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  • HAPPY PVP HOLIDAYS! 12/28/2017 02:53PM

    Hello GOT gamers!

    As promised this week we’re adding a new extra island with new missions to celebrate Christmas! Try it out!

    Also, we’ve fixed connection bugs in PVP Mode, thanks for playing the early version of the mode and reporting the issues. We’re working on more PVP improvements, please don’t hesitate to send us your comments and opinions.

    Make room in your mobile, Android version is coming… stay tuned and send us your comments on Discord:

    Thanks for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • New PvP Game Mode available! Fierce online match-ups! 12/21/2017 03:49PM

    Hi GoT gamers,

    We are proud to launch new PvP Game Mode where you will be able to fight against players around the world to become the best General!

    PvP is structured in seasons. Each season has a duration of 1 month. A lot of premium rewards awaits all of you… the first season starts TODAY!

    Some tips before starting:

    - You can bet before starting a battle. If you get victorious, you will gain juicy extra rewards.

    - Players have 90 seconds per turn to to move their units. Battles have a duration of 10 turns.

    - Defeating enemy units or capturing buildings add points to your score. This score decides which player wins a battle if no one get victorious once battle is over.

    - Each movement counts on your way to become number one!

    - Learn more by checking How to play section, in the PvP game menu

    Also... Christmas sale!

    From Friday 22th to Tuesday 26th enjoy our amazing sales. Each day a new offer begins. Stay tuned to take profit of our best deals!

    Next week we will add a Christmas extra missions chapter with a new weather effect.

    Thank you for all your support and feedback during this year. We really appreciate your collaboration.

    See you next year!

    Girls on Tanks team.

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  • NEW EVENT, NEW GIRLS! 12/07/2017 02:34PM

    Hi GOT gamers,

    Newsflash: PVP and Girls On Tanks mobile version are almost here!

    This week we have added two strong new girls for you: Marie and Kasumi! You can already get them, the event starts today!
    Make sure you level-up your squad and prepare your best girls for the incoming Player vs Player (PVP) mode!

    Remember, you are guaranteed Marie, this events booster girl, from the Destroyer and Elite chests. If you’re feeling lucky, there is even a chance to win her from the Daily Chest.

    Last event winners deserves our respect, they battled fiercely for the last 2 weeks:

    1) Erik4736
    2) 4ether4eolus
    3) yldyss

    Thank you for an making an exciting event!

    We have special 72 hr offers, from Friday to Sunday:

    * 33% Off Stamina
    * 33% Off Mountain of Creds and Tons of Creds
    * 33% Off the Destroyer pack

    Stay tuned for future updates, PVP and Girls On Tanks mobile are almost here.

    Looking forward to your feedback and comments, join us and your fellow gamers on Discord:

    Thanks for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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    Hi GOT gamers,

    This week we are adding a new challenge for all of you. Now you can replay all the Campaign missions in a new difficulty mode (unlocked after completing Chapter 2). You will receive medals and chests based on your performance. It's a good chance to complete and improve your rank 10 collection. Lead your girls to the victory!

    Congratulations to "Naomi Event" winners:

    1) 4rther4eolus
    2) Yldyss
    3) Mickael

    Two new sexy girls are introduced in this new event: Lt. Natalie and Captain Kylie.
    Lieutenant Natalie is the youngest girl in Winter's Blood camp. On the other side, Captain Kylie is a strong-fitness girl born to battle.

    Remember you can get Lt. Natalie from Destroyer and Elite chest or even from Daily Chest if you're lucky!

    What about the offers?
    To celebrate Black Friday, all our products will have huge discounts only during 24 hrs. (From Friday to Saturday).

    * Extra missions pack: 80% Off
    * Stamina and tickets: 70% Off
    * Chests: 60% Off
    * Creds and Crystals products: 50% Off

    Don't miss such an opportunity to get all what you want at a reduced price.

    Coming Soon:

    * We’re working hard on the PvP! Soon you will be able to face up other Generals around the world to become the best one!
    * We're polishing the Android version of Girls On Tanks! Soon you will be able to command your Girls from everywhere!

    Stay tuned for future updates! Looking forward to your comments on Discord:

    Thanks for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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    Hello GOT gamers!

    This week we’re adding a new area island with 12 new extra missions! This special area features new weather effects, like rain and fog, that will affect your strategy, try it out!

    The Halloween Event winners are:


    Congratulations and thanks to everybody for participating!

    A new event starts today too, get the two new exclusive girls, Naomi and Carla. Get the Boost Girl, Lt. Carla, from the Destroyer and Elite Pack or even from Daily Gacha if you’re lucky. You have 2 weeks to reach the rewards on the top 100!

    And what about this week special offers?

    * Virtual Facility Training is now at a reduced price of 299 Crystal only for a limited time.
    * 33% off ‘Mountain of Creds’. From Nov 10th to 12th.
    * 33% off ‘Tons of Creds’. From Nov 10th to 12th.

    Coming Soon:

    * We’re working on a new PVP where you will be able to crush other player’s armies. Take on a new friend in 1v1 battles!
    * Girls on Tanks is also coming to Android! Soon you will be able to command your Girls from everywhere!

    Stay tuned for future updates! Looking forward to your comments on Discord:

    Thanks for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • GET WICKED! HALLOWEEN SALE! 10/26/2017 04:03PM

    Happy Halloween, folks!

    The telltale signs of Halloween are here: ghosts, monsters and pumpkins are everywhere. We love Halloween!. To celebrate, we have a Special Halloween Event that starts today and last for the next 2 weeks. Meet the new 2 mysterious and macabre Halloween girls; Abigail and Margot.... they’re frightfully delightful!

    As part of the celebration, discover special ‘Girls on Tanks’ Halloween decorations placed in-game and enjoy some great special offers, (available for 5 days, Oct 27th-1st Nov):

    * Play as much as you want! 24hrs FREE Stamina and Tickets 50% OFF
    * And upgrade all your girls now! Creds, Mountain and Tons of Creds 33% OFF

    We added a new item to the game: 24hrs Stamina and Tickets. It’s something that many of you have requested, enjoy without limits!

    The other new feature that you will find in this update is the possibility to upgrade your girls past level 5. Now you can continue improving their stats up to level 10: That’s more sexy, destructive power!

    Finally, we have also added a new button in the UI. It’s to help find the units available to move. It’s for those times, when you have think you’ve moved all your units but some remain unused. Use this new button and you’ll go directly to the unused units!

    A final note about cheaters, we have added a new Trick to Treat them. Now it’s harder to hack the game and Events will be more fair for everyone.

    Please, let us know your feedback and ideas on Discord:

    Thanks for playing and have a killer day!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • Bug fixing update 10/17/2017 09:59AM

    Hello gamers,

    Thank you for reporting some bugs in the latest update. All the issues should be fixed now, see below for details.

    Bugs fixed :

    - Game loading blocked for some users.
    - Issues when picking up some crates.
    - Ryoko’s ability description.

    If you see any other bug please, don’t hesitate to report it on the Discord Channel ( or sending a message to Nutaku support. The event is ongoing and there is still time for you to win Joy and Ryoko for your squad!

    Thank you for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • New Event! The key to the future is finally unearthed! 10/13/2017 07:34AM

    Hi gamers,

    You can now enjoy a brand new event! Win two new exclusive girls: Lt. Ryoko and Captain Joy. The event runs for 2 weeks and we have added 15 new challenging missions! Remember to enlist the help of the booster girl, Lt. Ryoko, to boost your score and reach the top 100 rewards.

    This week we have also added many other improvements to the game like: Exclusive offers for each player, increased rewards, reduced ticket regeneration time. We’ve also set up a daily chest reminder message sent to your Nutaku inbox!

    More good news! The extra single player missions pack is now at a reduced price!

    We’ve increased the rewards on these extra long missions, by completing them you get 5 times more crystals than the normal missions! Also, if you complete all the 12 extra missions you will win a Commander Pack!

    So, what are you waiting for? Guide your Allies and master the Art of War! Be sure to join other Girls On Tanks fans on Discord:

    Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy this update!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • Event update and Flash Sale! 10/06/2017 11:41AM

    Hi Gamers,

    Here is an update on the current event standings.

    * Rank 1: 4ether4eolus
    * Rank 2: misekato
    * Rank 3: zorkster
    * Rank 4: Aerithff7
    * Rank 5: Realsaga

    Remember you use Lt. Eylee to boost your scores. Get her from The Destroyer, Elite Pack or try to win her from the free daily gacha.

    To help you with your mission, we have a 72hr flash sale:

    * 33% Off Fistful and Pile of Crystals
    * 33% Off Tickets

    Good luck and thanks for playing!

    -The ‘Girls On Tanks’ team

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  • A New Story Begins... 09/28/2017 02:01PM

    Hi gamers!

    Wow, do we have a packed update for you!

    You asked, we delivered: A new campaign with 12 new single player missions. Play as the Free Nations Faction in a continuation of the story. Try it out now!

    Also in this update:

    - Loading time improvements! Get into action quicker!
    - Crystal rewards for leveling up your squad member.
    - Bonus scenes after missions.
    - New loading screens.
    - Sales on from Friday 28th to October 1st:
    * 33% off Heap of Creds (50,000)
    * 33% off Mountain of Creds (125,000)
    * 33% off Tons of Creds (300,000)

    Onto the new event! If you are in the top 100 players you’ll win Captain Yulee. Use the Boost Girl, Lt. Eylee to help your progress. You can get her from the Destroyer and Elite Pack.

    There is also a chance to get Lt.Eylee from the Daily Gacha. Try your luck! We hope you enjoy the improvements and enjoy battling in the new event!

    Stay tuned for more updates and news. Join other gamers on Discord:

    Thanks for playing,
    -The ‘Girls on Tanks’ team!

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