Catch Canvas

Visual Novel

Your adventure begins in the most unlikely of places - a remote cabin far from home.

About Catch Canvas

The cabin belongs to your uncle, a world-renowned artist who has invited you to hone your own artistic skills. Your hope is that your work as a painter might earn a coveted spot at an upcoming art exhibition and make you as famous as your uncle one day.

What should be a peaceful and educational experience quickly turns to mayhem: your uncle is nowhere to be found and in his stead are three beautiful but difficult artists. When you find the brief note he has left, you learn that he has left these artists entirely in your hands. Rather than spend the next weeks under your uncle’s tutelage, it’s these girls who will be under your wing. You must coax and push them to finish their work in the upcoming two weeks. If you fail, you will miss your shot at the exhibition.

Getting to know them becomes an adventure and you can choose the relationships you want to pursue. Each choice leads to a different, exciting outcome that adds the element of surprise to your adventure!

Key Features

- Visual novel
- Ecchi storyline
- Multiple endings
- Uncensored adult patch
- Choose the protagonist’s gender
- An Unwonted Studios release

Game Information

System Requirements

o OS: Windows XP
o Processor: 1Ghz
o Memory: 512 MB RAM
o Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
o Storage: 1 GB available space