Custom Order Maid 3D 2 - Action Adventure Game
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Custom Order Maid 3D 2

Publisher: S-court

Developer: KISS

Summary of Game

Gamers enter the most luxurious bar, the Empire Club, hosted by three beautiful maids. With slots and blackjack games to be won in the casino, players can exchange earned coins for costumes and entice alluring ladies to take pleasure in their exceptional lovemaking skills. By turning on the newly added Guest Mode, players can become customers and bask in the ideal romantic night!


Key Features

Character Edits:
The most crucial feature of this product- Editing characters.
You would easily be able to customize your maids however you like.
We have added some functions for players to be able to create even more idealistic characters.

Players can choose lovey-dovey to SM and many other styles. Maids can be grow and evolve anyway players want. ※YOTOGI means night activity

VR support:
Players can enjoy more the world of CUSTOM ORDER MAID3D2 by VR Headset.

Specialized Yotogi by Personalities:
In this product, there are special Yotogi skills for each heroine type.
Each personality type learns specialized Yotogi Skills for its personality.

VS Dance:
Players can battle against rivals who appear in the story, by Rhythm Acting games.
No worries. You can skip the games if you’d like.

Guest Mode:
A newly added Guest mode is an ADV game mode that players become customers at Empire Club and get served.
Players are able to choose “master himself” as a player character.
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    11.12 gb
  • Release Date:
    July 29, 2019
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