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  • Nutaku 2nd Anniversary and Loot Box 01/10/2017 04:27AM

    Greetings Producers!

    Today's News:

    Nutaku 2nd Anniversary Bundle!!
    Happy Birthday to Nutaku!
    Bundle contains the following:
    - 1 SR or Higher <c="#ff0000">SEASON</c> Idol
    - 1 SSR Masu-min (Masumi Yukimura) Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
    - 2 Sugoroku 10-Chain Gacha Ticket
    - 10 Butler's Favorite Tea
    - 10 Butler's Favorite Dumplings
    - 5 G Class Trainer
    * SSR Masu-min can be stripped when awoken

    Open New Year's Loot Box!
    Trade your Lucky Tickets to draw goods from the Loot Box!
    Loot Box contains:
    - 1 SSR Masu-min
    - 1 SSR 50% Gacha Ticket
    - Rainbow Microphone SSR
    and more!
    * Lucky Ticket is the only way to draw from the Loot Box

    Happy Boob Year Gacha!!
    Don't we all love boobs? And size matters, yes?
    Pick from [Grape] or [Melon]
    and draw gacha that only includes Idols with your preferred boob size!!
    5 draws per day, only 100 N Gold per draw.

    Diva Grand Prix [Model]
    Participate in the Dream Fest and reach for the top!
    Win prizes and Diva Key to access Special Training stage!

    Sugoroku Gacha Price Reset
    3, 5 and 10-Chain Sugoroku Gacha has been reset.
    Players who did not draw with the discount now has 2 discounts.


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