Phantasma: Wand & Wood - News and Updates

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  • "Take my Gaping Grass" **NEW EVENT** on Phantasma Magic: Deluxe 09/07/2017 12:07PM

    Get green and trim that bush in Phantasma's latest event. See her take on Gaia, the Goddess of the forest and earn some sexy and powerful cards!

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  • **NEW EVENT** Ophelia Strikes on Phantasma Magic: Deluxe 08/24/2017 10:50AM

    Battle Duplicators and the try-hard villain Ophelia in this new story driven adventure on Phantasma Magic: Deluxe.

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  • Tutorial Fix 07/17/2017 09:06AM

    We have fixed a bug that would not let you fuse cards during the tutorial. We have now fixed this so feel free to come back and jump into the world of Phantasma!

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  • Sexual Healing 07/13/2017 06:16AM

    Log into Phantasma today to play 15 new event levels and collect Healing type cards in our Special Gacha, all wrapped up in a lovely theme.

    We also have a great special offer on a new sex scene only available during the event! You won't want to miss it!

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  • Outfits are out now! 07/12/2017 04:10AM

    Play and unlock new sexy outfits for Phantasma!

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  • Witch Please 06/20/2017 11:24AM

    Thanks to everyone that participated in the Witch Please special Gacha.

    There are only 8 hours left until the event comes to a close, so make sure you get your cards at a great rate and grab that crazy special offer!

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  • Creampie Carnival! 06/04/2017 04:24AM

    The Creampie Carnival is now on! Featuring 20 new 6* and 7* cards, challenging 6 level story arc, increased 5, 6 and 7* gacha rates! Also including a brand new Miko sex scene! So roll up roll up one and all, get great rewards and smash Miko's pussy!

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  • Daily Adventures 05/20/2017 03:51AM

    Phantasma now has daily adventures! These are stages that update each day, in order for you to complete and level up your cards! This will greatly help you grind for the EXP and other stuff that you need!

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  • Buddy Gacha 05/16/2017 10:35AM

    The buddy gacha is now live! Log in everyday to earn buddy points, that you can spend within the buddy gacha to get mutation materials for your cards! This is a great way aside from grinding that gets you mutation materials needed to get better cards. Daily events are also in the works so stay tuned!

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  • Day 3 Update 05/13/2017 03:27AM

    First off, thanks to everyone who is playing Phantasma Magic: Deluxe! It means so much to us that you are enjoying this game. We have addressed a few things in the past day. The drop rate for rare cards has increased, so it should be easier now to get cards that you can use to power up other cards. Secondly, the Buddy Gacha will be coming in the next few days. This is an easier way to get mutation materials for your cards.

    We know about the Miko issue, and have addressed it temporarily. If it didn't play for you before, it *should* play for you now, however it will be very slow. Our game does require Web GL to be turned on for the best performance, so if you don't have it on, it is worth turning it on.

    Daily Dungeons are also making their way to the game, which will be yet another great way to get cards for your team. We have tons of exciting content coming too, including the next 150 levels of Phantasma's story. So stay tuned!


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