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  • New Updates 01/11/2018 01:53AM

    ■New Updates■ ---------- ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates: ◆New Feature  ・Event: Crucible of Combat V.S. THE DEMON: GLUTTONY now open  ・New Characters and Weapons added   -------------------------------------   【Kamihime】   SSR Hastur  (Wind)   SR Ithaqua  (Wind)   R Vulthoom (Wind)   【Weapon】   SSR Gem Flute Byakhee (Wind)   SR Sacrifice Rod (Wind)   R Martian Petal (Wind)   -------------------------------------  ・Winter Login Bonus (0:00 Jan.11th ~ 23:59 Jan.22th [PST])  ・Christmas Characters in Gacha Ended  ◆New Gacha Campain  ・New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan. 22nd[PST] )  ・Wind Element Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan.18th[PST] )  ・10 Chain Gacha with Accessories (Until 20:00 Jan.15th[PST] )  ◆Minor Bugs fixed  ※Please make sure to clear your cache after maintenance is completed. ----------

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