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  • Raid Event「Fortress of the Coming Light」 Has Begun! 01/01/2018 03:31AM

    ■Raid Event「Fortress of the Coming Light」 Has Begun!■ ---------- ◆Event Period Until 20:00 Jan.8th ◆「Fortress of the Coming Light」 Festivities for the new year have begun in the Heavenly Realm. However, in the midst of their feast, a situation arose, a great and all consuming tumult now spreads forth... Along with the coming light, the water Eidolon Reiki's magic is rampaging! Defeat the event opponent, Reiki, to acquire event exclusive tickets! Challenge yourself with this event to get all new Kamihime! ◆Event Rewards The primary reward is the Eidolon, Reiki and her exclusive weapons. 【Eidolon】 SSR Reiki (Water) 【Kamihime】 SR Uzume (Light) 【Weapon】 SSR Axe of Penglai (Water) SR Pom-pom Hammer (Light) SR Sphere of Spiritual Water (Water) SR Turtle Shell Spear (Water) ◆You also have a chance at getting event exclusive SR Kamihime! Get the Pom-pom Hammer to release SR Kamihime, Uzume (Light)! Don't miss you chance at these event exclusive characters! ---------- Enjoy this special Raid Event「Fortress of the Coming Light」!

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