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1.4 - Free DLC Content Update
01/04/2018 05:55PM
Hello everyone, The long awaited 1.4 Patch is finally here. The patch will require a redownload of the game, and a new game to be created. Below is a list of changes and FAQ about the patch. Changelog: -Added Content Pack Selection -Added h-scenes for all enemies -Added an extra h-scene at the end of Einya's Hidden/Alternative Ending -Added new interaction scenes between Saanvi and Lydria -Added a new NPC, Vari, who has a new route, 2 new game endings, and a conversation feature to converse with inhabitants as they move to Vatika. Also has a new h-scene. -Fixed various smaller bugs throughout the game that may have caused annoyances to players F.A.Q 1. My games does not have 1.4 content, what do I do? In order for 1.4 Content to appear, you MUST START A NEW GAME and select the "1.4 Content Pack" option at the beginning of the game. 2. Will older files be affected? Older files will be unaffected by 1.4 changes - outside of bug fixes - but will not have 1.4 content added. 3. Can I still access the non-1.4 version of the game? Yes, in the Content Pack Selection when starting a new game, select the "No Content Packs" option to access the "Vanilla" game without the added 1.4 content. 4. IMPORTANT: How do I access enemy h-scenes? In order to access enemy h-scenes, an enemy must first be the last standing member of an enemy party, and must have their clothes ripped. A successful Flirt/Charm/Tease attempt (through the Talk option) and the last remaining enemy will then result in the h-scene. 5. IMPORTANT: Where are the new h-scenes in the gallery? Once the last page is reached, keep clicking the arrow and the new pages will appear. They are currently not numbered but exist in the gallery. You can follow our social media for further updates:
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09/12/2017 10:08PM
A new patch for Karmasutra, patch 1.3.92 has been released. This is an important patch which fixes lots of smaller bugs which may have impeded player progress as well as adding new improvements such as improved SFX and some new miscellaneous visuals. Please note that certain elements which have been fixed may require starting a new game to see the changes. This will be the last patch before the Steam release, which is still scheduled for this month. For those who do not know, we are still working on a 1.4 "Mega Patch" for free, which will include new h-scenes for all enemies as well as a new NPC and more. You can follow our social media for further updates:
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03/29/2017 10:19AM
A Karmasutra patch is available for download now. Please use the download link again to receive the latest build which includes the patch for bug fixes and game improvements. IMPORTANT! Please delete the cache for the game by simply going to the game folder: game/cache/ and delete all files inside. If you have any questions regarding this update please contact us on using the game support page.
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