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  • Notice: Maintenance Complete 06/27/2017 06:02AM

    Thank you for playing Millennium War Aigis.

    The maintenance that began on June 27, 2017 (Tue) 3AM.
    was successfully completed as of 6AM(EST).
    Maintenance Details
    Limited Time Event
    - The Urgent Mission "Gold Rush" begins
    - The Item Drop Rate for Story Missions is x1.5 ends
    - The Item Drop Rate for Daily Missions is x1.5 ends
    - The Item Drop Rate for Awakening Orb is x2 ends
    - Basic EXP x3 for Silver female units ends
    - Basic EXP x1.5 for Silver male units ends

    Addition of new system "Skill Awakening"
     The Awakening Unit can change the Skill by meeting the conditions.
     First of all, we add Skill Awakening of Rarity Black Units.
     <Conditions for Skill Awakening>
     - Unit is already awaken
     - The skill level is at its maximum
     <Required Units and Items>
     - Spirit of Awakening Skill "Naiad"
     - Gold
     - Awakening Orb
     We will distribute 1 "Naiad" to all the users
     who has registered before June 27(Tue) 3:00(EST).
     Also, 1 "Christia" will be given everyday
     when you log-in as a presents from June 28(Wed) till July 4(Tue).

    About daily missions
    - Add New Saturday/Sunday Mission "The Battlefield of Warriors"
     In this mission "Naiad" drops

    Other Changes
    - Changed the Unit boosted in Premium Summon
    - Basic EXP x3 for Gold or above female units begins
    - Basic EXP x2 for Gold or above male units begins
     (Only basic EXP will increase; levels will not increase.
     EXP will return to normal after the maintenance scheduled
     for July 4, 2017 (Tue) 3AM. )

    Apologies for Failures
    - After the maintenance of the 6th of June,
     when a Gold or above rarity unit was retired,
     the number of Rainbow Crystals which is gained was erroneous.
     This issue has now been fixed.

     And for compensation of due to this failure,
     we will distribute 2 Sacred Crystal to all the users
     who has registered before 20th June 2017 3:00(EST).

     We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    When restarting a game following maintenance,
    please be sure to clear your browser's cache before playing.

    Thank you for your cooperation while
    the game was undergoing maintenance.

    We are working very hard to provide smooth,
    uninterrupted service.
    We hope you continue to enjoy Millennium War Aigis.

    The Millennium War Aigis Development Team

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