Cockwork Industries: DLC Pack - Action Adventure Game
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Cockwork Industries: DLC Pack

Publisher: Digital Seductions

Developer: Digital Seductions

Summary of Game

Cockwork Industries is an erotic adventure game where you play as Dwayne – an everyman who (to his own surprise) wins an online competition to be the guest of honor for an event held at Cockwork Industries, a renowned, yet very mysterious body-alteration facility. Throughout the game, you gradually learn what the big event is about, get to meet and (potentially) romance the Cockwork Industries staff, learn their goals and motivations.

Learn the secrets of Cockwork Industries and romance its steaming-hot employees in this thrilling tale of sex, science, deception and panda plushies!

Gameplay-wise, it's a mix between a dating sim and classic point-and-click adventure game. We strived to diversify the gameplay as much as we could, so apart from branching dialogue, you also have item usage, minigames and interactive sex scenes.

In the future, we plan to release at least 2 DLCs that introduce new characters (and therefore more romance options), locations and gameplay elements.

Key Features

-A fully-fledged adventure game with 2-3h of gameplay for a single playthrough.
-Full-HD (1080p) graphics with fully animated dialogue sequences and sex scenes.
-Multiple playthrough paths leading to different romance outcomes and endings.
-2 Gameplay Modes:
Adventure Mode: Intended for players who want a full gameplay experience with interactive sex scenes.
Simplified Mode: Intended for players who want to an easier playthrough and prefer watching the sex scenes instead of playing through them.
-5 romance options + 1 optional gay romance option.
-7 rich and interactive locations.
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    525.65 mb
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    December 07, 2018

News and Updates

2019/11/14 New Update
New Features:
• 2 new sex scenes - a lesbian scene with Andrea and Kyoko + an additional hidden sex scene featuring Rita.
• 4 new Secret Archives achievements.

• Remastered Personnel Files and Secret Archives animations - now in 60fps and with added sound effects.
• 3 save slots instead of just 1.
• Ability to disable sound and particle effects via Pause Menu.
• Ability to toggle the fullscreen/windowed mode by pressing [W] key.
• The finale Quick Time Event can now be skipped on subsequent playthroughs even if you finishedthe game by failing the QTE on your first playthrough.
• Sex scenes can now also be skipped in Simplified Mode (provided you previously finished them atleast once in Adventure Mode).
• Additional minor bug fixes and text corrections.

Important Compatibility Information:
• Because the save system was reworked, save files from older versions will no longer work with this version.
• To improve compatibility, the achievement storage file ("bc.x") is now stored in the game installation folder instead of the Windows user folder. If you had previously unlocked Personnel Files/Secret Archives achievements, please navigate to C:Users*usernameAppDataLocalDigital Seductions and copy "bc.x" file to the folder where your Cockwork Industries game is located.
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