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  • Make I.DOLL your idol 09/14/2017 01:14PM

    We have a packed update for you this week! Here’s the overview:

    - You will now get Crystals for ranking in the top 100 in the event (details below)
    - There are 15 extra missions added to the event roster. More to come next week!
    - 2 sexy girls: Win Captain I.Doll. You can use Lt. Xenia to aid your fight
    - New pre-mission boosters
    - New easier way to enter fullscreen mode
    - Improved loading times when opening chests
    - Sexy loading screen v0.1
    - Numerous bug fixes


    * There is -33% off Destroyer Pack for 48hrs (Sept 15th - 17th)
    * Pre-Mission Boosters are a big discounted this week, try them out!

    Congrats to 4ether4eolus who won this event! It was a close fought battle for 1st place, Harem God pushed hard all the way. Well played to Terrorblade, AreithFF7, Alex, Povarxz, Tunnumtarn, FrozenLich, Nanonado, Aeschylus, Shiro Sora and RedGuard777 and to you all!

    Here’s some more details on the improved rewards. You will now get Crystals for ranking in the top 100 in the event. Here is the full break down:

    Top 1 player = Event girl lvl 5 + Creds x10,000 + 500 Crystals
    Players 2 - 25 = Event girl lvl 2 + Creds x7,000 + 200 Crystals
    Players 26 - 100 = Event girl lvl 1 + Creds x5,000 + 50 Crystals
    Players 101 - 200 = Random Commander + Creds x3,000
    Players 201 - 500 = Creds x2,000

    We have add in new pre-mission boosters to help you. Equip them before you enter a mission and reap the benefits. Examples include:

    - Double movement on 1st turn
    - All units +1 rank
    - Cheaper perk cost

    Next week, a brand new single player campaign for you. 12 challenging missions to conquer!

    We’re going to have a player competition in the upcoming weeks, it’s your chance to write a H-scene and get it the game. The winning entry will win some prizes. Prizes also awarded for making us laugh :]

    Details to follow. Stay tuned to Discord for more info:

    Thanks for playing,

    -The Girls on Tank team!

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  • Black Spider Event ongoing. Ends August 14th! 09/08/2017 06:49AM

    Hello gamers,

    Thank you for playing our brand new event. There was a few teething problems with the new mode, we’ve been working to fix these issues, see below for details.

    Lt. Annie, this events booster girl, has now been added to the Free Daily Gacha chest. Each day, you have a chance to obtain her for your squad.

    We’re half way through this event, and things are getting interesting. There is still time for you to make it into the top player positions and win The Black Spider for your squad.

    Here is a report on the current standings: Harem God is #1, followed closely by one of our previous winners 4ether4eolus. Terrorblade, AerithFF7 and Povarxz round out the top 5. Tunnumtarn, Judicator413, Druk987, Shiro Sora and Aeschylus are competing in the top 10 with Shadowedfury, Vinsaw31 and Lifinel are right on their tails.

    Bug fixes :

    - Fixed: The exploit that allowed , easy easy wins. The leaderboard has been corrected & updated.
    - Fixed: The issue when using Annie’s ability
    - Fix for loss of progression
    - Fix for scores not updating correctly
    - Fixed: Injured girls cannot be used if the player tries to resume a level (when injured girls are equipped)
    - Boost score now multiplies score properly (incognito mode bug)

    The team is working behind the scenes fixes on numerous. Over the next 2 weeks, the roster of event missions will be doubled. New single player missions will be added and pre mission boosters will get an upgrade.

    Thank you for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • 2 hot new girls. Brand new game mode! 08/31/2017 03:54PM

    Hi gamers,

    Big news! We’ve retired Faction Wars! This mode is no more! It has ceased to be! Expired and gone to meet its maker! Note: If you have Faction rewards to claim, you will still be able to collect your rewards in-game. Thank you for playing this week, there was a lot of competition!
    What happens now? Glad you asked!

    You can now enjoy a brand new event mode. This first event will run for 2 weeks and features 18 challenging mission types, more will be added as the weeks progress.

    After 2 weeks, if you are in the top 100 players, you will win the gorgeous warrior known as ‘The Black Spider’. She watches over the battlefield, always vigilant and prone to strike. Her enemies live in constant fear of her deadly attacks.

    To aide you reaching the top of the leaderboards, you can enlist the help of a booster girl, this events girl is: Lt. Annie. Depending on her rank, she will boost your score each time you’re victorious in an event mission. She is not essential to victory but she can help! See in-game for all the details.

    Not all events will have a booster girl, use her to help out in this event.

    As mentioned, we will add in new event missions into the roster to keep things fresh and interesting.

    This new mode is the first of a series of big developments planned for Girls on Tanks. Soon you can expect new single player missions featuring new challenges. Again, these will be delivered in a more regular fashion.

    Did you ever want to challenge your friends to a 1-on-1? Well, Player vs. Player is also in development and will be coming in the not too distant future. It’s a biggy, so we need to do lots of work and test it fully.

    Be sure to join other Girls On Tanks fans on Discord:

    Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy this update!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • New Event! - Zoey: Spy Extraordinaire 08/25/2017 05:48AM

    Hello Gamers!

    We’re delighted to hear that you’ve been enjoying the new Faction Wars reward system. It’s definitely more fun now to jostle for top position and better prizes.

    The top player was 4ether4eolus congrats! Well done to Talk202, Canadadry, Zorkster, Blackthron and all of you who took part and fought so well.

    +++ Important news incoming! +++

    This week is the last Faction War event! We are launching the brand new event system next week. More details on that next week! Expect new missions and lots of excitement. We’ll have 2 new special girls for you.

    So, to send Faction Wars off with a bang, you can win super spy extraordinaire™; Captain Zoey! She’s usually gathering ‘intel’ behind enemy lines, but now she’s back at base waiting for you, General, to commander her.

    For the next 72hrs, the Stamina Pack is reduced by 50%, use it to help obtain 3 stars finishes on missions.

    Join other Girls On Tanks fans on Discord:

    Thank you for your support!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • Weekly Faction Wars ending soon! 08/23/2017 10:16AM

    Hi Gamers,

    As we enter the final few hours of Faction Wars, it's tight at the top. Roughly 1000 points separate 1st from 2nd place.

    Down further, there is a lot of competition for the sweet, top 25 places.

    To win Captain Sachiko, you need to be in the first 100 places.

    Note, that in the top 100 region of the leaderboard, a lot of you are tied on score. Now is the time for the final push!

    Good luck and thanks for playing,

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • Captain Sachiko awaits you! New event’s rewards! 08/17/2017 01:49PM

    Dear gamers,

    We’ve overhauled the Faction Wars rewards to be a fairer and more competitive. What does it all mean for you?

    Well, even if your Faction loses, *you* can win! The top 100 players will be awarded the awesome event girl; Captain Sachiko.

    Back to the event, the #1 ranked player will now get a unique reward. After this, the top 25 will get the next best reward.

    Players who finish in the top 500 will also get rewards based on their final ranking place.

    Shouts to Luclam9D90, Shino Fukiwara, Playbot, Misekato, JohnAsh, Evilfun, Seth, Ein713, Testing9999, Sirrahbk and to each and every one who took part in Faction Wars!

    Thank you to all of you who replied to the survey! An especial thank you to Mute, who wrote a massive amount of great feedback! We hear you, work is underway on new stuff.

    First up, it’s the new PVE Event system, we want to make it more fun for you to play the weekly and bi-weekly events. New missions, booster girls and new rewards!

    There will also be new single player missions released in a few weeks, stay tuned for more news.

    In the shop, for 72hrs, we have 33% of the ‘Tons of Crystals’ pack.

    You can join RedGuard777 and other Girls On Tanks fans on Discord:

    Thank you for your support!

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • New Event - Sheala from Winter's Blood! 08/10/2017 11:30AM

    Dear gang,

    For this week’s Faction Wars, you will receive Lieutenant Sheala, from Winter’s Blood. She’s an avid reader of comics from the west. She loves to talk about the maintenance, repair and operations of heavy machinery. Her passive ability is quite beneficial for Bombers.

    In other news, we’re hard at work on the new and improved PVE Event system and other cool features. Next week we have a lot of tweaks and improvements to the game, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. Stay tuned for the launch date of the new PVE event system.

    Last week, we sent out the survey. So far, one of the top requests is for new single player missions and PVP. We hear you. Work is underway on lots of new features.

    First up, it’s the new Event system, we want to make it more fun for you to play the weekly and bi-weekly events.

    You can still have your say and receive 50 Free Crystals. Take part in the survey here:

    Thank you! Stay tuned for more updates!
    -The Girls On Tanks team

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  • BAM! New update & an offer of free crystals! 08/04/2017 03:50AM

    Dear Girls on Tanks fans,

    This week thousands of you fought bravely in the Faction Wars event which was narrowly won by the Free Nations faction. Congrats to all who took part. Remember, it’s always possible to change the outcome, the power is in your hands!

    If you play on ‘Hard Mode’ you’ll get 300 points for you and your allies, it can really make the difference.

    A big shout out to Bebutochang, Bralas, Pablomanecha, Erikk273 and Shiro Sora for their battling skills!

    This week we have some improvements and updates for you.

    Here is what is in this update:

    -We removed unlock conditions for the Commanders. Now, you can collect all the commanders without restrictions. The Mega Epic pack and the Epic pack now have greatly improved drop rates for Commanders and previous event girls
    -In-game perks have been reduced in cost. They are ~25% cheaper
    -The cost of recovery has also been reduced, this will help you keep your #1 squad in fighting condition

    For this week’s Faction Wars, if your Faction wins, you will receive Captain Bea. She’s a beautiful smooth talking platinum blonde from the Free Nations.

    Before we sign off, we’re running a survey for the next 2 weeks, we’d love if you can help us shape the future of Girls On Tanks. Add your responses, enter you Nutaku ID and you’ll receive 50 Free Crystals. Take part now, copy this link into your browser:

    Thank you for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks Team

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  • Top the Leaderboard! Fight for your Team in Faction Wars & win Lieutenant Juliet 07/28/2017 03:27AM

    Dear Gamers,

    We’ve had a great response to the new Leaderboard system. We agree that the new ranking system adds a great new sense of competition to Faction Wars. Not only do you battle for your assigned team, you battle other players to get the best score and rewards.

    There are 1000’s of players taking part, each victory is helping you and your Faction!

    This is only the first step in a series of big improvements coming to the multiplayer side of Girls on Tanks. We hear you feedback, trust us, our small but eager team are constantly working on improvements and new features.

    Here is what is in this update:

    -A new girl. Say hello to Juliet! Affectionately known as “The tactician”. Not only is she a pretty face, she also has a wicked precision strike and defensive skills.

    - 50% off all Cred packs. Spend them on your girls!

    - Faction War tickets are 50% off. Jump in and battle for you and your team.

    - Bug fixes & tweaks. Error where some users did not get rewards has been fixed. Faction Wars can be played from Player level 5 (previously it was level 10).

    Thank you for playing!

    -The Girls On Tanks Team

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  • New Event & 50% Improved Drop Rates on Commanders! 07/14/2017 04:07AM

    Dear fans, here is what we’ve got for you this week.

    This weekend, we’re offering 50% increased drop rates on Commanders from chests. Be sure to have a go!

    There is a new Faction Wars event, as you might have noticed, you’re assigned to a random faction. Based on feedback, we felt this was a fairer system. Stay tuned for big improvements and updates to Faction Wars and the multiplayer part of the game.

    For the next 7 days, compete in Faction Wars for the chance to win the elusive Captain Frejya.

    All members of the winning Faction will receive her once the Faction War is over (July 20th)
    We’ve also reduced the price of the ‘Mountain of Crystals’ pack from 4000 to 3499 Nutaku Gold.

    Thank you for your support and for playing Girls on Tanks. We have many new updates and improvements on the way.

    Enjoy the event and remember fullscreen is your friend :)

    -The Girls On Tanks team

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