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  • New Raid Event! 05/01/2018 06:04AM

    ■Draconic Union of the Ocean!■ ---------- ◆Event Period Until ~ 20:00 05/08 ◆Raid Event 「Draconic Union of the Oceans」 A monster's cries echoe over the tranquil waters. Running rampant and stirring up fierce gales near the coast, the sea dragon guardian of these azure waters appears...... Darkened by rage, Tiamat's magic runs rampant! Defeat the deadly Tiamat, to get event exclusive tickets! Challenge yourself in this event to get new Kamihime! [Eidolon] SSR Tiamat (Water) [Weapon] SSR Storm Bow Alvand (Water) SR Flint Boulesis (Fire) SR Blue Sword Alflat (Water) SR Precious Spear Tigris (Water) ◆You also have a chance at getting an event exclusive SR Kamihime! Get the「Flint Boulesis」from the raid's Divine Gacha to release Kishar! Don't miss your chance at this event exclusive character! ----------

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