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  • Monster Girls! 10/18/2017 11:39PM

    Hey Panda Peeps!

    Halloween is almost here, and we’ve got a spooky surprise for you!

    Our next batch of event rewards will let you win some special, limited time Monster Girl re-skins for some of our ladies. OoooOOoooh! Kinky! I mean - creepy! We've also got an ultra short event reward coming (hee hee!) at the end of this month. It's a special pinup featuring some smexy Halloween ladies, so pls pls pls don't forget to grab the event tokens for all those days.

    Remember you’ve got to jump on to start the timers, and jump on later to claim the rewards! Don’t miss out - or, you know, miss out and just buy them. Whatever, I’m not your life coach!

    Have a spooky scary skelet-eriffic Halloween season, and let us know what you think of the Monster Girls. We might have more plans for them in the future!

    Love you so hard!

    The Pandas

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  • “Don’t Notice Me, Senpai!” Event! 10/14/2017 12:14AM

    During the “Don’t notice Me Senpai” event, players will need to prevent their favorite Yandere girlfriend from offing all her competition.

    For 16 days, whenever you take a girl out on a date, keep your eyes peeled for Ayano - cause she’s looking to peel some eyes! (With a knife!)

    Ayano will be changing up her target every few hours though, so you’ll need to be committed to catch her in time. Just click on her to “notice” her, and she’ll flee.

    Catch her from harming 16 Crush Crush girls, and win a prize! (A sexy prize!)
    Don’t miss it! Seriously, she’s armed!

    So get noticing, and make sure to check out Yandere Simulator, where you’ll finally get the chance to fulfill Ayano’s hopes and dreams… Get the chance to kill AS the girls of Crush Crush! Wow! What you’ve always wanted!

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  • Notice This Post, Senpai! 10/13/2017 01:58AM

    Hey Panda Peeps - happy (?) Friday the 13th!

    We’ve got an event launching today at 9pm (PST - ask Google) called the “Don’t Notice Me Senpai” event - starring everyone’s favorite sociopath Ayano!

    Come back every 24 hours to look for a wee chibi Ayano, who’s up to her usual shenanigans and mischief! (Murder).

    The reason for this event is that we’re celebrating a very special cameo - you can now turn into the girls from Crush Crush in Ayano’s infamous source game - Yandere Simulator! (Check out this cool video from Yandere Dev himself: )

    So keep an eye out for Ayano, check out Yandere Simulator, and maybe grab a sandwich or some chocolate milk or something. You know - because food.

    Love you so hard!
    The Pandas

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  • Event Update 09/30/2017 08:35PM

    Whoops! Need to make a quick correction, Panda Peeps!

    We announced our new Limited Time Event system was going to launch on October 1, but it’s REALLY launching on October 5.

    Sorry for toying with your emotions! We got really excited about launching it, but then we sobered up and realized we need just a few extra days to QA.

    Thanks for your patience, you smexy beasts! <3
    The Pandas

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  • Heads UP! New stuff is coming! 09/29/2017 12:56AM

    Hey Panda Pals, we’ve got some stuff ready to launch which is going to change the game. Hopefully in a really good way!

    We’re introducing a new rewards system. Its technical name is a “Limited Time Event” system, but you can call it, “Click stuff / get stuff” or whatever feels cuddly to you.

    This system will allow you to assign Time Blocks, run some progress bars, and come back later to claim some cool rewards. Simple!

    The sorts of rewards you can expect to see are everything from small cash boosts to Diamond rewards (say whaaaaat???!?). New rewards will appear every 24 hours, so it’s basically a way to reward peeps for logging in a bunch. The trick is you’ll have to come back to claim stuff. Hee hee! Sneaky game devs!

    Included in this system are going to be “Event” rewards - stuff like outfits, pinups, and some future surprises that should rock your socks off. For these bigger rewards, you’ll have to log in over multiple days. You can even miss a few days, but only so many before you’ll have to spend some Diamonds to catch up. Or just spend some Diamonds to get the rewards instantly if you don’t mind dropping some bank on us.

    This new system is part of our efforts to introduce more places to spend Diamonds, AND giving us a way to introduce some more Diamond rewards for active players. We hope you like it, and we hope you’ll send us feedback on the kinds of stuff you want to see as rewards once we launch it.

    So don’t miss the launch of this nifty new system! It’ll premiere on October 1, to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of being on (and the addition of our naughty nympho, Nutaku Chan!). So the first reward you’ll be working toward is an Exclusive outfit for Nutaku. Don’t disappoint her (she has whips and handcuffs!)

    Love you so hard!

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  • V.0.179 Back to School 09/01/2017 11:49AM

    Hey peeps! Break out your sailor outfits, because it’s time for a sale!

    Now exchange those sailor outfits for school uniforms, because we didn’t think through that opening metaphor. It’s a Back To School Fashions sale, and today we’re making it worth your while to drop some BANK!

    Most of the bundles are on sale, but the bigger you go, the more you save and the more you get! Each tier above the $5 mark gets you some bonus swag. First there’s a custom schoolgirl outfit for Quill, then the next tier jumps to unlocking ALL of the school girl outfits. The next tier after that will net you a special pin-up, and the final tier will unlock every outfit (currently) in the game!

    If you’re worried about that special pin-up, and not getting the chance to earn it, don’t fret. Every pin-up will make a come back eventually in future events, so for now this one is an early “thanks” for peeps who support us.

    Also - you may have noticed no event or scavenger hunt this time. We decided to keep this one low key while we’re cooking up some other stuff, so keep an eye out for October shenanigans.

    Thanks everyone! Love you all SO hard. Awkwardly hard. Yeeeeeah!
    The Pandas

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  • Heads up 7up peeps! 08/31/2017 10:40PM

    We’re hitting you with a sale tomorrow in honor of that most auspicious occasion - back to school!

    We’re discounting our biggest bundles, and throwing in some free outfits to boot. Incidentally, I don’t think there are any boots included.

    We didn’t hit you with a scavenger hunt this month because we’re cooking up some other stuff, and we ran out of burners.

    So spend money! By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings!

    Stay sexy, you sexy beasts!
    The Pandas

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  • Heads up! 07/18/2017 11:55AM

    We’ve got a special event coming up soon, but you NEED to know how it works because it is going to PISS you off if you’re late to the party.

    We’ll be doing another scavenger hunt, but this time you have to come back every day to look for a different item! (Mwa ha ha!)

    We’ve added some tiered rewards, so if you miss any there are still prizes to be had. You can also still buy missing items with diamonds, just like every other event, if you’re really keen on earning the ultimate prize.

    Best of luck and keep sending us your ideas. The Tiered Rewards thing came from you guys, and it is a sexy-sexy idea.

    All the best! The event starts July 26. Be there or beach chair. Or something.

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  • V.0.155 Steamy Summer Event 06/27/2017 01:57PM

    Hey Smexy Panda Peeps,

    Panda Team here - spitting some steamy fire your way as we kick off our Sexy Steamy Summer Event.

    Here’s what we’ve got for you guys today:

    A scavenger hunt! Welcome to the “Search for Balls” (hahaha!). Get your clicker finger going and start searching for Beach Balls. Find all 14 and win a prize! (The prize has boobs! And diamonds! It’s the best kind of prize!) We’re not gonna lie to you - we made some of these bad boys a bit insane to find. But we believe in you!

    Sale time! Diamonds are 20% off! Please buy them. Even if you just put them in a shoe box and bury them in your neighbour’s yard, we really appreciate the support. Little Timmy can almost afford his operation!

    We’re starting to put in some of the architecture for allowing us to implement translations. So you can soon experience the love of Crush Crush in your native tongue. Mmmm. Native tongue.

    Good luck in your search! Also - let us know what you think about these little scavenger hunts, and if you have any ideas for other little mini-events we could run. We love your feedback, and your beautiful, beautiful faces.

    Take it easy Panda Peeps,
    Sad Panda Super Squad

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  • Happy Eggs-cellent Holiday! 04/14/2017 12:08AM

    Hey Panda fans (Fan-das?), we’ve got a special update for you to get you in the mood for egg hunting and getting wrecked on chocolate.

    Our Easter Event is up, and features a new little activity we hope you enjoy. An egg scavenger hunt with a “happy” ending!

    The eggs could be hidden on any screen, so look carefully. Or not - you can just spend a little cash to get this business over with. We’re cool with you doing either. You have until Monday to find all the eggs. And because the Earth is round and timezones are a thing, we can’t tell you exactly when on Monday, so “hop to it”. (Get it? Hop?)

    Best of luck, and let us know what you think of this event. We’ve got lots of stuff going on behind the scenes, and we’ll be posting more updates soon.

    Love you all so hard,
    -Sad Pandas

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