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  • Jam-Packed Festival event release! 03/14/2018 07:45AM

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the Jam-Packed Spring Festival event!
    Between 14 and 27 March, you will have the chance to get our newly released characters including "Elizabeth" for Top 300.
    Also, during the event there are lots of boosters obtainable throughout different areas.
    Our new boosters are obtainable via all Gachas. We must highlight the fact that they are obtainable also via ticket gacha.

    [Blade] Nakagami - SL - Emerald - 200% Special release pack is available in the Shop.
    Initial release boosters are available as guaranteed at 11 Spin Gacha and Rank-Up gacha. Login banners will show you the details.


    Wheel of Fortune is available to all players starting today!
    What is this?
    Spin the Wheel every 4 hours and get exclusive items.
    Collect 12 Puzzle Pieces and uncover a special SL character (as a spoiler, for release we have Kurenai Toyama, the initial top 300 character).
    Once all the pieces are complete and the girl is uncovered, click on "Claim Character" and redeem her from Postbox.

    Note: The Wheel of fortune highest prize (the girl) will be changed once the event ends.

    Osawari team

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  • Event release 28 Feb 02/28/2018 11:15AM

    Greetings everyone,

    New event is now Live. Hard Boiled Marathon in Hell.
    Period: 28 Feb - 13 Mar
    Compensation for the long maintenance awaits you in the postbox (2x HR Tickets + 1 Stamina Potion).

    Sonia - SL - Ruby - 200 %
    Mary - SL - Sapphire - 200 %
    Yatsugatake Shidune - SSR - Ruby - 180%
    Rakuki Ryouka - SSR - Topaz - 180%
    Yukishiro Yuno - SSR - Sapphire - 150%
    Mimasaka Hitoha - SSR - Emerald - 150%
    Gerda - SSR - Ruby - 100%
    Henrietta - SSR - Topaz - 100%
    11 Spin Guaranteed: 50% Boosters
    Elena Ise - L - Sapphire
    Chihaya Uemiya - L - Topaz
    Maki Saegusa - L - Topaz
    Yuga Nakameguro - L - Emerald
    Rank-Up Gacha: 80% Boosters
    Ayano Tojo - SL - Emerald
    Almira - SL - Sapphire
    Selene - SL - Topaz
    Akutagawa Miina - SL - Topaz
    Ritsuka Osako - SL - Ruby

    New feature launched: Buy Now straight from the banner starting today.
    Special event pack "Undercover" Urara - 200% + items - 5000 NG.

    Osawari Team

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  • Osawari Valentine Event 02/14/2018 05:44AM

    Hello everyone,

    Today we have launched the "Chocolate Revolution" event.
    This event is themed for Valentine's day with a brand new story.
    Gift: All Osawari Island players received Cupid SL Characters and 1000 Lovey Dovey Hearts to celebrate Valentine's.

    Rank-Up Gacha Update
    New Guaranteed boosters available at Rank 5.
    Aozora [Valentine version] SL - Sapphire - 80%
    Mutsuki Asahina - SL - Sapphire - 80 %
    Nanoha Harukaze - SL - Ruby - 80 %
    Direshia [succubus sister] - SL - Ruby - 80 %
    Event Special Pack
    [Succubus Chick] Murrills - SL - Sapphire - 200% + 5x Stamina + 5x Spirit Potion + 5x Monster Gem + 5x HR Reunion Tickets

    Osawari Management Team

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  • Weekend special Sale 02/09/2018 07:20AM

    Hello everyone,

    Starting today, 9 Feb until Monday 12 Feb a new Event booster Sale is ongoing.
    This weekend Plum and Mist are under the spotlight along side with some nice items for each pack.
    Additionally, keep in touch with Osawari Island on Sunday there is something new going on there, be sure to check out the banners in game for the Popularity Sale Sunday !

    Wish you all a great weekend,
    Osawari Management team

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  • Osawari Island 24 Hour Sale ! 02/08/2018 05:25AM

    Greetings everyone,

    Today we have launched a 24 Hour sale that includes some of the most desired characters.
    There is a Hametena pack that contains both versions of her, Spring version and Anniversary version and the second pack that features Rinka Tachibana also both versions (normal and Maple Dolls).
    Both packs are available for a very limited time and they also contain items.

    Osawari Management Team

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  • Osawari Booster Sale 02/05/2018 06:35AM

    Hello everyone,

    Starting today until Friday, Osawari Island has released two event booster packs in the Shop.
    The newly released characters offer substantial Event Points boost along with items.
    Visit the shop now.

    Have a great week,
    Osawari Team

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  • Bad Guys Return event launch 31 Jan 01/31/2018 06:46AM

    Hello everyone,

    Today we have launched the "Bad Guys Return - Unstoppable Pokey Operation" event.
    This event is community oriented which means that we need all the help we can get to defeat the Bad guys spaceship.
    Farm quests, gather EP and rise the bamboo in order to destroy the Spaceship. The number of EP obtained, counts as meters addition for the bamboo.
    Compensation for the long maintenance has been sent. 2x Stamina Potions for everyone is available in your postbox.

    Rank-Up Gacha Update
    New Guaranteed boosters available at Rank 5.
    Getten - SL - Emerald - 50% Boost
    Kayo Takashina - SL - Topaz - 50% Boost
    Aki Hino - SL - Sapphire - 50% Boost

    11 Spin Gacha Guaranteed Booster
    Updated guaranteed boosters:
    Tomoko Tamanaha - SSR - Ruby - 80%
    Asuka Hamada - SSR - Topaz - 80%
    Naegi - SSR - Ruby - 80%
    Mii Aisaki - SSR - Topaz - 80%
    Shishi Saika - SSR - Emerald - 80%

    Event Special Pack
    Alice - SL - Sapphire - 200% + 5x Stamina + 5x Spirit Potion + 5x Monster Gem

    Osawari Management Team

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  • Osawari Island anniversary weekend sale ! 01/26/2018 04:02AM

    Hello fellow adventurers,

    This weekend we are celebrating Nutaku's 3rd anniversary with a set of two event booster packs at discounted prices !
    Imazato Koyomi - 200% Booster and Levy - 180% Booster await for you in the shop to take them home.

    Wish you a great weekend,
    Osawari management team.

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  • Osawari Island Update - Nutaku Anniversary Celebration ! 01/24/2018 08:28AM


    In order to celebrate Nutaku's 3rd anniversary, Osawari Island has prepared a little gift for all of you in the Osawari family.
    During this anniversary period we will have different offers that will be launched along announcements.

    Today, after our maintenance, we have prepared a special sale. Period: 24-31 Jan
    Ultra Dynamic Duo pack - 40% Discount + substantial items along with it.
    Mighty Beauty pack + Stamina potions at special price
    Sweetheart Selfie pack - 30% Discount + substantial items along with it.

    We hope you enjoy these offers and Happy Birthday Nutaku,
    Osawari Management Team,

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  • Osawari Popularity Contest is now Open 01/17/2018 08:26AM

    Greetings everyone,

    We are pleased to announce that today we have released the Osawari Popularity Contest.
    This event will last until 30 Jan. During the event, we will vote for our favorite characters.
    Voting tickets are dropped by boss eromon and Rare Eromons.
    The 1st and 2nd most voted eromons will be rewarded to users as follows:
    -> Ep Rank Position 1 - 300 -> Additionally to the event ranking rewards, you will receive the 1st most voted eromon.
    -> Ep Rank Postion 301 - 500 -> Additionally to the event ranking rewards, you will receive the 2nd most voted eromon.
    The wait is over! The most anticipated character in recent island history is finally here! As of today, Junior is available in game and we have buffed her with 200% Boost for the current event. She is available in the shop until the end of the event (30 January).
    11 Spin Gacha update:
    Along a character pool increase, during this event we have added the old event boosters L rarity as Guranteed 50% per each spin. This means that whenever you will spin the 11 Spin Gacha, you will always receive one L rarity 50% Booster character, guaranteed.
    Rank-Up Gacha:
    The popularity Rank-up Gacha features 3 characters that have also been buffed with 50% Boost and one of them is guaranteed at Rank 5. This is another chance to grab these limited beauties.

    All the best,
    Osawari Team

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