Shards of Eradine


In a land torn apart by war, love was the last thing on the minds of many, however there it lurked in the Spirit of the Goddess, hidden deep within the realm.

About Shards of Eradine

The myth that the Goddess could be resurrected had been whispered on the dying breath of Malami, the last Great Nymph trainer. His faith in her resurrection passed to Cosmo, his wet yet loyal grandson, accompanied by his trusty sidekick Frea, a cheeky and hilarious nymph.

Their quest, if successful, would restore the lands to their former glory. Beauty, passion and creativity would return to the realm, all considered distant memories of a time before she’d passed judgement on the wicked ways of man. Their journey will be filled with battles: they will meet exciting trainers during their quest and recruit some super sexy girls along the way.

Key Features

• Beautiful hand-drawn landscape inspired by the 16-bit era of action adventure with a modern color palette.
• Over 100 map unique locations to explore
• A rich story with over 20 hours of gameplay to experience including side quests and hidden content
• 44 gorgeous and unique nymphs to evolve and battle with at three stages
• Exclusive adult content for each and every nymph

News and Updates

Shards of Eradine Windows x32 Issues
11/16/2017 03:46PM

We have received communications from the Developer about the functionality of Shards of Eradine on 32 Bit Windows.

Please contact for more information about how this will affect you if you have purchased the game, but your version of Windows is not 64 bit.

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Game Information

System Requirements

Windows only
Minimum Requirements
- Any AMD/Pentium based CPU above - 2.4Ghz
- DirectX 9 capable ATI or NVidia onboard graphics
- Recommended 1920x1080 screen