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  • Christmas Event is here! 12/17/2018 12:22PM

    Hey boss, Our sexy elves have been working hard on this new update and the gifts are finally ready: 3 New Event Girls: - Eira the Frost Queen - Holly the Christmas Elf - Ms. Claus the Manager Mission-based event! - Send Lana in missions to get Candy Canes - Each mission slot has fixed durations (the one on the bottom is always 30 minutes, the one on top is always 8-24 hours, etc.) - Maximum speedup cost reduced (100 rubies for 24 hour missions) - Refresh missions button now offers drastically increased chances of Legendary and guaranteed that no mission will be Common - First girl costs 3000 Candy Canes and the next ones cost 5000 and 7000 - Temperature in office reduced drastically Desktop/mobile Gift! - 3 Limited time backgrounds, featuring Amber, Chloe and Kelly! http://cdn-fapceo.nutaku.net/gift/christmas.zip Fixes - Optimized loading times & download sizes - Smoother/crisper animations for overlays Thanks for playing and happy Holidays from the Fap CEO team! Ho ho ho!

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