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  • Double Advent Battle! 02/22/2018 02:47AM

    Thank you for playing Kamihime Project.

    Your Rematch Advent Battles vs. Ixion and Yatagarasu are about to begun!


    ◆Event Period (PST)
    Until 20:00 1/30

    ◆ Rematch Revelry Advent Battles vs. Ixion and Yatagarasu
    The electrifying Ixion and inflamed avian Yatagarasu have returned
    to bring destruction down upon the realms. Defeat them to prevent disaster
    and collect charged and charred materials.

    These materials can be exchanged for special event items in the shop.
    Defeat this boss for chances at rare items!

    ◆Event Rewards 
    ■■■Advent Battle vs. Ixion■■■
     SSR Ixion (Thunder)

     SSR Ixid Blade (Thunder)
     SR Wheel Axe (Thunder)
     SR Nephele Mace (Thunder)
     SR White Hole (Thunder)

     ■■■Advent Battle vs. Yatagarasu■■■
     SSR Yatagarasu (Fire)

     SSR Holy Flame Gun (Fire)
     SR Black Crow Bow (Fire)
     SR Triple Blade (Fire)
     SR Black Feathered Hatchet (Fire)

    ◆Advent Battle Exclusive Material Exchange
    ・Materials acquired can be echanged through the item exchange via the shop.
    ・Materials acquired from the previous iteration of these events will be retained for exchange this time.
    ・Items exchanged during previous iterations of this event will still be marked as exchanged.
    ・The event exchange shop will be available until 20:00 03/21 (PDT).

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  • 1 Year Anniversary Campaign Re-tweet event last day! 02/20/2018 01:57AM

    Thank you all for giving us over 1000 retweets!!
    500 more in the next 2 days to get the exclusive Bugbear Eidolon!
    You can do it!


    ◆Event Period(PST)
     Untill 〜 20:00 2/21

    ◆Event Description
    Retweet twitter event's post via @Kamihime_Nutaku and all players will receive rewards based on the total number of retweets.

    Retweet to Reward Ratio:
    -100 Re-Tweets:200 Magic Jewels
    -300 Re-Tweets:300 Magic Jewels
    -600 Re-Tweets:400 Magic Jewels
    -1000 Re-Tweets:600 Magic Jewels
    -1500 Re-Tweets:Exclusive Bugbear Eidolon x1

    *Only re-tweets of event image via @Kamihime_Nutaku will be counted.
    *Rewards will be sent to your Gifts box after maintenance is completed on Feb 21st.

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  • Valentine Event Has Begun! 02/13/2018 04:32AM

    ■The Lovey Dovey Valentine Festival Has Begun!■

    ◆Event Period(PST)
    Until ~ 20:00 2/20

    ◆Raid Event 「Lovey Dovey Valentine」
    A Valentines Day overflowing with love has come!
    However, an Eidolon leading a two-headed dragon appears,
    sewing confusion in the city....!

    Darkened by jealousy, Amphisbaena's magic runs rampant!
    Defeat the deadly Amphisbaena, to get event exclusive tickets!
    Challenge yourself in this event to get new Kamihime!

    [New Eidolon]
    SSR Amphisbaena (Dark)

    [New Weapon]
    SSR Dragon Blade Amphi-Beringia (Dark)
    SR Love Compact (Water)
    SR Dual Bow Amphisbaena (Dark)
    SR Double Poison Hammer Baena Cross (Dark)

    ◆You also have a chance at getting an event exclusive SR Kamihime!
    Get the「Love Compact」from the raid's Divine Gacha to release Cupid!
    Don't miss your chance at this event exclusive character!

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  • Kamihime Project 1 Year Anniversary is coming! 02/09/2018 03:04AM

    New Updates:
    Kamihime Projects's First Release Anniversary is almost here.
    To celebrate, we will offer Countdown Login Bonus!

    ◆Availability Period(PST)
    0:00 2/10 ~ 23:59 2/14


    Main Quest Chapter 34 Now Open!
    Continue your journey through the Capital of Dark Wizardry and collect new exchangeable items!


    New Gacha Campaign is now available!
    ◆ATK 100% UP Eidolon Boosted Gacha

    [Sale Period (PST)]
    Now ~ 20:00 Feb. 12th

    -Drop rates up for Select Eidolons 
    -SSR Belial 
    -SSR Kirin
    ◆Skill Enhancement Gacha

    [Sale Period (PST)]
    Now ~ 20:00 Feb. 12th

    -10 Chain Gacha with bonus Skill Enhancement Materials below:
    -2x SR False Grail Yaldabaoth
    -3x R Arcane Grail

    *More details can be found in the Game!

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  • New Event Has Begun! 02/02/2018 04:36AM

    ■New Event Has Begun!■

    ◆New Feature
    -Event: [Crucible of Combat V.S. THE DEMON: GREED] now open
    -New Characters and Weapons added
    SSR Saraswati (Water)
    SR Parvati (Water)
    R Ganges (Water)
    SSR String Hammer Veenavati (Water)
    SR Shakti Cannon (Water)
    R Kunbi Lance (Water)
    Legendary Shingen
    -Valentine Login Bonus (0:00 Feb.1st ~ 23:59 Feb.14th [PST])
    -Eidolons: Kaiser Dragoon Ability Max Adjustment
    -SSR [Eclipse Princess] Amaterasu's removed from Gacha
    -Crossover Reward Distribution
     *Kamihime will be distributed to your inventory.Others will be in Gifts box
     *It may takes time to appear in your Gift Box

    ◆New Gacha Campain
    -New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Feb.12th[PST] )
    -Dark Element Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Feb.8th[PST] )
    -Affliction Ability Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Feb.7th[PST] )

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  • Last chance to get SSR [Eclipse Princess] Amaterasu!! 01/30/2018 04:28AM

    ■A New Gacha Campaign is now available!■

    [Eclipse Princess] Amaterasu will no longer be available in Gacha after 20:00 Jan. 31st!!

    ◆Amaterasu Boosted Gacha

    1/29 20:00 ~ 1/31 20:00

    3000 NutakuGold

    -Drop rates boosted for release weapons of the following Kamihime:
    -SSR Amaterasu
    -SSR [Eclipse Princess] Amaterasu

    *1 This Gacha guarantees 1x SR or Higher Weapon or Eidolon.
    *2 The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page.
    *3 Receiving the release weapon for a SSR Kamihime you have already released will not release a duplicate of that Kamihime. Only the weapon will be acquired.


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  • Kamihikme Project New Updates 01/23/2018 08:50PM

    ◆New Feature
    -Event: Advent Battle vs. Kyuki now open
    -New Characters and Weapons added
    SSR Dakki (Fire)
    SR Nataku (Fire)
    R Taikoubou (Fire)
    SSR Dakki release weapon (Fire)
    SR Nataku release weapon (Fire)
    R Taikoubou release weapon (Fire)
    -Sussano now can be Awakened
    -Crossover event with Dragon Providence (separate details)
    -Crossover Login Bonus (0:00 Jan.23rd ~ 23:59 Jan.30th [PST])

    ◆New Gacha Campain
    -New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan.31st[PST])
    -Fire Element Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan.30th[PST] )
    -Sussano Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan.30th[PST] )
    -Bonus Draconic Shards Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan.26th[PST] )

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  • New Updates 01/18/2018 11:53PM

    ■New Updates■
    ◆Chapter 33 open!

    ◆SR or higher Kamihime Weapon 5 Chain Gacha
    [Availability (PST)]
    1/18 20:00 ~ 1/22 20:00
    1500 NutakuGold
    -Kamihime release weapon x1 guaranteed 5 chain Gacha for only 1500NG!
    *1. 3 Draws per player.
    *2. The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page.

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  • New Updates 01/11/2018 01:53AM

    ■New Updates■
    ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates:

    ◆New Feature
     ・Event: Crucible of Combat V.S. THE DEMON: GLUTTONY now open
     ・New Characters and Weapons added
      SSR Hastur  (Wind)
      SR Ithaqua  (Wind)
      R Vulthoom (Wind)

      SSR Gem Flute Byakhee (Wind)
      SR Sacrifice Rod (Wind)
      R Martian Petal (Wind)
     ・Winter Login Bonus (0:00 Jan.11th ~ 23:59 Jan.22th [PST])
     ・Christmas Characters in Gacha Ended

     ◆New Gacha Campain
     ・New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan. 22nd[PST] )
     ・Wind Element Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan.18th[PST] )
     ・10 Chain Gacha with Accessories (Until 20:00 Jan.15th[PST] )

     ◆Minor Bugs fixed
     ※Please make sure to clear your cache after maintenance is completed.

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  • Raid Event「Fortress of the Coming Light」 Has Begun! 01/01/2018 03:31AM

    ■Raid Event「Fortress of the Coming Light」 Has Begun!■


    ◆Event Period
    Until 20:00 Jan.8th

    ◆「Fortress of the Coming Light」
    Festivities for the new year have begun in the Heavenly Realm.
    However, in the midst of their feast, a situation arose,
    a great and all consuming tumult now spreads forth...

    Along with the coming light, the water Eidolon Reiki's magic is rampaging!
    Defeat the event opponent, Reiki, to acquire event exclusive tickets!
    Challenge yourself with this event to get all new Kamihime!

    ◆Event Rewards
    The primary reward is the Eidolon, Reiki and her exclusive weapons.

    SSR Reiki (Water)
    SR Uzume (Light)
    SSR Axe of Penglai (Water)
    SR Pom-pom Hammer (Light)
    SR Sphere of Spiritual Water (Water)
    SR Turtle Shell Spear (Water)

    ◆You also have a chance at getting event exclusive SR Kamihime!
    Get the Pom-pom Hammer to release SR Kamihime, Uzume (Light)!
    Don't miss you chance at these event exclusive characters!


    Enjoy this special Raid Event「Fortress of the Coming Light」!

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