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  • New Gacha Campaign 11/17/2017 06:10AM

    A New Gacha Campaign is now available!


    ◆SSR Weapon x1 Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha

    【Sale Period (PST)】
     20:00 11/16 ~ 20:00 11/21

     3000 NutakuGold

     ・SSR Weapon x1 Guaranteed 10 Chain Gacha

    ※1 Only 1 draw per player.
    ※2 Not all SSR weapons are Kamihime release weapons.
    ※3 The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page.

    ◆『Balance Boosted Gacha』

     20:00 11/16 ~ 20:00 11/21

     3000 NutakuGold

     ・Drop Rates increased for the release weapons of the following 6 Kamihime:
     -SSR Hades
     -SSR Nike[Unleashed]
     -SSR Michael
     -SR Diana
     -SR Maeve
     -SR Kikuri-Hime

    ※1 This Gacha guarantees SR or Higher x1 Weapon or Eidolon.
    ※2 The Gacha can be reached via the Gacha button on your My Page.


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  • The Advent Battle vs. Sphinx Has Begun! 11/15/2017 06:18AM

    The Advent Battle vs. Sphinx Has Begun!


    ◆Event Period
    After Maintenance Nov. 12th ~ 20:00 Nov. 20th

    ◆Advent Battle vs. Sphinx

    A sacred beast protector of the sand-blasted land of the dead,
    transformed and reincarnated for destruction by a wicked sword,
    now intends to soak the sea of sand in blood.

    Exchange materials in for event exclusive items.
    Battle bosses for a chance at rare items!

    Throughout the event, you can attempt the ultimate difficulty of Ragnarok once a day!
    Try your hand if you dare!

    ※ Ragnarok difficulty is incredibly challenging.
    We recommend this difficulty setting for those who enjoy complex strategy.
    ※All event items can still be acquired from the lower difficulty settings.


    SSR Sphinx (Light)

    SSR Abu Ru Haul (Light)
    SR Pyramid Lance (Light)
    SR Pharaoh Sekhem (Light)
    SR Sistrum Bow (Light)

    These items can be acquired through the event item exchange and may also appear as rare drops.
    the event exchange will be available until 20:00 2017/11/12 (PST).
    Defeat this rampaging enemy and collect all these spectacular rewards!

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  • Trick or Treat! 10/26/2017 02:27AM

    Trick or Treat

    The annual Halloween festival has begun!
    However, with the appearance of certain ambitious Kamihime,
    this fun festival has transformed into a hellscape...

    Possible Event Rewards:
    SSR Weapon: Chaos Lantern
    SR Weapon: Moon Cauldron (Ceridwen Release Weapon)
    SR Weapon: Candy Breaker
    SR Weapon: Ghost Knife
    SSR Eidolon: Jack O'Lantern

    The following updates have been made to the raid battles:
    ・Ragnarok Raids can now be opened by using event items
    ・Ragnarok Raid participants have been limited to 10 players
    ・Standard and Expert Raid Quests have been updated to a single type
    ・Devil Souls, Divine Souls, and SSR weapon and Eidolon rewards added
    ・Event Gachas consolidated to a single Gacha

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  • Mastema and More! 10/05/2017 04:32AM

    The Advent Battle against Mastema has begun!

    The mad Mastema has arisen.
    She must be stopped before her bolts leave the realm in ruin!

    Fear not, though, for Kamihime have arrived.
    Collect Kamihime like the apathetic Azazel, the insistent Iblis, and conscientious Caspiel to aid you in defeating this mad menace!
    What is more, their drop rates are raised throughout the event!

    Defeating Mastema will yield magnetic items which can be exchanged for spectacular rewards!

    What is more, a special Wind Boosted Gacha will be available for the duration of the event!!
    This Gacha offers increased drop rates on Wind weapons and Eidolons until 20:00 October 12th! (PDT)

    The fate of the realm rests on your shoulders, so gear up, and prepare for battle!

    But wait there’s more!

    Our first ever Kamihime Project Character Poll is underway!

    Please select your favorite Kamihime via the poll at the URL below.
    The polls close at 12:00 noon, October 15th, so make sure to get your vote in before then!

    Poll URL: https://goo.gl/iDLGjX

    Re-tweet the event image via our twitter (https://twitter.com/Kamihime_Nutaku) for a chance at resplendent in-game rewards!
    Rewards scale to the number of re-tweets, so re-tweet it out for greater rewards!!

    But that's not all!
    Along with this event comes a special Players' Choice Poll Login Bonus!
    This Login Bonus will be available until 23:59 October 18th (PDT), so be sure to log in every day for your presents!

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  • Enter the Crucible of Combat 09/26/2017 12:59AM

    Powerful Demons of great wickedness have risen to destroy the world!

    You will not be able to defeat them alone, only with the help of your union will you be able to stand against their might!

    Band together with your union mates to lay low the lascivious Lilim Luxuria and collect Hallowed Grails which will grant you a boon against the libidinous Demon: Lust!
    Grails you collect will be pooled with those of your union mates and can be viewed on the Lilim Battle page or when selecting Empowerments.
    Your Union leader will then be able to select empowerments for your union during the next Demon Battle!

    Defeat these demons to get Holy Soul P and release the powerful new Souls, Crowley and Cagliostro!

    Fear not, for blazing Kamihime have risen from the flames to help you vanquish this lewd foe!

    Hell's judge, Yamaraja, the priestess of passion, Ragaraja, and the ructious Rakshasa have risen into the Gacha!
    Get them now while their drop rates are up!

    Please keep in mind that the following Union functions will be unavailable for the duration of the event:
    Kick Member
    Leave Union
    Disband Union

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  • Double Jeopardy! 09/14/2017 12:56AM

    The Advent Battle against Medusa and Rahab has begun!

    Medusa and Rahab have blasted back to life to wreak havoc once more!
    Only you can stop them and save the multiverse from destruction!

    Defeating them will yield poisoned or drowned items which can be exchanged for spectacular rewards!

    Fear not though, for a chance at special Kamihime is also available!
    For a limited time only, drop rates for characters who appeared in the Gacha during the original Medusa and Rahab Advent Battles will be increased once more!
    That includes Kamihime like the radiant Raphael and rapacious Raiko!

    Also available now, a special Attack boosted Gacha!
    We're offering a special Gacha with boosted drop rates for Offense type Kamihime!
    Charge in today, because this offer only lasts until September 21st! (PDT)
    The fate of the realm rests on your shoulders, so gear up, and prepare for battle!
    Details about Gacha contents can be found via the Odds button on the Gacha page.

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  • Google Chrome Update 09/06/2017 09:11PM

    Dear Gamers

    Google Chrome version 61 has been released.
    If you have experienced difficulty connecting to the game with Chrome version 60, please install version 61.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

    The Kamihime Project Development Team

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  • Raid Event Underway! 09/05/2017 01:13AM

    Cthugha has been roused and now plans to bathe the world in fire!!

    This living flame is rampaging about!
    You'll need to band together with your friends and union mates if you're going to defeat this menace!

    Work together with your allies in two different kinds of battles to collect Divine or Devil Souls which can be redeemed for special event Gacha tickets!
    Additionally, prepare yourself for the supreme challenge with the Ragnarok difficulty setting!

    So gather your guild and prepare for battle, because Cthugha's flames have been awakened!

    Fear not though, for new Kamihime of have risen from the abyss to subsume the Gacha!
    Collect Kamihime like the crafty Cthulhu, necrotic Nyarlathotep, an diety of dormancy, Dagon, as well as the existential Eidolon, Azathoth, to extinguish Cthugha's flames!

    To help you level up for this event, we're offering a special Break Limit bonus pack!

    This special offer includes 1 Grimoire of Apotheosis, 1 Evolved Grimoire, and 1 of each elemental Fang along with an <font color="yellow">SR or higher x1 guaranteed 10 chain Gacha</font> draw!

    Only 3 draws per player, so get yours today!

    *Please remember to clear your cache before attempting to play this event.

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  • Notice: Freezing Issue 08/24/2017 02:39AM

    Dear Gamers

    We have an update regarding issues some players have been experiencing with the game while playing in Chrome Version 60, as well as some measures you can take to alleviate these issues.

    ◆Current Status
    ・Some players experience extraordinarily slow load times, freezing, and crashing when playing the game in Google Chrome Version 60.

    We are continuing to search for permanent solutions to this conflict.
    In the mean time, we recommend you try the following to alleviate the issue.

    ◆Temporary fixes
    Try making the following changes to your Google Chrome settings.
    (i) Add [chrome://flags/] to the URL
    (ii) Change the [New audio rendering mixing strategy] setting from [Default] to [Enabled].
    ※ You should be able to find this by entering [New audio rendering mixing strategy] into the search box.
    (iii) Restart your browser
    (iv) Clear your browser's cache and cookies, then try restarting the game.

    Install Google Chrome version 61 (Beta).

    ※These are temporary solutions, so there may be instances where they do not fully solve the problem.
    ※Please understand that we bear no responsibility for the affect that implementation, or improper implementation, of these measures may have on your browser's functioning.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may be causing you and thank you for your patience and consideration.

    The Devs

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  • Advent Battle vs Vritra! 08/24/2017 01:23AM

    The Advent Battle against Vritra has begun!

    The ever-thirsty Vritra has arisen.
    She must be stopped before she leaves the world parched to dust!

    Fear not, though, for thunderous Kamihime of electrifying power have arrived.
    Collect Kamihime Brahma and Krishna, as well as the athletic Eidolon, Girimehkala, have bolted into the Gacha to aid you in defeating this all devouring dragon!
    What is more, their drop rates are raised throughout the event!

    Defeating Vritra will yield saturated items which can be exchanged for spectacular rewards!

    What is more, a special Thunder Elemental Gacha will be available for the duration of the event!!
    This Gacha offers increased drop rates on Thunder weapons and Eidolons until 20:00 August 31st! (PDT)

    The fate of the realm rests on your shoulders, so gear up, and prepare for battle!

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