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  • New Year brings a new event! 01/03/2018 08:28AM

    Dear Hero!

    How was the vacation for you? You had nice sexy times next to the fireplace? Bunny visited you? ;) Come on.. don't blush, we all know what you did!

    Now.. she wants more!

    Fireplace and blankets

    Snow covers your entire harem! The cities up in the mountains must be magnificent… Without second thoughts, you reserve a chalet in the mountains, to enjoy the pleasures only the winter can procure. During your holidays, from the 2nd to the 16th of January, complete 12 of the 14 daily missions to impress Robin the ice-skater, and welcome her to your Harem.

    As they were going to join you at the chalet, Hari and Bunny’s mom were captured by the Dark Lord and Gruntt respectively. Hurry! Find their hideouts, face them and save your haremettes! Or win them at the Epic Pachinko!

    Finally, play the Epic Pachino to recruit for your harem special winter versions of Edna, Sophie and discover the pretty Viola, a mechanic who’s body warms all hearts.

    Enjoy the slopes!!

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  • New Feature! The Hero Page! 12/20/2017 02:36AM

    Hello, dear!

    We are glad to introduce you to our latest feature - Hero Page! It was designed with lots of love and humour! Now you can show-off and brag! You can make them all envy your juicy harem..
    You can find all information you need to know just bellow ;)

    In this specific page, you will be able to see a lot of information about your own profile or others when you visit their own page. Team battle, size of the harem, level, specialization and lot of other information will be displayed on this.

    Change your avatar : on launch, all the different avatar currently in the game will be available to change them. And more will come in the future.
    Change your nickname : a feature requested by numerous player will now be available. You will be able to change once for free and will need to spend a few kobans for more changes.
    Customize the background : We created some unique background to let you personalize your own page. We are also planning to release more and more to be sure that you find one you really like.
    Customize your character : Our hero is awesome, yet we are sure that you can fit him with style.

    Show your favorite girls! Do you have some very rare girls? Or you want to show who is your ultimate waifu? It will now be possible as you select a background image on which you will be able to display your favorite girls in the pose of your choice !

    Share it with your friends When you are proud of something, you want to show it to everyone. In 2 clicks, you will have an url to distribute among your friend. Even if they do not have an account on the game, they will be able to see it.

    Visit friends and foes Impressed by one of your contest’s opponent? Want to follow one of your friend in the game? You will be able to visit each profile from the Tower of Fame, the Arena and the contest leaderboard.


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  • Sci-Fi!!!! 12/01/2017 02:25AM

    Hello Hero!!

    Here you are waking up in a strange town… nothing familiar with what you know. You have been abducted by aliens!! Between the 1st and the 15th of December, discover the extended universe of the Haremverse!! Complete 12 of the 14 daily space missions to defeat the evil Shadow Astis… and maybe seduce her?!

    Dark Lord and Edwarda are holding hostages whose powers might change the face of the world!! You must go save them! Only you are perverted enough to face the dangers that await! Face the Dark Lord to free the “Gina” Fae Marjoa and defeat Edwarda to recruit Commander Cattleman!

    You can also find them in the Epic Pachinko, along with their crew members. Recruit into your interstellar harem the beautiful mercenary Alexandra, the independent Lieutenant Kayle and the intrepid Bernadette Barda!

    Just one word of advice… to satisfy them… avoid light speed. ;)

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  • An update regarding downtime on 11/16/2017 (+Free Stuff!) 11/23/2017 10:39AM

    Hello, dear!

    As you may remember, last week there was a problem with Harem Heroes.. The game was unavailable for 25 long hours... way too long for all of us!

    Why did that happen?

    It started as a big unfortunate surprise. It was something we've never seen before! Soon, we realized that due to a server communication issue between Nutaku services and Harem Heroes it was impossible for players to log into the game. Although, if one was already connected to the game, there was no problem.

    Our team resolved the issue as soon as Nutaku was able to troubleshoot the problem.

    Currently, we are working on making sure it won’t happen again!!

    We would like to express our thanks for your support and as part of a compensation package we would like to share with you a sneak peak at the features that we will be delivering to you!

    First of all, coming in the near future, we will be creating a Hero Page, a special place where you would be able to see the details of your account and personalize it to your liking. You will be able to share it with your friends and see the pages of other players.

    After that, expect a huge improvement of the Player versus Player system! We are reworking the current classes, and adding the ability to change them. Also (there's more!?), a new leaderboards system will be added next to our current one that wouldn’t compete with the boss fights for your combativity points. All of this will, of course, come with more new events, new worlds and improvements of our current features.

    There will be so much more to tell about all this, in time! :)

    We would like to finish this letter by saying thank you, and also letting you know that there is a special koban reward sent to your account!!

    Have fun!

    -Harem Heroes Dev Team

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