Tenta Shooter

Action Adventure Shoot Em Up Retro

Everyone’s favorite tentacle themed arcade style bullet hell shooter is now on Nutaku!

About Tenta Shooter

Satisfying! Send enemy bullets flying back at them with well-timed bullet counters.
Overpower giant monster girl bosses with a vigorous barrage of bullets!
A top down Shoot ‘Em Up game for the tentacle age.
Kei is a fairy girl who once lived peacefully in the forest with her sister Sei.
One morning, Kei woke up and Sei was nowhere to be found.
Kei immediately flew from her home to search for her missing friend.
At that very moment, the forest was engulfed in a mysterious mist…
A simple to control yet deeply complex Japanese style shoot ‘em up game.
Eat Kei’s favorite dekopon oranges to build up the bullet counter gauge, then send enemy bullets back at them as deadly homing lasers.
Time your counter just right to wipe out countless enemies in one fell swoop!
Complete challenges to unlock collectable cards
that enhance Kei’s speed, attack power, and countering range.
Mix and match unlocked cards with 4 different attack styles to fine tune your play style.
And last but not least, collect cards to unlock sexy hentai CG scenes involving Kei, tentacles, and monster girl bosses at the in-game art gallery!

Key Features

Simple 2 button controls.
Offense oriented bomb system.
5 stages and 3 game modes +alpha.
Customizable game modes for beginners and experts alike.
Giant monster girl bosses.
Includes achievements, and an art gallery.
Unlock cards to view hentai CG scenes!
Tons of hidden content.
Replay function (Arcade mode only).
Keyboard and Game pad compatibility.

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements:
OS Version: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: Celeron 1.2Ghz or more
Memory: 2000MB
Graphics: Onboard
Disk Space:600MB
Sound Card:Onboard