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  • Sugoroku Gacha Ticket Giveaway! 01/04/2017 04:14AM

    Happy New Year Producers!

    Today's News:

    New Year's MEGA Bundle!!
    New Year's all-in-one bundle!
    Bundle includes:
    - 1 SR or Higher Idol
    - 1 [New Year] SSR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
    - 5 [New Year] SR or Higher Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
    - 3 Sugoroku 10-Chain Gacha Ticket
    - 10 Quest Pts. Charge
    - 10 Scouting Pts. Charge
    - Tiny Doll Miwako

    New Year's SPECIAL Bundle!!
    Good deal for a guaranteed [New Year] Idol!
    Bundle includes:
    - 1 SR of Higher Idol
    - 1 [NewYear] SR or Higher Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
    - 1 Sugoroku 10-Chain Gacha Ticket
    - 3 Quest Pts. Charge
    - 3 Scouting Pts. Charge
    - Tiny Doll Sachiko

    New Year's Sugoroku Gacha!!
    Draw the Gacha and advance thought the squares!
    Get all rewards you find on your way!
    Complete the sheets for a [New Year] Idol!!

    Sugoroku 3-Chain Login Bonus
    Sugoroku 3-Chain Tickets are given out on top of the daily login bonus.
    Tickets shall aid players advance through Sugoroku.
    * Tickets will be sent directly to players' inventory

    Now accepting entries Diva Grand Prix!
    Apply to Join!

    Shuffle Dream Fest is Live!
    Every day differents rules, every day different prize!!
    The skill of the day will cost 0 Dream Fest points!!
    Orginize your unit matching the day skill bonus!!

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