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  • Koihime are here again! 10/09/2018 01:43AM

    ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates: ◆New Feature  -Rematch Event『Koihime † Dream Crossover Advent Battle』  -Collaboration Kamihime added ------------------------------------- [Kamihime] SSR Cao Cao [Karin] (Thunder) SR Sun Quan [Renge] (Flame) [Weapon] SSR Jue (Thunder) SR Nanhai Bawang (Flame) ------------------------------------- ◆『Koihime Collaboration Renewal Gacha』 [Availability(PDT)] After Maintenance ends Oct. 9th ~ 20:00 Nov. 11th(PST) [Price] 10 chain: 3000 Star Coins 10 chain: 3000 Magic Jewels 1 chain: 120 Star Coins (Once daily) 1 chain: 300 Star Coins [Contents] - Drop rates increased for the following Kamihime: SR Guan Yu [Aisha] (Wind) SR Lu Bu [Koi] (Wind) *1 The 10 Chain Gacha guarantees SR or Higher x1 Weapon or Eidolon. *2 The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page. ◆Notice 1. The collaboration Kamihime release Weapons are dropped in the following gachas only:  -Koihime Collaboration Renewal Gacha  -Magic Jewels Gacha *Please be aware that Koihime characters cannot be found in other gachas. 2. Koihime characters rates will not be raised in the Magic Jewels, but is raised in the collaboration Gacha. 3. The collaboration characters will be limited to the duration of the event. (Until 20:00 Nov. 11th(PST)) ---------- ◆Other -Guild Order bug fixed *Please make sure to clear your cache after maintenance is completed. ----------

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