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  • Do not miss the Miracle Ticket! 07/27/2018 12:16AM

    New Gacha Campaigns are now available!


    ◆10 Chain Gacha with Miracle Ticket

    [Sale Period (PDT)]
    20:00 7/26~ 20:00 8/22

    5000 Star Coins

    -SR or Higher guaranteed 10 chain Gacha with Miracle Ticket x1

    -Exchange availability information can be found in the in-game exchange.
    -Miracle Tickets can be exchanged for a single Kamihime release Weapon or Eidolon of your choice.
    -You cannot exchange a ticket for the unawakened version of a Kamihime you have already awakened
    -Trading for a Kamihime weapon of a Kamihime you already own, will only grant the weapon. Please be aware that this will not grant a Draconic Eye.
    -Miracle Ticket must be used within 14 days of acquiring them. Please be aware that they will be unusable after their expiration date.
    -Kamihime release weapons and Eidolon added beyond June 30 2018 are not available for exchange.
    -Exclusive Kamihime release weapons and some of Eidolons are not available for exchange.

    *1 Limit: 1 per person.
    *2 The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page.
    *3 After purchase, exchange the Miracle Ticket through the Exchange via your 'My Page'


    ◆『Soul Weapon Material Step-Up Gacha』

    20:00 7/26 ~ 20:00 8/01(PDT)

    3000 Star Coins

    10 chain gacha plus the follow bonus:
     -Step1 2x Light Gem Idea Regalia
     -Step2 3x Light Gem Idea Regalia
     -Step3 5x Light Gem Idea Regalia

    *Limit: 3 per player
    *This Gacha guarantees 1x SR or Higher Weapon or Eidolon.
    *The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page.

    -Arthur's Exclusive Light Weapons skill fixed

    *Please make sure to clear your cache after maintenance is completed.

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