We Love Master!

Visual Novel

A moe-ero comedy that lets you watch cute girls during the day and teach them naughty things at night.

About We Love Master!

A moe-ero comedy that lets you watch cute girls during the day and teach them naughty things at night.

Reach deep into your humiliating arsenal for items like collars, handcuffs and vibrators to encourage these budding girlsf sexuality in a variety of steamy scenes

Key Features

Developer: SCORE
Publisher: Mangagamer

- Murakumo Sakura
Toshiyafs classmate.
Cheerful, helpful, and spirited, Sakura is popular with classmates of both sexes.
Her family has run a restaurant for generations, and Sakura has inherited her naivete from her parents, who are often deceived by others.
They became co-signers on a loan for an acquaintance, but the acquaintance quickly left town, leaving them with enormous debt.
In order to help repay their debt, Sakura has taken a part-time job delivering newspapers before school.

- Kuu Spitfire
Toshiyafs classmate.
Introverted to the point of absolute silence and expressionless to the point of unsociability, her mysterious air causes her to stick out among the people in her class.
She was originally raised in an orphanage, but was adopted and now attends Sakuragaoka Academy.

- Shishiouin Hime
The only heir to the Yuuki Corporationfs one-time rival, the Shishiouin Corporation, Hime is a bit younger than the other girls, but skipped a grade and now attends class with them.
Proud, haughty, and self-important, she is the ultimate hojou-sama.h
Shefs known Toshiya since they were children, but they donft get along well and tend to end up fighting.

- Ichijou Ema
The head maid of Toshiyafs household, Ema has been serving him since he was very young.
She is exceedingly loyal to him, and will do anything he commands, regardless of its legality.
Toshiya trusts her implicitly, and respects her as well.
As master and servant, they accept everything about one another without question.

• Rating: Adult Only
• No Mosaics
• Female Voice Only
• No DRM

Game Information

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP and up
Required CPU: Pentium 233MHz
Recommended CPU: PentiumIII 800MHz
Required Memory: 128MB