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  • Main Event "Demon Hunting and Chocolate Treats" and Mimosa CSQ are now Live! 05/02/2018 10:46AM

    Hello everyone,

    Today maintenance update:
    - Main Event "Demon Hunting and Chocolate Treats" - Phase 1
    - Mimosa CSQ
    - 2nd Evolution for Burning Bush and Viola

    Flower Knight Team

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  • Whale Airship 10 along with Phase 2 of main event are live! 04/25/2018 08:51AM

    Hello everyone,

    Todays' maintenance update:

    - Whale Airship 10 - 1st Release
    - Blooming - Chocolate Cosmos, Alpinia and Cattleya
    - Main Event Splendor Festival - Phase 2
    - Campaign Mission 24

    Issues fixed:

    - Every "Commander Medal" reference has been changed with Leader Medal according to FKG Wiki
    - The incomplete text "Selected" has now minimized font in order to fit in the box
    - "Lily Maculatum" has been replaced with Star Lily in the "Restore Peace to the Kingdom" Reprint
    - Rainbow Medals amount is now updating without a browser refresh.

    - The blooming and affection text in the side panel overlapping each other has been fixed
    - Fixed the increased font when spamming the selecting feature on a character

    - The side banner full of unrecognizable text has been removed from the Campaign Reprint section
    - The button from "Path to Learning" has been renamed and changed to redirect the user to Trainability
    - The "Highest Rarity" sorting option has now been fixed
    - Main Event - The "2st" button has now been replaced with "2nd Half"
    - World Map - Several incomplete descriptions have been fixed by adding the full context
    - Garden - Fixed a crash when the user collected the coins from plants
    - THe ATK & DEF bonuses are now showed in the Character Details
    - Chop-Chop Coin Rush Stage is now available.

    Thank you for you patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Flower Knight Team

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  • Summer Beach Vacation - Phase 2 and a New Gacha Machine! 04/05/2018 10:03AM

    Hello everyone,

    Todays' maintenance update:
    - Reissued Event Summer Beach Vacation - Phase 2
    - Step-Up Gacha Machine
    - 2nd H-Scene for Pineapple and Viola (Yukata)
    - Weekend Daily Deals

    Additional issues that were fixed:
    - Gifts - The space between Ability and Level on side panel has now been implemented
    - Chickweed - Fixed an issue where the user was unable to reach Details or to Evolve her
    - Garden - Title and description has been added to all the items without them
    - Art - The main event banner white background has been resolved
    - Items - Stamina Nectar wrong description has been fixed
    - Reissued Event - Summer Beach Vacation - Typos found and fixed.
    - Exchange - Sentences that were found exceeding the screen have been identified and fixed.
    - Quests - Successive quests completion issue has been identified and repaired.

    Flower Knight Team

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  • Main Event and 2nd H-Scene 03/20/2018 10:21AM

    Hello everyone,

    Please check out the updates that we've released during today's maintenance:
    - Main Event - A Steamy Hot Spring Incident
    - Nazuna wasn't expecting her friend, Chickweed, to have an ulterior motive when she invited her to Bergamot Valley.
    But instead of hot springs, there's now talks of finding the...Fountain of Youth!?
    - Collect "Reservation Signs" and trade them in the Exchange Center for ★5 Chickweed and her Skillbloom and Dressbloom!
    - 2nd H-Scene for Setaria and Waterlilly.

    Flower Knight Team

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  • 1st of March 2018 - Releases 03/01/2018 09:50AM

    Hello everyone,

    Please check out the updates that we've released during today's maintenance:
    - Dendrobium's Character story Quest
    - Reissued Event The Sea, The Bride and The Legend of the Bouquet
    - Permanent Reissued Event For the Flowers of the World, With Love
    - Step-UP Gacha Machine
    - 2nd H-Scene - Lantana, Suzuki Grass, Treasure Flower
    - Light Crystal and Bond Crystal shop reset

    Flower Knight Team

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  • New Event - Vernal Flower Festival 02/20/2018 09:32AM

    Hello everyone,

    Vernal Flower Festival event is now live.

    Fullmoon Maple is working as a guard during the spring festival,
    But being faced with an unexpected encounter isn't her only problem…

    Collect Chestnuts from the event stages.
    Use them to play the Card Turning game and befriend 5★ Fullmoon Maple!

    NOTE: Please consult the "Event Details" section for more information.

    Event Period: 2018/02/20~03/06

    FKG Team

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  • The Vibrant World Flower Maidens & Mission 19 01/09/2018 08:02AM

    The Vibrant World Flower Maidens is now LIVE alongside it's New Character Priority Gacha.
    Collect Sunshine Gems to obtain the 5s Eucharis!
    Campaign Mission 19 is also LIVE! Be sure to check-out the new story-stages!

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  • New Year's Event Now LIVE! 12/27/2017 10:06AM

    Our New Year's Event, "Out of Bells, Out of Rice Cakes, Out of Luck!?" is now LIVE! Collect "Festive Grab Bags" and play the Card Turning Game to obtain the 5 STAR Olive!

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  • 2nd Affection H-Scenes and New Updates 12/07/2017 10:01AM

    The 1st batch of 2nd H-scenes are now LIVE based on your votes!
    In addition, a new Reissued Event, Gacha Machine, as well as Mei Plumblossom's Character Story Quest have been released! Make sure you check out these new updates!

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  • Latest Updates 11/28/2017 08:53AM

    We are back on LIVE, with a new Main Event and Gacha and the all new Mission 17 added to the Campaign. We have additionally updated Flower Knight Skills. Make sure you check the out!

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