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  • New Mercenary arrived! Fury Warrior Nahdea is here! 05/15/2018 08:00AM

    Don't miss the opportunity to get this Unique Handcrafted Legendary Mercenary!

    Fury Warrior Nahdea will be available from The Mercenary Market for 3 days, starting 12:00 PM UTC at 15.05.2018.
    She will be very happy to join your mighty Battle Party! Aside from the chance of unlocking her naughty scenes, you will be able to get your hands on a Mercenary, that has potential for devastating AOE(Area of Effect) melee attacks and high survivability, that will help her withstand enemy attacks. Nahdea focuses on dealing with multiple targets fast, while taking some damage to get enraged and then return the fire to the enemies - a real berserker!

    Important note : Players under Level 35 will receive Nahdea already with Second Specialization (Fury Warrior). She can be added to the party, even if the Hero hasn't Specialized yet.
    Fury Warrior Nahdea is available in the Diamond Mercenary Market.

    Grab her now and with her help be the Hero that we need!

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