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  • Armor Blitz: Panther M/10 & Kitty Cat Sale! 09/21/2017 11:13AM

    New Features
    -New character: Panther/M10, Lila released with story scenes

    5% drop rate boost for feline tanks! Special lasts until September 27 at 8:00 PM EDT.
    -Leopard 1a1
    -Tiger II
    -GW Tiger
    -Panther II
    -VK1602 Leopard
    -Tiger (P)
    -Tiger I
    -Panther I

    -SU-152 ability changed from Piercing Shot to Obliterate to allow for AoE damage to apply
    -AMX40 ability changed from Aegis to Deflect. This ability is instant activation but no additional buffs.
    -Typ62 Spotter ability duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds

    Quality of Life Changes
    -Portal of Chaos oil cost and experience gain have been reduced by half.
    -AoE Blast radius is displayed in a unit's Tank Details page if they use HE shells.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fix for player level achievement. Now it will reward every 10 levels starting at level 10 and ending at 50.
    -Fixed units getting injured at spawn point due to AoE in center of the map.

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  • Armor Blitz: New Abilities & Skins! 09/14/2017 11:24AM

    Get +3% boosted drop rates for tank destroyers this week! Special ends September 20th at 8:00 PM EDT.
    -FV4005 Stage II

    New Features
    -New Commander Ability Shellshock: Conquer the city of Devonis and unlock this new ability to stun enemy units!
    -New Relationship Stories for Cerys, FV214 Conqueror heavy tank and Zoya, S-51 artillery.

    -Oil is now discounted by an additional 30% in the store!

    -Stun effects can now chain back to back. Consecutive stun abilities will overwrite the previous stun timer now,
    -Gustave stun will no longer stun newly deployed units after the initial explosion expires.
    -Mandy’s Shop recruiting buttons and popup warnings will have some visual improvements and now display the guaranteed 4+ star in the 11 roll.
    -Improved responsiveness of Defender ability so it hits more accurately on low frame rate.

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  • Armor Blitz: French Tank Special 09/07/2017 09:24AM

    New Features
    -French Tank Special Available Now!
    Get Boosted drop rates for the AMX40, AMX13, and the new ARL44 in the gacha store. Special lasts until September 13 at 8:00 pm EDT.

    -Guest System added.

    Balance Changes
    -Damage sub stat raised to 3 damage per stack
    -Damage % bonus stat (.24% per stack) added as new stat to roll in emblems.

    +3 range (8 ->12)

    +2 range (12->14)

    -Sexton I
    +20 Base damage (90->100)

    +10% Accuracy (85->95)

    -Ability: Critical Shot
    Cooldown reduced from 25 to 20
    Instant ready on deployment

    -Ability: Defend
    Movement speed penalty reduced from 50% to 30%

    Bug Fixes:
    -Sturmtiger projectile will deal AoE damage in Fortress
    -Units at level 50 continue using Factory upgrading when until their duplicate stacks are maxed
    -Multiple small visual bugs resolved

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  • Armor Blitz: Elite System Is Out! 08/31/2017 05:18PM

    New Features
    -New Elite System is out! Use duplicate characters to upgrade along with Blueprints and Relationship Levels to enhance your character and make them stronger in battle.

    -Iosif Stalin Tank Special Available Now!
    Get boosted drop rates for IS-2, IS-3, and the new limited IS-7 in the gacha store. Special lasts until September 6, 8:00 PM EDT.

    -Ivonne (GW Tiger) relationship story added.
    -When recruiting units in the shop gacha, your 10+1 roll will always guarantee at least 1 4-star or higher tank!

    Balance Changes
    -Roulette drops buffed. Small new Oil reward added in.
    -Damage stat on emblems changed to 1.5 Damage per stack.
    -Tiger II
    *HP Increased (+5 per level, +50 base hp)
    -FV4005 Stage 2
    *Base Armor Pen +10%
    *Base damage -2 per level scaling.
    *Ability now changed to Fortress 5 Instead of Obliterate
    *Armor Pen increased by 10
    -Conquest Level 5 Ability
    *Evasion bonus reduced from 50% -> 40%
    *Armor bonus increased from 20% -> 33%
    *Duration reduced from 15s to 12s
    -Piercing Shot Ability
    *Cooldown increased to 11 seconds
    -Haste Ability
    *Useable immediately on deployment
    *Only usable once per battle

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed XP gain display in Upgrading to match earned XP
    -Fixed Scouting rewards display not showing Boost XP bonus
    -Fixed bug where 1-star cards couldn’t exceed 20% Boost
    -Fixed Focus Fire ability duration to last the full 20 seconds
    -First hand draw should now always be the first 5 cards in your deck

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  • Armor Blitz: Heavy Tank Special! 08/25/2017 11:41AM

    Boosted drop rates for heavy tanks in gacha until August 30, at 8:00 pm EDT

    New Character
    -Millie, the Tortoise heavy assault gun has arrived to the battlefield! Now available in gacha and construction.

    Duplicates for upgrading no longer give a base flat XP but now have boosted XP percentage gain.
    1 star duplicate - +1% (30 stacks to max)
    2 star duplicate - +1.5% (20 stacks to max)
    3 star duplicate - +2% (15 stacks to max)
    4 star duplicate - +6% (5 stacks to max)
    5 star duplicate - +10% (3 stacks to max)

    Bug Fixes
    -Total battles achievement will now properly track all battles, instead of just newly beaten ones.
    -Emblem selling warning now displays the proper number of Emblems selected.
    -Fixed bug that would cause turrets to not completely die when in healing shard range.
    -Small visual adjustments and fixes.

    -Added Sarah, Super Pershing into gacha and construction.

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  • Armor Blitz: Chinese Tank Limited Time Special! 08/11/2017 11:36AM

    Get new Chinese tanks with boosted drop rates! Special Expires 8/16 at 8:00 PM EDT
    -Xifeng (WZ-111) - Special limited edition character, get her before she is gone!
    -Lin (Type 64)
    -Meiling (Type 69) - New story and skin!

    -Portal of Chaos Bonus Point System: Gain extra points by beating battles faster, reducing casualties, or by taking out more enemies.
    -Emblem can now be sorted in the tank detail screen
    -Emblem Package (5) introduced: Obtain Emblem packages in the Core Shop tab in Mandy's shop!

    -Attack Speed stat buffed (.333 -> .4)
    -Crit Multiplier stat dialed back from (2.5 -> 2.033)
    -Crit Rate stat dialed back from (.5 -> .444)

    Bug Fixes
    -Emblem damage reduction % was floored, giving slightly less armor than intended
    -Flamethrower attacks apply hit effects now
    -Fix for the bug where exp bars will show Level Up when its really close, but not quite there
    -Mailbox's Collect All Button temporarily disabled due to causing client/server desync
    -Gustav ability visual bug fixed

    -Added an alert above Mandy's Wishing Wheel when the free spin is ready
    -Penetrating Shot ability now has different visual animation on the projectile

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  • Armor Blitz: Portal of Chaos Now Open! 08/03/2017 01:40PM

    The Portal of Chaos is now open! Fight in the Portal against difficult enemies to win Cores, Candy and Blueprints!

    -New stories and battles expanded to Ocica city.

    -Battle start gears raised from 5 to 8
    -Defender ability gear cost raised from 2 to 3
    -FV4005 Stage II, Seren - gear cost raised from 5 to 6
    -S-51, Zoya - gear raised from 4 to 5, attack speed dropped .20 to .17, accuracy dropped 100 to 90
    -GW Tiger, Ivonne - gear cost raised 4 to 5
    -Sturmtiger, Johanna - armor pen dropped from 40% to 0
    -Emblem of Evasion evasion stat reduced (.333 to .277 per stack)
    -Emblem of Valor attack speed stat reduced (.666 to .333 per stack)
    -Emblem of Awareness rotation stat buffed (.555 to 1.111 per stack)
    -Emblem of Luck crit rate state buffed (1.33 to 2.5 per stack)
    -Buff Tiger II HP Scaling (95 to 98)
    -Buff TOG II HP Scaling (93.8 to 100)

    Bug Fixes
    -Fixed bug with enemy corrupt healing shards
    -Fixed Sturmpanzer Bison face texture
    -Fixed story trigger for final dialog scene on Divonis
    -Fixed currency amount that Maunis resource node was giving (300 to 1000)

    Qol Changes
    -Now the map camera is located at the last battle tile you fought in from combat rather than reseting to the start location
    -Changed #Welcome line of Panzer IV

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  • Armor Blitz Allied Summer Sale! 07/26/2017 12:32PM

    Allied Sale is now active! 5-Star American, French, and British tank girls now have 2x drop chance from store and factory.

    Angela, M48 Patton
    Diane, T92
    Nira, T30
    Violette, AMX-13
    Catriona, Centurion MK5
    Astrid, Comet
    Lily, FV4201 Chieftain
    Seren, FV4005 Stage II
    Cerys, FV214 Conqueror

    Hurry, sale ends August 2 at 12:00 PM EDT

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  • NEW Armor Blitz Patch: M48 Patton & M8 Scott Added! 07/25/2017 11:04PM

    Balance Changes:
    ~Mandy's Wishing Wheel adjusted with new rewards and equalized drop rates (except for the T5 Emblem, which is same jackpot drop rate as before).

    Bug Fixes:
    ~Scouting journal entries are now kept 1 minute behind to accomodate server time difference
    ~Fix for Over penetration bug
    ~Fix for AoE Damage hit effect application (crit and pen)

    Quality of Life Changes:
    ~You can now replace emblems with the same type of emblem (so it saves the hassle of unequipping it first)
    ~Reserves are now all sorted by type, tier, level
    ~Emblems are now sorted by type, tier, level.
    ~Candy gifting slider start at 1 candy instead of 0
    ~You can now click on a unit's portrait while scouting to access their journal
    ~New character art for Panzer IV, Emilia

    New Character Added:
    5-Star, M48 Patton, Angela
    4-Star, M8 Scott, Mila

    New H-Scenes:
    M48 Patton, Angela
    FV4005 Stage II, Seren

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