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  • Fireworks on 4th of July! 07/04/2018 02:28PM

    Let's celebrate 4th of July together in Kingdoms Of Lust!

    Don't miss out the shop surprises! Take the chance and stash some precious Diamonds, while they are cheap as air!

    The Kingdoms needs you!

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  • Celebrate Golden Week with FREE GIFTS and MORE DIAMONDS! 04/27/2018 06:06PM

    Let's celebrate Golden Week together!

    * Kingdoms of Lust will commemorate the longest vacation period in Japan by offering a Super Sale!
    * Each purchase from April 28th till May 6th will grant you 400 Free Items and up to 20% more Diamonds!
    * Do not miss the opportunity to get some sweet deals and play the game during your days off!

    Enjoy! And don't forget that Gold is always important!

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  • Kingdoms of Lust Celebrates Easter with GIFTS and EVENTS 03/29/2018 11:01AM

    We have prepared massive amounts of goodies and fun for our players during the upcoming holidays. Do you like Easter, guys? Of course you do. So do we. That’s why we will have a very serious approach towards one of the biggest holidays in the calendar!

    * First of all we will present all our players with free gifts – 400 items will be granted to every player, who logs into the game from March 29th to April 10th. Because we like our players happy.
    * But that’s not all. Because we like our players even happier and we will give them the chance to earn even more items during the same period with our famous Egg Gathering event!
    * From March 29th to April 10th all the Independent Cities in each Realm will hold hidden eggs. The players will have to successfully spy these cities and there will be a chance for finding a hidden egg! The eggs can then be converted to even more cool in-game items!

    So, now you have not one but two reasons to spend the Easter Holidays with Kingdoms of Lust, guys. Prepare yourselves! Easter is coming!

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  • Celebrate St. Valentine's Day with FREE GIFTS! 02/13/2018 09:03AM

    Several reasons for you to play Kingdoms of Lust during St. Valentine’s holiday:

    * Love is a powerful motivator. Both for peace and for war. So, take your pick, log into the game and start looking for the love of your life. Or start looking for trouble.
    * You are single on the Day of Love? No problem. Chances are you are in alliance and alliances are full with people, who you can hang out with, drink lots of wine then sing Lady Gaga songs under your Damsel’s window. After midnight.
    * You can use the people’s feelings to your advantage. Find out who are the players, who have plans for the night with their loved ones and loot their resources continuously, while they are away, celebrating. Many of them won’t even be mad, because they had fun, right? So, it’s a win/win situation for both parties.
    * Forget about all of these suggestions and participate in the game’s St Valentine’s Day Event, because the Event’s duration is 48 hours; you get points for every subject, born in your Empire during the Event; your population growth is 5% higher; each royal marriage you arrange, will grant you a mystic box. And if that royal marriage is with other player, you both get boxes.

    So, it’s true then – All you need is love!

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  • Celebrate Christmas with FREE GIFTS, NEW SCENE and TASTY PROMOS! 12/22/2017 08:01AM

    So, what are your plans for the upcoming holidays?

    Because if you haven’t decided what to do, here are some advices from us :

    * Buy all the necessary presents for your entire family, especially for your mother in law and give them in advance – this way you will have an extremely happy family, which will not bother you throughout the entire holidays.
    * Make sure you stock up with plenty of food – if you send away your loved ones on a Christmas Cruise Ship, you will be alone - you need nourishment! Don’t forget to send the dog with them as well – you don’t need someone to share your pizza with.
    * Log into Kingdoms of Lust from December 22nd 15:00 GMT+2 to December 26th 23:59 GMT+2 to receive your free 555 items as a Christmas gift! These 555 free items worth 2,000,0000 Diamonds!
    * Keep log into the game on December 24th, 28th and 31th to get your hands on our super-duper Christmas offers!
    * Take part in the hunt for Jolly Barbarian Camps and win Exclusive Holiday Scene by just participating in the Event. The Jolly Camps can be found on the Global map from 22nd December to January 2nd next year.

    Start the planning immediately and remember - the Kingdoms need you!

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  • NEW FEATURE! Great People Gacha is Here! Open and Win BIG! 12/08/2017 05:35AM

    Mighty Emperors and Empresses,

    We are proud to present to you the new, rewarding and convenient feature : Great People Gacha!

    You can access it from the upper part of the screen, next to the 10-hour income widget.

    By opening the Great People Gacha you will receive a Great person of varying rarity.The rarity of the Great Person that you can obtain is related to the rarity of the Chest - higher rarity chests gives higher chance of getting the exclusive, new Rarity - Divine!

    Based on the Great Person rarity you can get up to 40 starting levels and 5 Inborn Talents. Also, there is increased Level cap for Epic, Legendary and Divine rarity Great People. All received Aristocrats from the Great People Gacha will be held in the List tab. From there, you can either release them and receive General or Governor Experience Tomes or add them to your Imperial Court. You need to have empty spot in the Imperial Court, to be able to add a Great Person received from the Gacha.

    Enjoy! And remember the Kingdoms need you!

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  • Talisman of Lust returns with The Naughty Temptress up for grabs! 11/30/2017 11:19AM

    Dont miss out on the return of the amazing Talisman of Lust!

    Grab this limited item and put your hands on :

    * Fully customizable Great Person - choose Gender, Name and Avatar
    * Exclusive new Girl that comes with 3 new, sexy scenes and can't be found anywhere else
    * Instant Level 30 General OR Governor
    * The option to pick 4 Inborn Talents

    The Talisman of Lust can be found in the Hot Offer section in the Item Shop and will be available for purchase for 7 days!

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  • The "Black Friday" is here with Exclusive Scene and FREE GIFTS! 11/24/2017 09:15AM

    FREE Premium, FREE 120 Time Boosters, a GENEROUS Promotion and EXCLUSIVE new Scene!

    As a part of ""Black Friday Event"", we decided to make a special surprise to all Players!
    During the event, every player who logs in ""Kingdoms of Lust"" will receive the following FREE GIFTS :

    * 3 Days Premium (you can find the item that activates it in your Hoard after claiming)
    * 30 Military Research Time Booster
    * 30 Economic Research Time Booster
    * 30 Military Building Time Booster
    * 30 Economic Building Time Booster

    On top of that, we are running amazing Promotion, which can get you from 40% to 121% more Diamonds and 3 Bonus Resource Chests.

    Also, if you purchase a special offer during the Event, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE Holiday Collection Scene!

    The sale is available for a limited time only and will be active till 27th October 23:59 UTC. Don’t miss it!

    The Kingdoms needs you!

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  • Back by popular demand - The Talisman of Lust! New Girl, exclusive Scenes! 11/02/2017 12:18PM

    Dont miss out on the special deal of getting the amazing, new edition of the Talisman of Lust!

    Grab this limited item and put your hands on :

    * Fully customizable Great Person - choose Gender, Name and Avatar
    * Exclusive new Girl that comes with 3 new, sexy scenes and can't be found anywhere else
    * Instant Level 30 General OR Governor
    * The option to pick 4 Inborn Talents

    The previous exclusive Face archetype, which came with the last sale of the
    Talisman of Lust is also available and included as an option in the current edition!
    If you missed it on the last sale, now is the time to get some exclusive scenes!

    The Talisman of Lust can be found in the Hot Offer section in the Item Shop and will be available for purchase for 7 days!

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  • Be brave or crumble in fear - Halloween Grim Harvest is here! 10/26/2017 09:59AM

    Greetings, fearless warriors!The times are high for ghosts, spirits and glowing carved pumpkins!

    Put on your spooky costumes and prepare for the Grim Harvest - special one week event :

    * It will challenge you to fight as many neutral cities and barbarian camps as possible.
    * It will start on Thursday, 18:00 Server Time (GMT +2).
    * Each successful attack earns you candies!
    * At the end of the event the players who collected the most candies will receive a special, generous gift!

    * If you manage to collect at least 300 Candies, you will unlock the Exclusive Holiday Special Bedroom Scene!

    The Halloween Event will last 7 days and will end on Thursday, November 2nd 17:00 Server Time(GMT+2).

    And remember, The Kingdoms needs you!

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