Girls And Dungeons


An abandoned dungeon may elicit fear for some, but not for Hiro, the wandering mercenary hell-bent on exploring it inside out.

About Girls And Dungeons

His interest stems from an unsolvable mystery that has plagued him for ages - the mystery of the disappearing maidens.

As it stands, young women living near the area of the dungeon have seemingly disappeared without a trace. Hiro takes it upon himself to investigate and his search leads him to Yashumugi’s temple ruins. To some, Yashumugi is considered the goddess of wine, and some seem to know all too well that she is a demon of intoxication.

He soon begins to encounter the missing maidens who appear to be trapped in a mysterious spell preventing them from escaping the ruins. He knows he must be careful since others who have tried exploring the abandoned structure have not fared well. He then joins forces with the lost girls he encounters, knowing that with each of their special set of skills, they will have a better chance at defeating Yashumugi. Together, they strategize and go in for battle using any means necessary as they discover that adventure and wine often go hand in hand!

Key Features

- Turned-based RPG
- Hentai imagery
- Fantasy universe
- In-game puzzles
- NSFW patch
- Alternate routes

Game Information

System Requirements

Windows System Requirement
○ OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP
○ Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
○ Memory: 512 MB RAM
○ Graphics: Supports 1024x768 Resolution
○ DirectX: Version 9.0
○ Storage: 100 MB available space