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  • New Gacha Campaigns! 10/29/2018 11:45PM

    New Gacha Campaigns available! ◆『SR x2 Guaranteed Gacha』 [Availability (PDT)] Oct. 29th 20:00 ~ Oct. 31st 20:00 [Price] 3000 Star Coins [Contents] - SR or Higher x2 Weapon or Eidolon Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha *Limit: 2 per player *This Gacha guarantees the following: 2x Weapon or Eidolon. *The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page. ---------- ◆SSR Guaranteed Kamihime Weapon and Eidolon Gacha DOUBLE chance! The following gacha will be restocked Oct. 30th 20:00 (PDT) 『SSR Kamihime Weapon x1 Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha』 『SSR Eidolon x1 Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha』 If you haven't drawn your SSR Guaranteed Gacha yet, now is your chance! That means, if you draw before Oct. 30th 20:00 (PDT), you can take full advantage of this deal and get a second chance at these Gachas!

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