About Sacred Sword Princesses DL

The ambitious Mistress of the Night is seeking to devour the kingdom of Midgardia. Created by the Moon Goddess Mani, this magnificent land is inhabited solely by women.

You were summoned by the Goddess herself in order to protect this virgin land. Together with the Vessels of the Goddess Mani, you shall defeat the legion of the Beast and liberate this world!

Train your Vessels, bind them to your will, and unlock the sacred force hidden inside them!
Wielder of the Sacred Sword! It is time to save Midgardia from its impending doom, all in the name of the Goddess!


Imagine waking up the only male in a world solely inhabited by women; you are a marvel and the only one who can save their land from pure devastation. In Superhippo and Hope’s fast-paced harem-style action-adventure game Sacred Sword Princesses, players soon learn the fate of this female utopia lies in their hands. After learning of the sacred Soul Harmony Ritual, which can defeat the dangerous Legion of Beasts threatening to destroy this dreamlike paradise, it is evident only the player can restore harmony to this peaceful female utopia. With intense gameplay and a story players will lust over; few action adventure games can compare to Sacred Sword Princesses.

Enticed by the player’s masculinity, these breath-taking women can’t help but marvel over the player’s rare ability to perform the sacred Soul Harmony Ritual which legends say is the only thing able to unlock the rare power capable of restoring peace to their land. This ritual will leave players mesmerized as they take command of the usually dominating women and leave them speechless. These intimate moments, which can be watched any time by clicking the Harem tab, are earned by reaching pivotal points in the story or reaching benchmark levels with a player’s vessel (female fighter). As they progress through the game, they can unlock new vessels via Gacha drawings. Although players may purchase scrolls in convenient bundles, Superhippo and Hope also provides the player many opportunities to receive Gacha prizes for free such as a free daily drawing in the normal Gacha section or scrolls which can be earned throughout the story. So, remember to visit Gacha daily and claim valuable prizes!

If the player is looking for high quality gameplay, they should look no further than Sacred Sword Princesses. From animations to combat style, execution is perfect. Additionally, the fast-paced battle in Sacred Sword Princess’ action-adventure game gives players the ability to both perform attacks manually or set your vessels to auto, which is entertaining and convenient for the player. Additionally, there are many unique moves and upgrades that the player may do to customize their characters. To do this, visit the Talent Point map after reaching level four and explore the provided options. As the player proceeds through the story, more of the map will unlock and the player will be able to level-up different abilities. In unison with leveling up their vessels, players may equip armor to increase their defenses. Using items collected during battle, players can forge different types of armor and then equip them so be sure to keep your vessels protected before heading into battle!

As the only man in a world run by women, nothing is more appealing than power and lust. Players are sure to feel both in Superhippo and Hope’s Sacred Sword Princesses where passionate romance and intense combat cross together in a whimsical, action-adventure game. Posing the player as the noble savior to a dreamy female utopia creates a sense of desire and hyper-masculinity. Playing Sacred Sword Princesses leaves only one question: what would you do if you woke up in this predicament?

Key Features

Fascinating and expansive setting! Complex and playful storylines!
Powerful antagonists and Empresses from twelve Empires await your conquer!

30+ Collectible Live 2D Characters, pick and create the perfect combination for your needs!
Manage Elements, Classes and Attack Type and bring strategy into your battles!

Get intimate with your squad members and learn more about about them as you unlock their Harem episodes!
All characters are presented in full Live2D! Interact with them and discover their feelings!
Exclusive fully nude Live2D mode for you favorite Vessels!

• 30+ Collectible Live Characters with more than HCGs, all free to play!
• Fully uncensored CGs with various settings (Paizuri, Bukake, Ecchi, Femdom etc.)
• More than 50h of gameplay and storyline
• Customize your team and forge equipment
• PVP, Co-op Battles available
• Available on Mobile and PC, English and Chinese

News and Updates

Yidhra Step Up!
04/04/2019 03:16AM

Patch Notes

Event Update

Have you had enough fun with the summer Vessels during the anniversary?
If not, Yidhra wants to have more fun, too!

1. [Gacha] Summer Yidhra Step Up
Step1–1x Draw 50% OFF
Step2–3x Draw 33% OFF
Step3–5x Draw 2★ Swimsuit Character guaranteed
Step4–10x Draw 2★ Summer Yidhra Weapon guaranteed
Step5–10x Draw 3★ Summer Yidhra guaranteed

2. [Gacha] Summer Yidhra Pick Up
3x chance of winning Summer Yidhra & 3★ unique weapon & Treasure

3. [Gacha] Summer Yidhra
2x chance of winning Summer Yidhra & 2★ unique weapon & Treasure

4. Contribution Bounty

Get contributions and exchange for generous prizes by:

- Gacha Grand Festival: Draw from specific Gachas
※Not all Gachas give contributions. Check in the game for details.

5. Arena Bonus - Summer Yidhra
During the event, Summer Yidhra is extra powerful in Arena. Try out her power!

6.New Event Mission - Assault of Bear

Game On!

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03/06/2019 07:58AM

Event Updates

She is the High Priestess, the noble bud.
She has a soul full of imagination, open like a book, ready for you to read it.
Now she is ready for you to open her, and longing to be explored deeply inside... literally.

1. [New Gacha] Waifu Gacha
All kinds of gifts for you to please your special one!
Affection level up!
*Special Affection items that trigger exclusive scenes are not included in this Gacha*

2. [New Gacha] Super Waifu Gacha
Grab the chance to get the special Affection items and experience special stories!
Each Vessel has different memories with you. Don't miss out!
*Special items only trigger stories when they are gifted to specific Vessels*

3. [Step-Up Gacha] Claire
Step 1 - 1x draw, 50% off
Step 2 - 3x draws, 33% off
Step 3 - 5x draws, 2★ Vessel guaranteed
Step 4 - 10x draws, 3★ Ex Weapon guaranteed
Step 5 - 10x draws, 3★ Claire

4. [Pick-Up Gacha] Claire
Triple chance of winning Claire & her unique Weapon
Extra prize on the list: 3★ Angelic Cross

5. [Gacha] Claire
Double chance of winning
Extra prize on the list: 2★ Frost Cross

6. Contribution Bounty
Get Contributions and exchange them for generous prizes through:
- Grand Gacha Festival: Draw from specific Gacha
※Not all Gacha give Contributions. Check the game for details.

7. Claire bundles for sale
Affection level up! Unlock special H-scenes and put Claire in a wedding dress!


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V.1.7.4 Twins Week!
02/28/2019 05:33AM

Event Updates

Come and catch The Prankster Sisters in bed!
Do they remind you of someone...?

1. [Step-Up Gacha] Twins
Step 1 - 1x draw, 50% off
Step 2 - 3x draws, 33% off
Step 3 - 5x draws, 2 ★ Vessel guaranteed
Step 4 - 10x draws, 2 ★ 50 Eremia Shards
Step 5 - 10x draws, 2 ★ 50 Elemia Shards

2. [Pick-Up Gacha] Twins
Triple chance of winning Elemia & Eremia
Extra prize on the list: Earth Cross

3. [Gacha] Twins
Double chance of winning Elemia & Eremia

4. Contribution Bounty
Get Contributions and exchange them for generous prizes through:
- Elemia Development
- Gacha Grand Festival: Draw from specific Gacha

※Not all Gacha give Contributions. Check the game for details.

5. Arena Power Boost - Elemia & Eremia
During the event, The Twins are extra powerful in the Arena. Try out their power!

6. New Items in Shops

Game On!

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Game Information

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or higher
Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics Card supported shader 3.0
OpenGL: Version 2.0+
Storage: 2 GB available space