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  • Advent Battle vs. Meng Huo 11/22/2017 05:14AM

    The Koihime † Muso Crossover Advent Battle Has Begun! ---------- ◆Event Period After Maintenance Nov. 21th ~ 20:00 Dec. 5th ◆Koihime † Dream Crossover Advent Battle In an unimaginable crossing of realms, a hitherto untold story is being spun, a tale of noble Koihime and heroic Kamihime. The thundrous feline Eidolon, Meng Huo, has come from another world! Defeat the mighty Meng Huo to collect exclusive materials! These materials can be exchanged for special event items in the shop. Defeat this boss for chances at rare items! ◆Event Scenarios ・Read event scenario chapters to reveal more of this magical story. ・Powerful new enemies will appear as you continue through these scenes. ◆Rewards 【Eidolon】 SSR Meng Huo (Mii) (Thunder) 【Kamihime】 SR Guan Yu [Aisa] (Wind) SR Lu Bu [Koi] (Wind) 【Weapons】 SSR Kachou’s Greatsword (Wind) SR Kachou's Axe (Flame) SR Kachou's Spear (Thunder) These items can be acquired through the event item exchange and may also appear as rare drops. the event exchange will be available until 20:00 2018/01/05 (PST). ---------- Defeat this rampaging enemy and collect all these spectacular rewards!

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