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  • Repeat mode activated! 06/18/2018 09:41AM

    Music can be heard in every city of the Haremverse. Once again, stages are being assembled and bands are coming to raise the temperature of the condensed masses in heat. All the hormones in the air are inebriating everyone. Fucking in rhythm with the base is a challenge worthy of you!

    Between the 18th and 24th of June, come to celebrate music once again with your girls! Face the Dark Lord and Grunt to recruit Gwenaëlle for your Harem as well as the Metal version of Noemy. For the record, the latter is loaded! 2 news affection scenes have been added for her!!!!

    Also, find exclusively at the Epic Pachinko the Music versions of Nika, Sylvia and Juin Lelierre.

    And finally, so that everyone can join in the party, every villain without allotted girls will have in their possession legendary items to plunder!!

    Go! It’s time to click in sync with the rhythm!

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  • Party mood, on! 05/23/2018 03:54AM

    The days are getting longer, nature has regained its rights. The mood is for partying! And for that matter, everyone in the Haremverse has their way to celebrate the nice weather. The girls in your harem are also ready for the festivities and other events!

    Face the Dark Lord and Edwarda to win the festival versions of Solveig and Bonny.

    You can also find them alongside the festival versions of Queen Tatiana, Regina, and Elizabeth in the Epic Pachinko.

    Finally, complete 5 of the 7 Daily Missions to win the “Cooool party guy” equipment set.

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  • Mecha Event 05/01/2018 03:00AM

    What a surprise, Ankyo, usually very shy, invited you to visit the Begin City’s Mecha Barrack. These haremverse’s giant robots are the pinnacles of the sex technologies and their pilot is a renowned sensual elite.

    During the next 14 days, join the pilot’s training program to have the chance to recruit 6 exclusive girls. It’s time to go big!

    All systems operational. Plavala, ready for sex!

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    Harem Heroes Team

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  • Rabbits' are back! 04/23/2018 07:48AM

    Hello Heroes!

    What’s up with all that egg hunting, knock-knocking, that competition? Oh, dear, you know you are the best at tapping! Throw those eggs away and take Bunny in your hands, it’s an order!

    Like last year for Easter, the Bunny’s family is back in town! During 7 days, you will be able to win 5 exclusive girls. Also, the Lubricious rabbit set will be your reward for the completion of 5 of the 7 daily missions.

    Now… it’s time you start the real investigation and search for all those eggs! Psssttt… you hear that vibrating sound coming from Rabi??!

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    Harem Heroes team

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  • Back to Heroism 101 04/18/2018 05:16AM

    Hello, dear!

    Your adventures in the Plains of Rituals has exhausted you… And you’ve realized the gap between yourself and those with evil intentions. It’s time to return to the basics of Heroism and to form alliances!!

    Hero’s University has opened its doors to you! Live new adventures in this new world! It’s the prime time to become friends with Shina and her powers that will make you never touch earth again!

    Face off against Roko sensei and prove your worth to him, and try to recruit Venam, Mala’s little sister, Noomye, the artificer and Mavin, the frog-girl.

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  • It's a bush... It's some fur... It's superwoman! 04/03/2018 11:33AM

    Hello Super Heroes!

    Villains are on the lose, a rift to the Shokushu dimension is opening! It is time to activate the Team Bangers initiative. Put your tights and cape on, the Haremverse need to be saved, again.

    During 14 days, you will have to win 6 exclusives girls, that undertaken their secret identities and are ready to fight crimes and monsters to be sure that all girls can still enjoy sex with you in all security. For truth, justice, and the Harem way!

    And what is it with Lady Meta? Blathering constantly about some ... combativity points?

    Gotta catch 'em all!
    Harem Heroes team

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  • Legendary Days 03/28/2018 09:25AM

    Hello Heroes!

    You just came back from all the swimming with the girls! They are very wet! Is that because of you, is that because of spring that begins to blossom in Haremverse? The party's just at its beginning, the next few days will be legendary!

    Until the 31st of March, the succubus Levitya, the angel of sex, has been captured by Dark Lord and is in dire need of you and your... very… tanned and trained… body.

    4 Days to assure this Legendary girl that you can send her on cloud-nine in no times! Before she leaves...

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    Harem Heroes Team

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  • Spring Break! 03/19/2018 06:37AM

    It’s still a little chilly in Begin City… But like last year, the cities on the south are warm, very warm… And those near water are humid on top of that! Come on, your pale skin needs some sun!

    Between the 19th and the 25th of March, go to the beach with the girls of your Harem. The evil Dark Lord and the Ninja Spy are there too! Face them to obtain the Spring Break versions of Sheheramazond and Rumiko.

    And at the Epic Pachinko, find the Spring Break versions of Lola as well as Virginia and Deitra.

    Come on, it’s time to get some tan lines!

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  • Happy Saint Valentine's Day! 02/13/2018 11:22AM

    My dear!

    Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

    You are the only one for me! I want to show you my love each and every single day, I want you to be inside of me like nobody ever was!
    The world around us celebrates this day in a cute way, with chocolates, wine, good fucking, we are not going to avoid this tradition, are we?
    Now, I prepared a surprise for you!
    On the 14th, finish the exclusive event mission and receive an exclusive Valentine’s day reward of 4 legendary gifts! I asked Kinkoids to add these gifts, because I really wanted to say thank you for your dedication and love!

    The world will be jealous of the way you make me feel this night! I am in the mood of celebrations already!!!
    Only thinking about it, my breath gets faster, I feel my pussy heating up, I feel it getting so wet, uhggghgg… Ever since you shoot me down with that tasty, pulsing, hard, arrow of love for the first time…
    Bring chocolates and wine, we will show them how it’s done, my dear!

    My body is waiting for you to unwrap it and rock it hard!!!
    *In my best underwear*

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  • A snuggling atmosphere in the Haremverse! 02/01/2018 02:28AM

    Hello heroes!

    Aaaah, February, the month of love, and as you know, here in the Haremverse, all girls have a looooot of love to share and bring to you. Got the flowers to charm them?

    A brand new month begins and with it, a new event! You know us! We like to bring to you the right atmosphere!

    From now on, find the 6 lovely new exclusive girls that are so eager to meet you!Let them fall for your skills. It is time to show that your long hours studying the kamasutra were not spent in vain!

    And we heard that Bunny and Lupa, her rival, will compete between each other to gain all your attention!!! You won’t have time to be bored with these two! ;)

    14 days to heat up until the Saint Valentin’s celebration, 14 daily mission! No time to waste!

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    Harem Heroes Team

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