Cosmic Shock League DL

Strategy Puzzle Action Adventure

Help the Cosmic Shock Girls understand their past and unlock their deepest sexual desires.
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About Cosmic Shock League DL

Delve into the sexiest interstellar battleground in the known universe!

In Cosmic Shock League, you'll enjoy a new Match-3\Card Battle game overflowing with uncensored hentai content. Stepping into the shoes of a grizzled 21th-century champion, who has been cryogenically frozen for thousands of years.

You'll be tasked with filling in the blanks for each little space harlot, on the classic female persona she’s built her life and combat style around. Lots of fucking and frolics ensue… as you use you knowledge of the past to charm the knickers off your ever expanding harem of star pussy. You may not be the only powerful force reawakened in this bright new world!

Key Features

Immerse yourself in the world of the best Hentai porn game on the market today. A charming and sexy sci-fi adventure, dotted full of classic references, beautiful girls and relentless battles.

~Fully Animated Real-Time Action:
Vibrantly animated battles allow you to command a squad of Cosmic Shock Girls against player and AI controlled teams. Use an array of attack, defense, healing, and support Abilities to crush your enemies.

~ Innovative Gameplay
Easy to play, hard to master. Cosmic Shock League is a fun mix between classic match-3 mechanics and collectible card games.

~ Compete Against The World
Duel players from around the world in real-time Arena battles. Join the fight, reach the top Leagues and win exclusive rewards at the end of every season!

~ Assemble Your Girls
Adapt your strategy and build the strongest teams. Collect and evolve your Cosmic Shock girls to unleash their full potential!

~Collectible Cosmic Shock Girls
Whether it be by fighting through the 320+ Levels of the campaign, PvP Battle Chests, or through success in an event, there are countless ways to expand your team and unleash their Epic powers.

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News and Updates

02/14/2019 11:16AM

Text Greetings Commanders! To celebrate Valentines Day and in honour of the CSL girls, we have a little sexy poll for you too complete. We will also be giving away 500 Gems to 20 lucky participants (selected at random). Let us know who you think is the most fuckable, the best waifu material, or who would be prime candidate for a pump and dump xD

Finally please give us you're Ingame ID (The same thing as your friend code) in order to enter the 500 gem giveaway.

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Nutaku’s 4th Birthday celebration
01/24/2019 06:04AM

Greetings Commanders!

That filthy little minx 'Nutaku' turns 4 today!! To celebrate this momentous occasion you can get 15,000 Gems, Legendary hero Galatea x3 and new hero Astrea x500 for only 3,999 Nutaku Gold! That's an 80% discount! Offer will run from January 24th through the 31st. Log in today and show Nutaku & Cosmic Shock League some love!

We will also be giving away Epic and Legendary Heroes on our Discord, so come on over if you'd like to enter.

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New Hero Giveaway!
01/15/2019 02:23PM

We're giving away 2,000 Astrea!! Head on over to our Discord to enter.

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Game Information

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 or higher

OS: OS X v10.9 Mavericks or higher