-star Pocket girls.
    ID-063: Urilsya, ID-086: Crexmache, ID-147: Ilara
    ID-152: Thiazoprah, ID-155: Sose, ID-246: Sharoris
    ID-252: Fyrelriane, ID-280: Klymene, ID-371: Glilcoyme
    ID-443: Morilia, ID-470: Thelynore, ID-2013: Jekouenice

    ◉ 【New events】
    We're going to do these 2 new events during this weekend.
    - Limited stages, get the secret pocket girls.
    - Black Jack, who is the king of Gambling? (Get rare materials)

    ◉ 【Technical Improvements】
    - Fixed server issues
    - Fixed Loading issues
    - Fixed Arena reward delay issues
    - Fixed game speed issues on some of emulators/devices

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