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  • PVP Domination Tournament Season I is here + Enjoy your Golden Week Promo with а Bonus Event and а Super Sale! 04/27/2018 08:05AM

    PVP Domination Tournament : The time has come to show everyone what you are made of!

    The Domination Tournament is the place where Heroes can prove their mettle against each other.

    There will be multiple Domination Tournament Seasons and for every Season, the Heroes will start with the Base Tournament points(1500).

    Each Tournament Season will be divided in 3 brackets - 30 to 39 Level; 40 to 49 Level and 50 to 60 Level.

    The participants will be able to choose and fight between 5 enemies (other Players) in their Tournament points range.

    There is a Refresh button, if the enemies are too hard for the Player, which will show another set of 5 enemies.

    If you move to another bracket(level up) during a Domination Tournament, you will keep your points, but fight Players from the new one.

    Battles in Domination Tournament cost no stamina and there will be no equipment break.

    All players have 10 daily attacks. The attacks counter will refresh on 12 hours.

    All battles will reward you gold, with more gold being rewarded for winning.

    The biggest rewards(VIP, Diamonds, Energy, Gold) are obtainable via Ranking system(one per each bracket).

    PVP Tournament Season I will be ongoing for the next 12 days(ends on 12:00 UTC 08/05/2018) and you will be able to experience the thrill of fighting other players during that time!

    Golden Week Sale :

    Enjoy special sale with up to 50% more Diamonds and Bonuses for each purchase during the Golden Week Sale!
    Duration of the sale : Start - 28/04/2018 ; End - 06/05/2018

    On top of that, through the entire duration of the Sale, all players will benefit from 20% more Gold Drop from Battles Bonus Event!

    Now is the perfect time to stack some shinies!

    Enjoy the new feature and the Golden Week and remember - be the Hero that we need!

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