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  • Armor Blitz: Heavy Tank Special 03/15/2018 02:32PM

    Heavy Tank Sale
    The boosted drop rate for heavy tanks, all 5-stars that drop from recruit will become 50% heavy, including the guaranteed 5-star from 10+1 Premium Recruit. Get it before its gone!

    Lasts from March 14th to March 28th.

    New Features
    -Research LAb will allow remaining Blueprints to be purchased with Cores. Currency costs have been removed from research.
    -Research features two 5-stars and three 4-stars every week. As a result of this change, the lab has changed rotation midweek

    -KV-2 base damage increased from 180 -> 200 and damage scaling increased from 11 -> 13.54

    Quality of Life Changes
    -There is now a small message in construction if the player opens advanced construction with no schematics
    -Players trying to enter expedition battle with all units damaged will receive a warning popup
    -When units in battle die, their names will no longer linger and sink into the ground
    -Fixed issue with commander HP bars when reduced to < 8%.
    -Fixed issue where story battles displayed the mystery commander portrait in battle preparation.
    -Fixed bug that would prevent other platoons from removing units if the first platoon had only 3 units.
    -Other minor fixes.

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  • Armor Blitz: Training Expeditions and new MBT-70 Character! 03/08/2018 09:56AM

    -Aria(MBT-70) has arrived to Armor Blitz! Get her now in the new limited time sale with her little friend Otto in the First Deployment Pack before March 14th!

    -Cold War US/German Tank Sale! Tier 5 recruits have 50% chance of dropping Cold War US/German tanks! That includes MBT-70, Leopard 1a1, Super Pershing, and M58 Patton. Get them now before March 14th.

    -New Training Expeditions will now occur along with Emblem Expeditions during Tuesday, Thurday and Friday. Collect the cute cat infantry to help level up your forces.

    Balance Changes
    -Crystal Shard Boss
    ->HP Scaling increased 100 -> 120 per level
    ->Dmg Scaling increased 10 -> 15 per level
    ->Base HP reduced 1200 -> 1000
    -> Base Damage reduced 100 -> 85

    Bug Fixes
    -Damage values now show when a killing blow is dealt to a unit. No such thing as overkill!
    -Daily Mission requiring 10 tanks is now back to 5.

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  • Armor Blitz X Attack on Moe Crossover Event! 02/15/2018 11:08AM

    Crossover Event with Attack on Moe H collaboration event has begun! Finish daily battles to collect lanterns ...or buy them from Valentine's exchange, to construct Wan Wan, the M41 Walker Bulldog light tank! Collaboration Event ends on February 28th so be sure to log in!

    Chinese New Year Sale
    Boosted drop rates in recruit! Both Normal and Premium Recruit will make 50% of the 5-star recruits you get as Chinese Tanks!

    2 New Chinese tanks temporarily added into recruit until February 28th
    -(Xifeng) WZ-111 Heavy Tank
    -(Hong)Type 62 Light Tank

    Balance Changes
    -Zone 1,2,3,4 drop tables adjusted. Emblems now drop more frequently and unit drop rate decreased.
    -Conquest Daily Mission now grants 5 Lanterns until February 28th
    -Valor Daily Mission now grants 5 Candies instead of 2000 Currency
    -Ingenuity Daily Mission requirement reduced from 10 tanks to 5 tanks.

    -Back button on Event Screen redirects to previous page instead of only the Main Menu.
    -Resource shop buttons added in top bar for easier access.

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  • Armor Blitz: Valentine's Event 02/07/2018 10:57PM

    The Isle of Broken Hearts is now open! Fight the battles and collect resources to obtain new rewards!

    New Event Tanks
    -Valerie (Valentine Mk X)
    -Roza (ISU-152)

    Check out the event exchange shop to acquire new and powerful emblems, including the Emblem of Delight which boosts damage percentage for your tank!

    -Daisy (T92 Light Tank) has been added into the recruit shop.

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  • Armor Blitz: Daisy First Look Pack! 01/31/2018 03:52PM

    Daisy (T92 Light Tank) has been added to the game! Get her directly through the First Look Pack before February 4th. Afterwards, she will be added to the recruit shop forever.


    -Encourage Level 5: Buffs all nearby allies +30% base damage for 20 seconds.
    -Paradrop (Passive): Parachutes down to target location and stuns surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.

    Balance Changes
    -Destroyer boss removed from Portal of Chaos Lvl 60+.
    -The Wretched boss only appears in Portal of Chaos Lvl 60+.
    -Lvl 50+ Portal of Chaos has new enemies.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fix for the "Level Up" displaying when your Lieutenant hasn't actually leveled up yet.
    -Fix for white boxes showing up at the start of dialog scenes.
    -Fix for ARL44 and T95 Affectionate portraits not displaying properly.

    -Cool new particle effect triggers when getting a 5* reward.

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  • Armor Blitz: Quality of Life Changes 01/24/2018 05:06PM

    New quality of life changes have been added.
    -Auto upgrade emblems toggle is now available while upgrading emblems on your tanks. Save your fingers from a thousand clicks!
    -Portal of Chaos skip button is back. Skip each battle with 5 cores (Up to 5 levels below your lieutenant)
    -Added clarification for abilities usable once per battle:

    Balance Changes
    -Jagdtiger damage scaling increased to 12.89
    -Type 64 range increased from 15 to 16
    -Rapidfire duration increased from 5 to 8 seconds
    -Autoloader duration increased from 8 to 14 seconds
    -Autoloader cooldown increased from 15 to 30 seconds

    Bug Fixes
    -Fix for tank destroyer targeting bugs against enemy commanders
    -Fix for 300 Loyalty redemption popup for users that have all available tanks
    -Fix for issues around the oil consumption fix during battle load times (Happens at Press to Start instead of in battle)

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  • Armor Blitz: E-75 has arrived! 01/11/2018 12:04PM

    Note: If you are playing Armor Blitz R18 version on Android, please reinstall the game from the Nutaku mobile site for the update.

    -New Early Bird Pack has arrived for Lucy, the German E-75 Heavy Tank. Get her now before the 15th of January!
    -New Nonevent tanks will now be introduced in a direct purchase pack for a few days during the first week of introduction before being permanently added to the recruit shop.
    -All players that login before January 16th will get three Lesser XP Boosters in their mailbox! Activate them in your inventory to give a 50% experience bonus from battles for 6 hours!

    Balance Changes
    -Player Lieutenant level now scales at the rate of a Tier 4 character instead of a Tier 3 to balance progression.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed issue that causes people to lose oil when crashing during loading
    -Fixed crash when getting redirected to purchase oil before battle
    -Minor visual fixes

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  • Armor Blitz: Nutaku Android Version is now out! 12/22/2017 02:09PM

    Nutaku Android version of Armor Blitz is now out! Check it out and play the game on the go!

    Christmas Event has been extended from January 3rd - January 10th. Happy Holidays!

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  • Armor Blitz: Saving Private Santa 12/14/2017 11:20AM

    Christmas is now here in Factoria! Fight off the Corruption and save Christmas to obtain new characters!
    -Ulyana (Object 279)
    -Polina (ASU-57)
    -Irina (KV-8)

    Be sure to check out the exchange shop for other additional goodies.
    -Katyusha (Katyusha)
    -Eliza (PT-76)

    Quality of Life Changes
    -Changed description for abilities to clarify Damage Reduction instead of Armor
    -Adjustment fixing level 50 exp bar issue
    -Fixed error in Scarlett's story

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  • Armor Blitz: New Premium Recruit 12/07/2017 10:50AM

    New Shop Changes
    -Added 1 free 3-4 star tank draw every 24 hours
    -Added Premium Gacha for boosted 5* drop rate
    -Limited Characters, IS-7 and Stridsvagn are back!

    Balance Changes
    -Player Lieutenant HP scaling boosted by 50%

    Bug Fixes
    -Adjusted Inventory stat text formatting to standardize with tank detail emblem view
    -Fixed layering issue with the upgrading animation for emblems in Inventory page

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