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  • Gambit Phase 2 is now available along with a NEW Step-up Gacha! 01/19/2018 09:23AM

    Gambit 5th Shot, Phase 2:
    Complete the final 100 Areas of Gambit 5th Shot to seduce Miyabi Kamiyama!

    Event Period: 16.01.2018 - 25.01.2018

    PeroPero Step-Up Gacha:
    NEW girls are now available in the Final Steps!
    Draw them now for a limited time only!

    Available until the 22nd of January.

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  • Black Emma SR Card, now available in the 24 Hours Special Pack! 01/17/2018 08:05AM

    "Lovely Tea Parties" Pack:

    Black Emma SR Card (Lv 50)
    500 NG

    NOTE: The pack can be purchased only once.
    NOTE: The offer is available for 24 hours.

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  • PeroPero 5th Shot Reissued 01/16/2018 11:35AM

    PeroPero 5th Shot Re-Issued will have you exploring through 200 areas while
    collecting Kairo Pocket Warmers and taking part in Seduction Battles!

    Upon reaching the end of an Area, you must determine your fate
    by choosing the right door.If you choose right, you may advance, choose wrong…
    and you will have to replay the area all over again.

    Collect Kairo with the help of Special Effect Cards!
    Get these ladies from the Event Gacha Machine and increase your rank!

    Event Period: 16.01.2018 - 25.01.2018

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  • Priority Gacha, now available in Pero! 01/10/2018 12:51PM

    Draw with increased chances until January 12th!

    Eriko Imura - SR Card
    MAX SED 12600

    Dahinn - SR Card
    MAX SED 11810

    [Elite] Rioraina - ER Card
    MAX SED 7848

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  • Faction Wars - Guards VS Convicts - Which Faction will you choose? 01/10/2018 12:47PM

    Set up your deck and get ready for battle!

    Event Gacha
    Get the Alpha SR and Beta SR cards from the Event Gacha and use them in the event to get more Faction Points!

    Event Period: 10.01.2018 - 15.01.2018

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  • Phase 2 is on! Get ready for a hot encounter with Mashiro Hiragi! 01/03/2018 08:24AM

    NEW Enhanced Special Effect Cards have been added to the Event Gacha Machine!
    Get them now to BOOST YOUR SEDUCTION POWER and the ENCOUNTER RATE of the Super Elite Guard!

    Phase 2 Period:
    03.01.2018 - 09.01.2018

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  • PeroPero New Year's Eve Step-Up Gacha, is here! 12/28/2017 09:42AM

    NEW girls are now available in the Final Steps!
    Draw them now for a limited time only!

    Step 1: x1 Random Normal Card
    100 Nutaku Gold

    Step 2: x1 Random Normal Card OR x1 Random Rare Card
    70% N~ 30% R
    300 Nutaku Gold

    Step 3: x1 NEW Rare Card Guaranteed
    500 Nutaku Gold

    Step 4: x1 NEW Super Rare Card Guaranteed
    1000 Nutaku Gold

    Gacha Period: 28.12.2017 - 03.01.2018

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  • Elite Guard 5 Honoka Kusanagi Reissued 12/28/2017 09:41AM

    Hunt down and seduce the Naked King’s Elite and Super Elite Guards!
    Collect Event Points and unlock awesome rewards, as well as
    hentai scenes that will get you all hot and bothered!

    Overall Ranking Reward: [Elite] Yukimi Isezaki
    EP Achievements Rewards: Honoka Kusanagi & Mashiro Hiragi
    Super Elimination Reward: Atei Nohara

    Event Period: 28.12.2017 - 09.01.2018

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  • Elite Cards Upgrade 12/27/2017 08:24AM

    Some of you may experience some visual issues while upgrading the Elite cards. This issue will not affect the functionality of the cards or of the game. We will have a fix for this graphical issue as soon as possible.
    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Thank you,
    -The PeroPero Team

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  • Christmas Priority Gacha, is here! [Elite] Airu and [Elite] Lilith are waiting for you! 12/22/2017 12:56PM

    DRAW now with highly increased rates until December 25th!

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