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  • Exterminatory Battle begins! 04/26/2017 05:58AM

    Thank you for playing Dragon Providence.

    Exterminatory Battle has begun!
    Search and destroy the Event Raid Boss in the special stage!
    Defeat the boss and score points to get luxurious rewards!
    Defeat the Rare Raid Boss and get Limited Event SSR card!!
    Check the event page for more detail.

    Great Conquest Battle: Baphomet, commences!
    Schedule: Apr. 26th - May 1st.

    Roulette Gacha!
    Spin the roulette for great prizes!
    Play 5 times for a guaranteed [SSR] School Festival Eligos!
    All Slayer Arcanas included!

    LR Step Up Gacha
    Daily Gacha with extra items and appearance rate bonuses!
    LR Yggdrasil's appearance rate will be raised to 10% on the 5th draw!
    *Gacha will be reset at 00:00 (PDT) everyday.

    Dragon Providence Development Team

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  • United Front Battle has begun! 04/19/2017 04:25AM

    Thank you for playing Dragon Providence.

    United Front Battle has begun!
    Cooperate with United Fronts to defeat Gallatin!
    Achieve the highest number of stuns, and receive a ravishing reward!
    Climb up the contribution Point Ranking, and receive a Limited Edition GR Arcana!
    Please check the Event top page for more detail.

    Fever Gacha is available!
    New and revival card are contained in this Gacha!
    Ranking rewards and requirements has been updated!
    LR ticket included as a special reward !
    Reach 80,000 points for a LR ticket!
    1 Free 3-Chain Gacha Ticket have been distributed to all players!

    New B-class Job: Royal Crusaider, added!
    Max HP +1000 and Magic Square of Light Lv5 are obtainable!

    Full-Power Quest Implemented!
    This feature skips anything but Bosses
    and reduces the amount of taps required to play Quest.
    Items and exp can be obtained as usual.

    Dragon Providence Development Team

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  • New Easter Characters and DPP Campaign added! 04/12/2017 04:48AM

    Thank you for playing Dragon Providence.

    Sugoroku Slot Gacha is available!
    Cost 25 LR Arcana GUARANTEED at the goal of the 3rd sheet!
    At the end of the extra sheet, there is another chance where you can get cost 25 LR Arcana!
    Don't miss this chance!

    Also, the Lucky Bag is on sale!
    Buy a bag according to your needs!
    Lucky Bag Gold includes:
    - 3 SSR Guaranteed New Sugoroku Arcana Ticket
    - 4 10-Chain Sugoroku Slot Gacha Ticket
    - 10 [All] Skill Crystal Gold
    - 10 AP Potions
    - 10 BP Potions

    Zodiac Shrine Ultimate War is available!
    Become a Top Ranker and get The Material!
    Join the Ultimate War and cooperate with your Guild mates!

    Dragon Providence Development Team

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  • New event has been started! 04/05/2017 05:07AM

    Join the new event and get a new cards!!

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  • New cards are available!! 03/29/2017 04:41AM

    Step Up Gacha has begun!
    This is a big chance to get SSR & LR cards!
    There are no limit to draw Step 7!
    You can get New SSR 50% Gacha Ticket in Step 7!!

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  • X-Ovred and DraPro's collaboration has now started! 03/22/2017 04:50AM

    By playing both games, superb rewards awaits you!

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  • Mermaid event has started! 03/15/2017 04:41AM

    Join the new event and get a new cards!!

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  • New Legend Card "Azathoth" is available!! 03/09/2017 09:59PM

    You can get the new Legend card "Azathoth" in Sugoroku Gacha!!
    Don't miss this chance!

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  • Step Up Gacha is a big chance to get LR Arcana! 02/15/2017 08:11PM

    In the final step, the occurrence rate of LR Diabolos is 15%!!

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  • Daily & Weekly Mission is released! 02/08/2017 04:38AM

    Rewards can be received by meeting requirements set for each mission!
    So, Let's play Dragon Providence now!!

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