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  • New Episode is available in Sharanton! 08/24/2017 08:16AM

    New Episode is available in Sharanton!

    It is worth to visit the Capital as there are two episodes open NOW! You can defeat the Mighty Kastor in the Circus after visiting his Gildas, and you can make a wager against the Hight Priest, proving yourself worthy in a difficult physical task!

    Double-loot and double-XP Arena Combats are coming this Friday!

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  • 4,000 Power Gems Contest Ending Soon! New Updates! 08/11/2017 09:22AM


    1. Contest:

    Narborion Contest is ending soon , don't forget to participate to get a shot at 4,000 Power gems!

    Users with a minimum level of 3 and an Acolyte rank may post a screenshot of their Character Sheet as a Facebook comment here: ! Please include your Nutaku User ID # when posting!

    We will draw 3 winners from all valid entries on Monday the 14th!

    First Prize: 4,000 power gems (worth 10,000 Nutaku Gold !!!!!!)
    Second Prize: Ring of Reaction
    Third Prize: Magical Bastard Sword

    2. Updates:

    This Wednesday's update Narborion By Night has three new Episodes and several new Arena fights since its launch!

    This weekend some of those Arena fights will even give you double loot and double XP !

    Have fun!

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