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  • Nutaku Summer Sale 08/01/2018 02:45PM

    Hey Panda Peeps!

    We’re having a mini-summer sale! And this time we’re trying something a little different.

    For a limited time we’re discounting our new DLC character “Darya” by 20%. That’ll save you enough to buy a fancy coffee after. A LARGE fancy coffee!

    We have no idea how often a DLC bundle like Darya will go on sale, so if you were on the fence you need to act now! Run, don’t walk!

    And to everyone who’s bought her already, thank you so much for supporting Crush Crush! The reaction to Darya has been amazing, and it’s giving us all kinds of ideas. Saucy ideas.

    Hope you’re having a great mid summer - cheers!
    The Pandas

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  • Here To Make You Diamonds 07/18/2018 04:05PM

    Hey Panda Peeps! We’ve got a very special addition today that we’re excited to announce - a new DLC character!
    Her name is Darya, and she’s sort of like a huge diamond bonus with a pretty smile!
    Here’s how she works: her character is “Diamond” themed. That means whenever you complete her levels, she rewards a TON of diamonds. WAY more than the other girls.
    Some of her requirements involve gilding jobs and hobbies, but her level up rewards are worth much more diamonds than she what costs. So by the time you’re finished you’ll have a fully gilded game with a few hundred extra diamonds left over. Basically you spend $15 USD, and get over $40 worth of diamonds and new content. By Grabthar’s Hammer! What a Savings!
    For those not interested, Darya's achievements are only added to the game if you purchase the DLC, so no worries if you don't decide to pick it up. You won’t suddenly have a hole in your achievements list.
    If Darya is a success, (fingers crossed!) we’ll be in a much better position to consider other content or characters and platforms moving forward.
    Thanks for everything. We hope you consider supporting Crush Crush with her DLC, and we really hope you like minerals!
    ~Sad Panda

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  • V.0.237 Kickstarter Announcement (and LTE update) 04/30/2018 08:33PM

    Panda has been busy preparing a new girl in Crush Crush (coming soon), as well as other cool stuff we aren’t ready to share just yet ;)

    First thing - we’re really excited to announce that starting tomorrow (May 1) we will be launching a Kickstarter for a new dating game! It will feature several of our Crush Crush girls in a new setting / storyline. It’s not so much a sequel as it’s a re-imagining. This visual novel will play a lot like Long Live the Queen, and explore darker and more mature themes - which we’re stoked about - while keeping up the same comedy/flirty tone you’d find in Crush Crush.

    Onto Crush Crush! In today’s update we’ve made some changes to the LTE (limited time events) system (which frankly are a bit overdue). Back when Crush Crush was our only focus, these would have reached you guys much sooner, so we’re super sorry we tested your patience with them!

    Here is a quick run-down on the latest changes:
    - Event tokens now don’t have timers! They’re instantly rewarded (but you still have to click ‘Claim!’).
    - Players will now have to earn every token for an event, but the cost for those tokens has gone down as well. A missed token won’t have as much of a heavy penalty.
    - One of the Daily Tasks will always be a Diamond Reward (or sometimes a Time Block reward), but we will be increasing the time they take and Time Block consumption. Now players have access to a daily diamond grinder. This difficulty increase is partially to offset the much easier LTE rewards.
    - Diamond costs for insta-finishing Tasks has been substantially lowered as well.
    - The next few rewards are for bikinis and then we’ll be bringing back last year’s sexy “Summer Fling” Pin-up.

    Thanks everyone!
    ~Sad Pandas

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  • Easter Sale on Now! 03/29/2018 12:12PM

    Hey Panda Peeps!

    Easter is coming, and you know what that means? What’s that? In the context of a Dating Sim, you have no idea what Easter might imply? Well, neither do we!

    BUT we are doing the sale thing, and we’re also doing something a little different and bringing back an Event Pin-up from last year (starting April 4).

    This is a bit of an experiment, because we’re not sure if people will be stoked to get a shot with a pin-up they missed or weren’t around for, or if people will accuse us of being lazy hacks. The sky’s the limit here folks.

    But grab some diamonds, make sure you pick up Elle’s lovely Easter Pin-up in the LTE on April 4, and have yourself a merry little… Assortment of holiday traditions.

    Love you so hard!
    The Pandas

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  • Happy 3rd Birthday Nutaku! 01/24/2018 01:44AM

    Hey all you above-modestly-attractive little minxes!

    We’re having a little sexy celebration sale - all our diamond bundles have gotten a boost (up to 55% extra) so now’s a great time to stock up!

    We hope you’re having a strangely erotic January, and also that you keep checking back for more updates and surprises soon.

    Love you so hard,
    -- The Pandas

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  • Merry Crush Crush! 11/30/2017 08:08PM

    Hey Panda Peeps!

    Happy December! Looks like things are starting to cool down outside, so why don’t we cozy up to the fire with some festive fashions?

    This month, all of our Event rewards will be the ever desirable Holiday Outfits, so make sure not to miss your chance to scoop them up (we only offer them during the holidays!). If you happen to already own them, then keep an eye out for a slightly larger reward closer to the holidays!

    Love you guys so hard!
    The Pandas

    P.S. We’ve got some stuff cooking in the background right now, but we’re not quite ready to share. Watch for more news soon!

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  • The Black Friday Sale is here! 11/24/2017 12:51AM

    Now’s your chance to really stick it to us, buy some diamonds at massive savings, and show us who’s boss. You’re the boss! You and all those diamonds you bought!

    The Sale is for a super limited time though! It’s here until November 27, and then, alas, it will be over. Don’t miss your chance!

    Luv you so hard,
    The Pandas

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  • Monster Girls! 10/18/2017 11:39PM

    Hey Panda Peeps!

    Halloween is almost here, and we’ve got a spooky surprise for you!

    Our next batch of event rewards will let you win some special, limited time Monster Girl re-skins for some of our ladies. OoooOOoooh! Kinky! I mean - creepy! We've also got an ultra short event reward coming (hee hee!) at the end of this month. It's a special pinup featuring some smexy Halloween ladies, so pls pls pls don't forget to grab the event tokens for all those days.

    Remember you’ve got to jump on to start the timers, and jump on later to claim the rewards! Don’t miss out - or, you know, miss out and just buy them. Whatever, I’m not your life coach!

    Have a spooky scary skelet-eriffic Halloween season, and let us know what you think of the Monster Girls. We might have more plans for them in the future!

    Love you so hard!

    The Pandas

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  • “Don’t Notice Me, Senpai!” Event! 10/14/2017 12:14AM

    During the “Don’t notice Me Senpai” event, players will need to prevent their favorite Yandere girlfriend from offing all her competition.

    For 16 days, whenever you take a girl out on a date, keep your eyes peeled for Ayano - cause she’s looking to peel some eyes! (With a knife!)

    Ayano will be changing up her target every few hours though, so you’ll need to be committed to catch her in time. Just click on her to “notice” her, and she’ll flee.

    Catch her from harming 16 Crush Crush girls, and win a prize! (A sexy prize!)
    Don’t miss it! Seriously, she’s armed!

    So get noticing, and make sure to check out Yandere Simulator, where you’ll finally get the chance to fulfill Ayano’s hopes and dreams… Get the chance to kill AS the girls of Crush Crush! Wow! What you’ve always wanted!

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  • Notice This Post, Senpai! 10/13/2017 01:58AM

    Hey Panda Peeps - happy (?) Friday the 13th!

    We’ve got an event launching today at 9pm (PST - ask Google) called the “Don’t Notice Me Senpai” event - starring everyone’s favorite sociopath Ayano!

    Come back every 24 hours to look for a wee chibi Ayano, who’s up to her usual shenanigans and mischief! (Murder).

    The reason for this event is that we’re celebrating a very special cameo - you can now turn into the girls from Crush Crush in Ayano’s infamous source game - Yandere Simulator! (Check out this cool video from Yandere Dev himself: )

    So keep an eye out for Ayano, check out Yandere Simulator, and maybe grab a sandwich or some chocolate milk or something. You know - because food.

    Love you so hard!
    The Pandas

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