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  • Crucible of Combat battle 12/01/2017 01:36AM

    Thank you for playing Kamihime Project. The Crucible of Combat battle vs. Demon Envy has begun! ---------- ◆Event Period (PST) Until 20:00 Dec. 8th ◆Event: Crucible of Combat: Demon Envy Demons of the Seven Deadly Sins were sealed away along with Ragnarok. The demon who spreads plague has risen again in the present world and plans to once again wrap the world in the dark veil of envy. Demon Envy, the once sealed Dark enemy, has been released into the world! Work with your Union to defeat Demon Envy and get event exclusive items! What's more, you can get exclusive Holy Soul P! ◆Event Rewards Special rewards include exclusive equipment held by Demon Envy as well as her familiar, Lilim Invidia! Newly added to this events rewards is a chance to acquire Draconic Eye Shards! 【Eidolon】  SSR Lilim Invidia (Dark) 【Weapon】  SSR Dark Axe of Envy (Dark)  SR Maris Falx (Dark)  SR Orc’s Sin (Dark) ◆Event Flow 1.Lilim Battles Victory in these battles will award you Individual PP and event exclusive Hallowed Grails. Hallowed Grails are necessary to continue to Demon Battles. These Grails can be consumed to proffer Empowerments that will effect your team in Demon Battles. 2.Demon Battles These raid battles are only accessible to players who are in a Union and are specifically open to players who are in the same union. Victory will grant you Individual PP, Union PP, and Subjugations based on difficulty. Rewards will be granted based on the number of these three items 3.Work with your Union to collect SSR weaons, Eidolons, and event exclusive Holy Soul P with which you can release powerful new Soul! ----------

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