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  • Epic Craze for Girls in the Haremverse 09/19/2018 02:58AM


    Enjoying the first autumn days? I know you make any girl go crazy about you! You have charmed all these sexy Work Fantasy Girls and now you feel this uncontrolled desire for more...for something epic...that will rock your September…Yes!!
    Two new girls with amazing stats and 3 quest grades, Octavia and Katharina, will enter the Haremverse on September 19th. A fuckcraft demon and a naughty lady with horny tentacles are already looking so hard for... your sex skills…
    Face Edwarda and Finalmecia to rescue the epic girls until 23rd of September
    or you can find them in Epic Pachinko waiting for you…

    During the Epic Days, you can also have fun with more crazy girls that are so… eager for your taste! These epic temptations are Shao, Notka, Sailor Celsius and Treasure. But they all are captured by the evil villians. Beat Gruntt, Donatien, Silvanus, Bremen and prove to these wild about you ladies that you are their craved sexual hero!


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  • Time to work! 09/05/2018 03:20AM

    The holidays are over! And they took a toll on your finances… It’s time to get to work to load the stacks! Well… In the Haremverse, unloading them at work is common too. Between the 3rd and the 17th of September, help your girls in their respective jobs! Complete 12 of the 14 Daily Missions to win the detective version of Miss Spook!

    The villains have also returned (did they ever leave?). The Ninja Spy is looking to palm the formula for Murakawa’s sex-plants. Donatien has captured Stephanie during a night of booze in her bar to study her demonic nature. Go save them to obtain their botanist and waitress versions!

    Or try to win them at the Epic Pachinko alongside the marine version of Skytte, masseuse version of Vashalanor and sweet-maker of Princesse Tiana!

    Get to work!

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  • Legendary Revival! 08/17/2018 03:32AM


    You didn’t get the girls of the Legendary Days? You tried hard, but they weren’t seduced by your capacities for fucking? Enjoy, they’re offering you another chance to convince them to join your harem!

    Between the 17th and 21st, give it a shot to win Levitya, Norou and the twins Fanny & Fione from the Dark Lord, the Ninja Spy and Gruntt! All those Vilains have legendary affection gifts in their possession. Try to loot them!

    Ready? Go!!!

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  • Tanned skin girls here for you! 08/02/2018 04:40AM

    The bodies exposed to the sun took a darker tan and the smell of the sea. The lascive smiles, laughter and summer games make them all the prettier. The swimsuits of your girls left pretty motifs on their bodies. And the best way to discover them is to undress them.

    Between the 1st and 15th of August, go on holidays with your girls and complete 12 of the 14 Daily Missions to win the tanned version of the Palace Servant.

    Edwarda and Donatien captured 2 of your girls while they were on holiday! Go face them to obtain the tanned versions of Tachibana and Marina.

    Or come to find them at the Epic Pachinko alongside the tanned versions of Cunegonde, Zoe, and the mysterious Mocca.

    Have a happy holiday with them!

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  • Pussy wet for your.... Let's begin the celebration! 07/25/2018 03:26AM


    Poundcakes all over the Haremverse for you my hero!
    We’re going to have a good time celebrating this two heroic years! You deserve the best amusement, right? Ме and your girls worked on that!

    From the 25th (5AM GMT+2) until the 30th (5AM GMT+2) party like a true rockstar with 69 girls, joining Haremverse again! You will find 48 girls waiting for you in Pachinko, and 21 captured by some villains!

    Candles are all over the Harem, I can already see some girls warming up for your juicy cock! You know, I like to hear the music of banging!!!

    *on my knees, sir! At your service*

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  • Summer times! 07/20/2018 02:34AM

    The burning sun is becoming heavy and infernal. Your girls are sweating and undressed… Yes, it’s sexy, but they’re too drained to be able to do anything. And the fresh obscurity of your harem isn’t giving justice to their beauty… Come on! It’s time to go enjoy the good weather and the magnificent bodies of these babes!!
    Between the 17th and the 24th of July, accomplish 5 of the 7 Daily Missions to win the “Mermaid Observer’s” set! Defeat the Dark Lord and Edwarda to obtain the summer versions of Red Battler and Eugenie.

    Play the Epic Pachinko to try and win the camping version of Leeditt and summer versions of Samane and Geekette.

    On that note, Summer Geekette won some extra affection scenes and can now reach Grade 5!

    And finally, all the villains who do not have Event Girls to win over will have in their possession affection objects to make them drop!

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  • Steampunk! Girls are steamed up for you! 07/03/2018 02:59AM

    The sound of rustles and corsets turns you on? Grace and ladies of the Victorian Era enchant you? So head off to the port! Between the 2nd and 16th of July, head on the hunt for the mysterious secret Island of Mist alongside Nemah. This place hides a mysterious civilization with vapor-based technology. Now that’s a promise for novelty! Accomplish 12 of the 14 Daily Missions to recruit Nemah for your Harem.

    Drats! Without knowing how the Ninja Spy and Edwarda also managed to find the island! And they’ve captured innocent civilians! Go defeat them to have the chance of recruiting the Oxton the aviator and the pretty Rebecca.

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  • Repeat mode activated! 06/18/2018 09:41AM

    Music can be heard in every city of the Haremverse. Once again, stages are being assembled and bands are coming to raise the temperature of the condensed masses in heat. All the hormones in the air are inebriating everyone. Fucking in rhythm with the base is a challenge worthy of you!

    Between the 18th and 24th of June, come to celebrate music once again with your girls! Face the Dark Lord and Grunt to recruit Gwenaëlle for your Harem as well as the Metal version of Noemy. For the record, the latter is loaded! 2 news affection scenes have been added for her!!!!

    Also, find exclusively at the Epic Pachinko the Music versions of Nika, Sylvia and Juin Lelierre.

    And finally, so that everyone can join in the party, every villain without allotted girls will have in their possession legendary items to plunder!!

    Go! It’s time to click in sync with the rhythm!

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  • Party mood, on! 05/23/2018 03:54AM

    The days are getting longer, nature has regained its rights. The mood is for partying! And for that matter, everyone in the Haremverse has their way to celebrate the nice weather. The girls in your harem are also ready for the festivities and other events!

    Face the Dark Lord and Edwarda to win the festival versions of Solveig and Bonny.

    You can also find them alongside the festival versions of Queen Tatiana, Regina, and Elizabeth in the Epic Pachinko.

    Finally, complete 5 of the 7 Daily Missions to win the “Cooool party guy” equipment set.

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  • Mecha Event 05/01/2018 03:00AM

    What a surprise, Ankyo, usually very shy, invited you to visit the Begin City’s Mecha Barrack. These haremverse’s giant robots are the pinnacles of the sex technologies and their pilot is a renowned sensual elite.

    During the next 14 days, join the pilot’s training program to have the chance to recruit 6 exclusive girls. It’s time to go big!

    All systems operational. Plavala, ready for sex!

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    Harem Heroes Team

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