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About Pocket Fantasy

For bug reports and other issues, you can contact us at pfsupport@gamebau.com
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If you're looking for a mixture of Manga and RPG adventure spiced with retro elements, look no further: Established game-play mixed up with never-before-seen elements, an authentic Manga feeling with real voice-overs, paired with music and effects reminiscent of your favorite games from back when – all packed into a single mind-blowing game!

Customer support: pfsupport@gamebau.com
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Key Features

◉Intimacy System
The Girls have been yearning for some affection, so to help them we have the intimacy feature, where you can give them all the love they need. Unlock Sex scenes from your favorite Girls.

Whether you hatch, summon or combine – collect them all! Various girl evolutions, powerful equipment, magical Dawn Stones and devastating special powers turn your cute heroes into fearless warriors!

Form your own perfect team and send them on an amazing adventure or battle the teams of other players in the arena! Join a guild and start raids and explorations together with your friends!

Whether you search for a clue in the single-player story, make your way through the Champions Tower or support your friends on their rambles – explore whole new worlds, defeat tough enemies and meet new pals and peers! New daily tasks and quests make boredom a thing of the past.

News and Updates

Valentine's Day Event
02/12/2019 02:54AM

Dear masters!

This is our special weekly event for Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th – Feb 20th). Liferona is the main character for Valentine! Her fragments are scattered in different missions, waiting for your discovery. Don't miss every event, look carefully!
Hope you enjoy =)
◉ 【Game Events】
- Doctor’s Quest, New quest from Doctor Mu for the Valentine, finish his quests and Qmon’s Pieces - Liferone will be free to get Feb 14th – 16th
- 50% off for both equip and Qmon 10x summons [Availability UTC+0] Feb 16th – 17th
- Special Crazy exchange, evolve materials and a girl (Phalinio) proposed by you can be exchanged! (We are now collecting girls which are players wanted. Tell us who you want! Maybe they will be put in Crazy exchange!) [Availability UTC+0] Feb 16th
- Valentine's week 7-days login rewards Feb 14th -20th
◉ 【Game Play】
- A new round of "Time-Limited" is coming! The stars of this week are Axioche (6-stars Mage with 18 Qual) & Prisana (6-stars Fighter with 18 Qual) Feb 14th - Feb 21st
- Black Market Event, Rare Qmon pieces will appear easily in black market. Feb 17th - 19th
- Fate Wheel, Vynyre will available to get! Feb 14th - 15th

Pocket Fantasy Team

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Weekly Events
01/28/2019 08:06AM

Weekly Events

Dear masters!
Here is the general event of this week, check them out.
Take this opportunity and get the girl you want!

◉ 【Game Events】
- A new round of "Time-Limited" is coming! The star of this week is Criolonoe (6-stars Mage with 18 Qual) Jan 29th - Jan 31th
- Egg hatcher, Aezyera will be available, don't lose to other players, take her home! (only available in every 2 weeks) [Availability UTC+0] Jan 29th

Pocket Fantasy Team

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Weekly Event
01/07/2019 11:34PM

Dear masters!

This is our weekly event for Jan 7th - Jan 14th,

Hope you enjoy it =)

◉ 【Game Events】

- Wishing tree, watering the tree to increase growth point and get free rewards with "Nutrition" ( get it from clearing normal stages) Jan 8th ~ Jan 10th
- Extra loot for clearing stage! Below items will be added in these events: Jan 8th - Jan 10th
Nutrition ( Be used for "wishing tree")
Legendary equip chest
Gold chest
Golden equip chest
- Saint Qmon - Ortylia will be released in Fate wheel this week, time to conquer her =) Jan 8th - 10th
- Myth Dealer, Saint Amy really missed her masters, so she decided to come back the Pocket planet and be part of your team to defeat evils. Jan 9th - Jan 10th
SaintAmy: 6-star 18 quality Fighter)

◉ 【Game Play】

- A new round of "Time-Limited" is coming! & Pussycat Azaeryera (6-star Mage with 18 Qual) & Hot Sensei Iphisiesh(6-star Healer) will be available this week. Jan 9th - Jan 11th

- Aezyera, the most powerful warrior in the pocket world will be able to conquer in Egg-hatcher events (only available every 2 weeks). The girl is waiting for her own master and all manhood is booming now!

Pocket Fantasy Team

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Game Information

  • Platforms:
  • Version:
  •  1.1.2
  • Size:
  •  75.7MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  •  December 28, 2017
  • Publisher:
  •  Gamebau
  • Developer:
  •  Gamebau

System Requirements

Please ensure you have the latest available version of Android for your device. Older devices may experience some issues.
Android 6.0 and above.