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  • Issues With Slow Game Speed and Inability to Access the Game 08/16/2017 02:57AM

    Dear Gamers

    We have received a number of inquiries from players experiencing issues with slow game speed or inability to access the game after the latest update to the PC version of Google Chrome Version 60.

    Our team is currently in the process of investigating the situation.
    If you are encountering this sort of issue, please try the following solutions:

    1. Install「Chrome Google Canary β」

    2. Install「SRWare Iron」

    3. Uninstall 『Chrome 60 for PC』and reinstall『Chrome 59 for PC』.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support of Kamihime Project.

    The Kamihime Project Development Team

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  • Half Year Anniversary! 08/03/2017 09:25PM

    In celebration of our Half Year Anniversary, Nike's power has been unleashed!

    The Victoria Gun is now available in the Gacha, and will see the Water magic of the nurturing Kamihime Nike unleashed like never before!

    What's more, for a limited time only, her gun's drop rate has been increased!

    Get the Victoria Gun from the Gacha to unleash Nike's true power today!

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  • Double Advent Battle 08/03/2017 08:49PM

    The Advent Battle against Garuda and Typhon has begun!

    Garuda and Typhon have blasted back to life to wreak havoc once more!
    Only you can stop them and save the multiverse from destruction!

    Defeating Garuda and Typhon will yield swift or singed items which can be exchanged for spectacular rewards!

    Fear not though, for a chance at special Kamihime is also available!
    For a limited time only, drop rates for characters who appeared in the Gacha during the original Garuda and Typhon Advent Battles will be increased!
    That includes Kamihime like the awesome Amaterasu and piscine Poseidon!

    The fate of the realm rests on your shoulders, so gear up, and prepare for battle!

    Additionally, as compensation for the repeated extensions to the maintenance, 300 Magic Jewels have been distributed to all players.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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  • Advent Battle VS Yatagarasu! 07/25/2017 03:55AM

    The Advent Battle against Yatagarasu has begun!

    The desolate Yatagarasu has arisen.
    She must be stopped before she blots out the world!

    Fear not, though, for natatory Kamihime of great power have also arrived.
    Collect Kamihime Ryu-Oh, Kikuri-Hime, and Oto-Hime, to aid you in defeating this infernal avian!
    What is more, their drop rates are higher throughout the event!

    Defeating Yatagarasu will yield smoldering items which can be exchanged for spectacular rewards!

    Don't forget to gear up and enhance your weapons!
    Available for a limited time in the shop, an SR or Higher x2 Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha Ticket!
    Only 3 are available per player, so get yours today!

    The fate of the realm rests on your shoulders, so gear up, and prepare for battle!


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  • Million Player Milestone 07/06/2017 03:32AM

    A new milestone has been reached, which is cause for celebration!

    We now have over One Million players!

    To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be offering a Million Player Celebration Login bonus!

    Login every day, and you'll have a chance to get up to 1500 Magic Jewels!

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  • Raid Event Underway! 07/04/2017 01:22AM

    Yggdrasil has come!

    The World Tree has sewn its cursed seed which brings death and destruction!
    You will need to band together with your friends and union mates if you're going to defeat this menace!

    Work together with your allies in two different kinds of battles to collect Divine or Devil Souls which can be redeemed for special event Gacha tickets!
    Additionally, prepare yourself for the supreme challenge with the Ragnarok difficulty setting!

    So gather your guild and prepare for battle, because Yggdrasil has come!

    Fear not though, for new Kamihime of tempestuous power have arrived!
    Collect Odin, Freja, and Reginleiv, to blow Yggdrasil away!

    To keep you energized throughout this trial, a special Raid Support Gacha Ticket Pack has been added to the shop.
    This limited time offer includes 5 Energy Leaves and 10 Energy Seeds along with an SR x1 Guaranteed Premium 10 Chain Gacha Ticket.
    Only 3 are available per person, so get yours today!

    *Please remember to clear your cache before attempting to play this event.

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  • SR Ticket Limit Break! 06/27/2017 03:24AM

    We've Limit Broken the SR Guaranteed Gacha Tickets!

    Until now, the maximum number of 1x SR or Higher Kamihime Weapon Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha Tickets was 5.

    Since we've Limit Broken it though, that number has been doubled!

    You can now get as many as 10 of these special tickets to fill out your Kamihime roster!

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  • Summer Series 06/27/2017 03:22AM

    Summer is here, to the beach!

    Celebrate summer with these special swimsuit edition Kamihime!
    Soak up the sun with maidenly Midsummer Sun Sol, sexy shining Sunlight Brynhildr, and nymph like Beach Light Nergal!

    Their drop rates will be increased until 20:00 July 3rd, so get them while they're hot!

    Summer won't last forever though and these beach babes will only be available in the Gacha until 20:00 August 28th,
    so hit the beach with them while you can!!

    Rewards for those who participated in the Fantasy Crossover event have also been distributed!
    Be sure to check your gift box!

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  • Gacha Markdown! 05/29/2017 02:47AM

    We have exciting news!

    Right now, the Premium Gacha is available at half price for a single spin!
    It's like your first time all over again!
    That's right, right now you can draw from the Premium Gacha, which guarantees an R or higher rarity weapon or Eidolon, at half the price!
    That's 150 Nutaku Gold for a single draw, or a 10 Chain draw for only 1500 Nutaku Gold!

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  • Ixion Is Coming! 05/26/2017 01:29AM

    The imperious Eidolon, Ixion is on her way!

    This authoritarian Eidolon must be stopped, or she will enslave all mankind!

    The Advent Battle vs. Ixion will begin after the maintenance is completed on the evening of May 31st (PDT), so prepare yourself!

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