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  • 2017/04/11 Updates 04/11/2017 10:01AM

    - The 2nd Phase of "Splendor Festival - Grande Fleur" has been released and the Voting Poll is ongoing. Check it out to see the latest results!
    - A new User Interface has been released for the HOME screen.
    - The total amount of Raid Boss Points has been doubled to 6.

    We hope you enjoy these updates.

    Stay tuned for more,
    The Flower Knight Girl Team

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  • Thursday Updates! 03/16/2017 01:22PM

    Hello everyone!
    As it is Thursday, we have a new batch of updates ready for you to enjoy!

    Let’s count them together:
    1. Reissued Event - “When You Wish Upon a Star”: Collect Sealed Stones to obtain the 5 STAR Calla!
    2. Permanent Reissued Event – “Bremen the City of Ruin”: Take your time on getting the 5 STAR Lavender… she’s here to stay this time…
    3. Anemone’s Character Story Quest is NOW LIVE!
    4. New Stages have been added to the World Defensive Battle Scenario... free Flower Gems…
    5. A new Gacha Machine is now LIVE!

    The End…

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  • A New Event and a New Gacha Machine are now live! 03/07/2017 10:21AM

    “Bells Ringing in the Eve of the Sacred Night” is now live!
    Collect enough Shining Stars and exchange them for the 5★ Sandersonia!
    Make sure you also check out the New Character Priority Gacha!

    NOTE: The Purchase of the Gardener's Request has been temporarily disabled. The feature will return shortly, once all issues surrounding it have been resolved.

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  • Thursday's Updates! The World Defensive Battle Scenario is LIVE! 02/23/2017 10:56AM

    Hello everyone,
    A New Gacha Machine is now LIVE alongside Phase 2 of our current Reissued Event, The Yearly Login Bonus and the 1st entries in the Word Defensive Battle Scenario.

    We hope you enjoy these new updates,
    The Flower Knight Girl Team

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  • Thursday's Updates! The New Reissued is now LIVE! 02/16/2017 11:30AM

    This Thursday comes with a bunch oF updates! Instead of a TLDR approach let’s take a few waLk through them… otherwise we wrote this wall of text in vain… and that makes us sad… but enough about us:
    1. The Flower That Dances in the Night has been released so now is your chance to get the 5★ Hypericum! The 1st Phase of this event alsO marks our collaboration with X-Overd! Be sure to check out the details of this campaign by visiting both titles!
    2. A New Gacha Machine has been launched. DRAW 5★+ Tickets using FloWer Gems, for a high chance to obtain the 6★ MaplE!
    3. Dogwood’s CharacteR Story Quest is now LIVE as well! LeaRn more about this noisy pink-haired Flower Knight by completing it!
    4. We have also prepared a Special Login BonUs that will last 10 days. If Logged in today, the login bonus will be recEived starting tomorrow. Rest assured that the expiration date will allow you to get all 10 bonuseS!

    The Flower Knight Girl Team

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  • Valentine's Gacha... and GIFTS! 02/14/2017 08:55AM

    Valentine's Gacha is now out and a few gifts for you and your Knights are waiting in the Gift Box!
    Stay tuned for a Special Login Bonus beginning the 16th of February!

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  • The Mountain, The Maple Tree and The Glutton & Character Priority Gacha! 02/07/2017 09:21AM

    The Mountain, The Maple Tree and The Glutton is now LIVE along with the New Character Priority Gacha featuring Maple!
    Be sure to check them out until the 21st of February!

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  • NEW Reissued EVENT and GACHA! 02/02/2017 08:44AM

    A Friendship Worth Fighting For and the 6★ Developer's Choice Gacha are now LIVE!
    Make sure to check them out!

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  • Developer's Gacha & Reissued 7 Phase 2 01/26/2017 08:45AM

    The Developer's Gacha comprises of four 5★ Flower Knights which accidentally happen to be loved by the development team. You can DRAW 11 for 3000 Nutaku Gold.
    Phase 2 of our current Reissued Event is also LIVE! Collect all the Lechenaultia Seal Stones you can!

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  • Winter Cheer & 3 NEW Flower Knight Girls! 01/25/2017 10:50AM

    Bring your Winter Cheer in Flower Knight's latest event!
    Collect Glory Trophies and use them to play the Event Gacha, and help cheer you squads with the help of three new Flower Knight Girls!
    NOTE: compensations for the event delay have been handed out.

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