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  • New Raid Event "The Despot's Noble Flame Prison"! 07/02/2018 02:35AM

    ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates: ◆New Feature  -New Raid Event: [The Despot's Noble Flame Prison]  -New Fire Ragnarok Raid Quests  -New Limited Edition Characters and Weapons added ------------------------------------- [Kamihime]  SSR [Ruler of Sea Breezes] Poseidon (wind)  SR [Sun and North Wind] Boreas (water)  R [Beach Thunder] Ignis (thunder) [Weapon]  SSR Dolphin Hop Hammer (wind)  SR Little Squirt (water)  R Beach Striver (thunder) *Limited Edition Characters will be available in Gacha until 20:00 8/1 -------------------------------------  -The following weapons can be exchanged in materials shop.   - New Arthur exclusive weapons (Fire)   - New D'Artagnan exclusive weapons (Fire)   - New Andromeda exclusive weapons (Fire)   - New Mordred exclusive weapons (Fire)  -Summer In Full Swing Login Bonus (0:00 7/2 - 23:59 7/15)  -My Page background renewed ◆New Gacha Campaign  -New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jul. 12th[PDT] )  -Raid Support Gacha (Until 20:00 Jul.9th[PDT] )  -Water Element Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jul. 9th[PDT] )  -10 Chain Gacha with break limit materials (Until 20:00 Jul.6th[PDT] ) ◆Other  -UI Renewal   -My page [Inventory] Button   -Menu [Items] Button ---------- *Please make sure to clear your cache after maintenance is completed.

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